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    CSF / LVC / Hollows / Viberg
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    Summer is finally showing Resolute 710
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    My favorite Tee (Flat Head THC) favorite accessory (Flat Head leather bracelet) favorite jeans (Freewheelers’47) favorite sneakers (Lofgren x SE)
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    WTT my J83-WS SZ M (like new) for your J83-ws sz S or you buy my sz M at Euro 1670 (DHL shipped), and I go to buy sz S
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    Hole in one Warehouse chambray and jeans Vans Toy story tee Nippers N01 Jordan 1
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    UES/Ooe Yofukuten/New Balance
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    Wash number whatever it was last time plus one:
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    The production patches have arrived and production is starting soon , can't wait for this
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    We are hitting the 90° !!! (leg twist that is)
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    I have the 711s and the 710s both in a 38 I’m a 36 in most Japanese made jeans even 34 in freewheelers 51s
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    J1E-GT ACG Responder Braindead MTG Shirt Hamcus Lounge pants Olive Prestos
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    Nice fit they look a bit more tapered than a standard 50s cut?
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    The Real McCoy's 001xx worn daily for 8 months. A 50s-cut jean with a vertical fading pattern unique to McCoy's specially developed fabric. Available for Pre-order or for purchase at TheSignetStore.com
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    Been a while... Copped my second pair of 710s the other week so here’s a comparison with my pair worn regularly over the last two years. Absolutely love the cut and the denim... (hope the image is ok. The last time I posted on Sufu we were all still using Photobucket!)
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    RBF Vintage leather jacket NASA novelty knit 1987 Bud Light "Spuds" tee Same old belt 501 xx Rag & Bone Baggy knees Anti fit seat Destroyed second skin
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    Newboyscap // Small Bird Overall //Pecador Belt // TCB 40s // Viberg x Iron Heart
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    I think it’s just over the 14oz - they’ve used thicker yarn woven at lower tension. Quite a coarse hand I’m told. Almost a black blue from rope dying so I think this will look and fade very different to the 601xx
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    FYI.. guy on the left from Toyo is a literal genius when it comes to pattern making. He's been Toyo's in-house pattern maker for almost 20 years and his knowledge of fits and sewing details is out of this world.
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    these have reached the perfect level of fading for me personally. they’re now out of regular rotation and will be worn sparingly so I don’t just turn them into shreds. Ha
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    Putting some wear into the Nippers . haven't got out a lot lately but that will change with the nicer weather and outdoor activities starting to open up again
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    Anyone know anything about the M40057 "Lea Genus" Never seen this sort of explicitly non-Cane's branding on main line Cane's before… They look a lot like standard late '30s / early '40s Cowboy jeans in most regards (could be off by a bit, I don't know Lee jeans well), never seen these buttons on any other Cane's either though
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    Thought I’d put on the carpenters waist coat for a change barley worn kepted in my archive
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    New and Old M41030's (SC-37's) I bought this pair of M41030 in heavily washed vintage condition around 7/8yrs ago, wore them a handfull of times, then 18 months ago i started wearing them for work with the thought towards a workshop environment being the death of them, i had every intention of chucking them in the bin once they fell to pieces.. anyhow after me beating the shit out of them they're still in remarkable shape so ive brought them home for their first wash in 8 years incredible for a pair of 25yr old jeans.. . . . . Grimey . . In comparrison with my DS pair Inconsistencies... come on Sugarcane! get your shit together . . . . . .