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    Since there'd been a couple of hot weeks I'd started thinking the time had come to put the jeans in summer hibernation. Now it's cooled off again so I'm back in the saddle.
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    ... and then a fit for good measure ...
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    Also just gave the MOTOs their first conditioning—they recommend every ten wears, which seems like quite a bit, but I think I’m going to try sticking to it for at least the first few months…& boy do they look good for it
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    A little motorcycle maintenance and new levers installed today. I got clutch and brake levers to match the new foot controls I installed last month. Bonus shot of the jeans. Lots of good looking pairs in this contest. I can't recall another contest with this many well-worn pairs at a little over six months on. Nicely done so far and keep the updates coming!
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    Next arc is ‘painted’ but here’s my arse from today’s glamour shoot
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    agreeing with @Jared_Lee - mad-core level of fading from contestants at this point... another wash and thus another mild & milquetoast contribution from me ... one observation: enjoying how the fold over of fabric in the backpocket is making fade line separate to the sewing...
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    here is mine again. Can’t remember which version this is. Pink line selvedge. So don’t know how many years. But lots of wear and a couple wash
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    Ranch Blouse Took some new pre-wash pics (in lots of light making it look bluer) Had this about 3.5 years from new... it was my main jacket for 1 year then it took a backseat to my CSF... been wearing more in last 6 months Original shots and now... Reminds me these things are made to last
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    I knew I’d be the butt of your humour ... we’ll need to get to the bottom of this
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    10kg? I put on 10 years ...
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    My daughter had a virtual spring singing recital today, and the theme was "dress like an adult" and she dressed up like me. I am still mentally 17 years old though. Maybe not her teacher's intention. She did want to wear the contest jeans, though, which I reclaimed after the recital.
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    Hi everyone, little update from Paris, France. Have a good day !
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    He's about to dash off to chase another dog Here's my tripod for this photo: Not very portable
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    @Flash I agree that the tab on the fresh pairs is a bit garish compared to the traditional red tab. Now that I've had my pair for a bit and washed them a few times it's lightening up and is less attention grabbing.
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    Barnstormers SF Curios AZ Porter - #57 (of 75); all vintage silver, brass and leather
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    just got my 800’s back from repairs
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    At Last Co. x 3 Hollows Alden
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    Here are some spam of my recent custom work.
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    Thought I’d share my belt: Tanner Goods from Portland Oregon. Crazy to think I’ve had it north of a decade.
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    Gave them a proper, warm machine wash yesterday. Shrank an additional good amount but still wearable
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    Just sharing! A full Trophy Clothing ensemble composed of a Machined Aged Linen Shirt, Khaki Civilian Trousers, a Duck Canvas Newsboy Cap, and a Road Trip Bag in Olive. We stock an enermous amount of Trophy at our webstore: The Signet Store
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