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    Chilly day in NYC Supreme New Era SBTG Mask Iron Heart BSPTIII22oz Banana Republic Hoody Iron Heart 8301S SBG Super Black Fade-To-Gray Denim Vans
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    Hard hat MF Skivvy Wrangler 13MWZ Whites Moc Toe
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    Old hat Trophy TCB White's
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    WTT CP2-SS (FW2021) Size S for P38-E Size S J47A-GT Size M for J47A-WS Size M +/- cash where necessary
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    Loving the recently released Army Utility shirt, #2123003 . This is sz 17. Great service from Hoosier, as always.
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    Got my jeans back today repaired the crouch and hemmed again and wash they our lighter in the flesh fading nicely
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    P38's seem cool, just don't like that H&M Jogger cuff on the bottom. Was curious to see how they look fully relaxed as I've grown away from tapered pants in the past few years. Wish p36 weren't so elusive, would like to see more of how they look as well. Congrats to everyone who have got a new daily-wear pant!
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    Hmm - where/when were you at university? Because this stuff is required reading in a lot of R-1 or adjacent humanities programs. I love getting into the weeds with some of this stuff, but I'm skeptical as to how some of this stuff ages or will age. Arguably a lot of this postmodernist theory has played a fundamental role in the extreme polarization that we're seeing in the U.S. and a lot of "western" countries. I see people cling to their explanations of how things are just as zealously as any other mystical belief system. That is not a good thing in a pluralistic society. Marcuse in particular leaves little to the imagination - and while I don't disagree with the premise of a lot of the post-modernists (at least, the ones that I am familiar with) - and I do think a lot of them have been interpreted far beyond their actual words - I'm almost to the point to where I think they need to back and start requiring some political philosophy from...um...other points of origin. Stay skeptical of anything or anyone that purports to explain how things work in neat and concise way.
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    Waist on these is massive this is a medium, and everything else with a fixed waist in medium fits me perfectly. I have an extra 4 inches allowance in these, guess that’s why there are adjustment cords. *edited to include tucked in, higher-up-the-waist*
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    80s Lee Riders - the only carrot cut you’ll ever see me endorse
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    First pandemic hair cut / Tender shades / Cottle mask / old skate shop t shirt I've had almost exactly half my life / Warehouse 1003xx1946 I recently picked up. I'm not 100% excited about them, but I still think they're probably going to take over my rotation for the most part.
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    Bittersweet day Same old hat RRL zip LVC T Dirty USA 501 xx (gratuitous photos posted in EVO thread earlier) Polo socks Vintage Horween Shell longwings ( branded and sold by Hanig's Chicago, probably 70's Florsheim)
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    Joining in on the brogues run that’s going on on this page. Cheaney’s Arthur III came in the mail today(in the correct size finally).
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    I’m very surprised about the combs development on these jeans. For such a relatively wide cut they’re developing very nice. My 20s never had any combs even after 2 years of wear.
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    Not sure if these sneakers qualify as shoes that look better with age. But here it is. Visvim’s first iteration of the joggers in light brown horween horsehide. Bought them nearly new, probably worn once or twice. Have been wearing them at least twice a week for 2 months. The leather is a brown colour with some reddish undertones. Pictures below.
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    @Kamikaze I paid about 100 ish which seems about right for the price. No code change.
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    Topo Designs J crew Craig Gleason Warehouse Tsugaru Converse Double dose of Pfizer
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    Dog walking stuff Tender, TCB 40s
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    Kapital / At Last / Viberg / Mid evening sunshine
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    In sort of answer to your question, l think all the jeans shown being manufactured at this time had exposed rivets and levis type arcs, but customers were fed up with the exposed rivets. So when Levis brought out their patented hidden rivet jeans (1937), alot of companies lost out, as this stopped anyone else using this idea for 15 years. I quite often think that the 1937 type 501xx would have been the standard jean for more years to come, if the war hadn't intervened.
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    J. C. Penny's 'Foremost' brand - c.1926-1930 model, difference between 20's and 30's buckle/strap placement, 1930's model vs late 1930's Levis 501XX, late 1930's with more stylised arc, late 1930's next to 1920's Can't Bust em Cpper kings (with no arcs)
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    Warehouse. Freewheelers x 2. Lofgren.
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    J74-PX SI + Supreme P30A-DS Asics UB1-S
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    New review online! Have a nice day!