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    Almost spring here, so broke out the Real McCoy's M421a along with LVC '37 501xx.
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    Went to pick up some pan dulce at a pop-up this morning.
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    had a stroll around Sudirman Street, Jakarta the other day. Lots of office buildings, hotels and shopping centre.
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    Warehouse. Freewheelers x 2. Lofgren.
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    Just finished making a set of trestles with wood I found on site
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    au garcons kapital San Francisco genoajeans russell moccasin
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    It was time to reinforce a couple of seams. I'm not the greatest with a sewing machine but it's certainly handy to have one on hand. The scraggly bits are the old threads. In addition to the yellow thread I used some blue right at the edge of the fold to add extra strength & make it lay flat. The second photo is the inside leg seams where the cuff folds had caused the original threads to fail.
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    I’m the ‘love it’ camp. Great pick up. Always thought it strikes a perfect balance between interesting, experimental design with something that is actually wearable in the real world. Just the right amount of out there. Awesomes.
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    So I finally succumbed to the temptation of a Kapital ring coat after years of intermittent hovering A marmite of the coat world, I suspect An unlikely union of an M65, a peacoat, a trenchcoat and a kimono Oversized and military-inspired, longer at the front than the back, like a reversed fish-tail parker Anyway, whatever the blurb is… I’m liking it, enamoured even Fit pics once the combinatorial analysis of buttoning is complete PS - great service from Kafka
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    Thanks guys - it’s as good as I’d hoped it would be. It feels a tad long in the arms but I’m sure that due to the width of the cuffs. Definitely needed this size as the shoulder is spot on here. Really impressed with the heft of the fabric and the construction. My favourite feature is probably that the pockets inners are cut and sewn with the curved silhouette of an N1 pocket, meaning you can see that pressing through the face from behind. This is my first item from Freewheelers- very impressed by them.
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    here are some photos of the MIUSA 46’s i’ve been wearing regularly since january. they’ve been washed probably three or four times.
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    Got the Deck Worker Jacket last week. Also got a Guinness today too Thanks to Duke and Broark for their help
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    https://brut-clothing.com/brut-denim/ For those of you interested. Parisian vintage store Brut put out a jeans model, made in paris from italian denim. Seems to be stf aswell, but they only sell one wash, it seems. Price is reduced in the preorder. Fit looks like a 60s/70s model, similar to the superstitch LR-01.
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    Anyone else loving the raid pockets on the new P30? I like how I can carry small heavier things (like a portable charger) closer to the waist and to the body, so it wouldn't swing around too much when walking.
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    @generic_guy strange to see you stationary ...
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    Picked up a pair of Dead stock Blue S1000XX yesterday at https://goteborgmanufaktur.se/ The denim sure looks promising! And a very neat cut. A little fun that there are a few specks of paint left from the arcs on the pockets. Like Warehouse forgot at first that it’s a European store. Edit with some quick pics:
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    wore my pair yesterday for the first time since january. still on the fence about whether these work for me but i am warming up to them styled with a tucked in shirt. here are a couple photos.
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    Can’t remember if I’ve posted this shirt before - Freewheelers Bakehead Wabash ...
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    Tender jacket, IH shirt, FW pants, Grand Seiko...,
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    P38-GT in Alpha Green from Errol's Insta Stories. Gotta love those black zips compared to the silver.
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    @Foxy2 where are the Leroy stashed? Hahaha