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    Nice one broark , I thought I had the same shirt. It’s not , but it’s at last and grey too. Jeans are 147. Both 5 yrs old
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    had a stroll around Sudirman Street, Jakarta the other day. Lots of office buildings, hotels and shopping centre.
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    Mark & Tims Fedora // Dry Bones // Hanes // Pecador Belt // TCB 40s // Viberg x Iron Heart
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    Kapital / At Last / Viberg / Mid evening sunshine
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    Got these a little while back and never got around to posting, top notch stuff. Scratched the Lee itch I'd been having.
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    Dog walking stuff Tender, TCB 40s
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    not technically denim but today we have a classic case of the size chart not panning out. whitesville tee mister freedom pique pants john lofgren sneakers
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    Got the Deck Worker Jacket last week. Also got a Guinness today too Thanks to Duke and Broark for their help
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    Let's go a step further ---
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    Warehouse. Freewheelers x 2. Lofgren.
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    updated WTS J1A-GT 2.2 XL 9/10 Full pack from Feb 2020 restock. It was worn sparingly as it's been lockdown ever since, there's the normal button wear on the inside of the wrist. small scratch on the rubber around the zipper (2nd image) Washed often enough in between wears and washed before putting back into sandwich bag. 1,500 EUR + fees + shipping Please DM if you want pics of specific areas SOLD P10-DS XL 9.9/10 Full pack from last Apr 2020 restock. Tried on twice indoors and then never worn. Washed before placing into sandwich bag. 750 EUR + fees + shipping
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    Damn mirror selfie’s . carhartt, RMC, Edwin, at last, vans
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    I found this extract very interesting: “The swing to Wrangler from Trump supporters became most acute when Levi’s switched production of their premium LVC denim range from the US to Bulgaria and Turkey shortly after the closure of the White Oak plant.”
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    Anyone else loving the raid pockets on the new P30? I like how I can carry small heavier things (like a portable charger) closer to the waist and to the body, so it wouldn't swing around too much when walking.
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    Filson Bandit Photographer Tee Wrangler 13MWZ Whites Perry Moc Toe
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    MF x 2 / Hillside / Sunspel / Carhartt / Pras
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    EDIT: Glad that so many are showing interest. However, almost everyone asks the same thing. I will post pictures then. Nothing is sold. And everything is brand new, there is no need to show any wear, has never been outside the house. Realize that some clothes will never be used and want to free up space after a move. Everything is unused and I have bought everything new, so I do not upload pictures to save space. Can send picture if interested. I find it difficult to say a reasonable price. You (the market) decide. I'll see what you offer. I'm absolutely no cheater. Can provide reference from a previous sale. J39-S Raf green Medium J43-GT Medium J58-WS gen1 Medium J65-KM Large (without bag) J66-GT Medium P10TS-DS Black Medium
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    wore my pair yesterday for the first time since january. still on the fence about whether these work for me but i am warming up to them styled with a tucked in shirt. here are a couple photos.
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    I have not been on a plane in a couple of years at least, but it is a good thing I have been recently vaccinated as holy [email protected]$! there were a lot of people in the airport and the plane was completely full. But here is a picture of the jeans. Funny how the light makes both legs look different. Flying Alaska as I almost always do. Here are some bonus desert pictures at my destination
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    Bump... On the topic of wide legged jeans... These 147s clock in at 35cm thigh (measured at crotch), 33 FR, 43 BR on a size 34... plenty of thigh room
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    (One pair of) my 47s are starting to show a bit now ...
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    1543098 on the left, 1523017 on the right