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    At the optometrist Outlier cap ACR E-J4TS Uniqlo T ACR P14 Asics
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    Random blurry SC-47's with Woolrich, Woolen Mills chambray.. nearly 12yrs ago
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    200 wears in. I've switched to washing them every month or so since my last update. Have a bit of love–hate relationship with the rise on these!
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    Hopefully mini-soul wasn’t badly hurt when you dropped him ...
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    Got this last year
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    I’ll say again that the 13MWZ is the best bang for buck jeans if you do manual labor. These are maybe a year of wear and lots washes.
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    Bit different today apart from the LVCs Noah cap Supreme trench Bathing Ape LVC HAZE dunks
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    Lee 101 Sunray tee LVC 1954 Red Wing Beckman
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    @bartlebyyphonics I think a sized up 710 will fit you just fine and your style. But I agree, in new state the 711 denim is more interesting. Resolute 710 - TLB Mallorca
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    continuing military-hawaiian theme in low effort lift selfie covid mode... triple collar popping, double bagging with hand-me-down-iphone with electrical tape accessories... ortlieb-thrifted ally cappelino-usmc 80s jacket-lvc type 1-old hawaiian shirt-tcb s40s
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    Different day same clothes hair / beard / jacket / tee / belt / jeans / shoes
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    He says that every time he sees the photo "dad! why did you drop me on the floor?" "i didn't, i was loading the car up for a day at the seaside and you were the last thing to go in" ..or at least that's what i told social services
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    We special order these for clients from time to time, price on that thing is $1300 USD. If you want to order one email us and we'll sort you out!
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    Ha! I think I might be the antipodean @generic_guy – in addition to my precious lucky clothing finds getting "rationalised" or disintegrating while awaiting their moment, I had a beaten-up but very playable (and beautiful-sounding!) '60s Maton parlour guitar that I liberated for $20 (so, 10 quid or less)... my wife chose to display it in the lounge room... finally! some recognition for not only my valuable precious things, but my impressive skills as a glaneur!... and then contrived to knock it onto the hard floor while vacuuming the next day, where it broke into several irreparable pieces. In her favour, she does often suggest that I change into my most faded SC47s rather than the crispy rigid jeans I've selected for whatever occasion I'm feeling the need to wear "good" jeans to (What..? these are edo-ai, I go to so much troub.. oh, all right. Just for you)
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    They the Hi's? I picked up the Pharrells and the Stash from that '2003 Artist Series'
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    Since I've added a few from the last time I posted in here Double works DW001 , Conners s409xxx ww2 Warehouse 25th 1946 ,warehouse 25th 50's Conners s409xxx 1946 , Conners s409xxx ww2 And jackets Conners S406XXX ww2 , Conners s406xxx 1946 Think I'm pretty content as far as jeans go , the only thing I'd want to get is a 37 warehouse duck digger and if someone would do a good repro of an early war Lee cowboy hair on hide patch ( I've mentioned this a few times before )
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    Anatomica Big Yank / Bronson / IH / crispy Canes with just-hemmed unruliness / Alden
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    a just washed silhouette & as the lockdown in the UK lifts a little, back to onsite working and observing global Britain at a standstill... popped back to a particular neglected corner of the world between rochester and chatham [rochester high street, just on the river medway], seeing how they are faring with the pause in the world... if the previous post was a little too pastoral, some broken glass to go with the pollarding... the church come gym now amassing its own tyre collection shops that are long boarded up and their neighbours... nearer the river itself; [this used to be a video game archive - now a house of rage...] in the reflection here: the chatham house I presume the international policy think-tank is named after [a listed building, long boarded up and sealed off] the local synagogue seems to have amassed a pile of shoes... and then some shots of st bartholomew's - the oldest hospital in the UK (established 1078 wikipedia tells me) until its closure in 2016... you know what it is becoming now... edit: the 'granite gym' posted earlier is actually st bartholomew's chapel - built around 1120, on original site of the hospital (so the internet tells me...) - this redevelopment is of the 19th century hospital rebuild... plus; wondering why there is no iconography of covid signs going on - a start to the collection
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    tough act to follow ^^^ still enjoying these ecru 1101s, plus a fresh n crispy longhorn from wh
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    stetson San Francisco tcb20s redwing
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    Tiny update from me as well! I washed a couple weeks ago, lost count now that I do it more often, but with all the mud when the snow's melting and my dog jumping like crazy these days, I actually haven't worn the 40s since. It was nice to have some variety (although I must admit I mainly wore sweatpants at the home office) and also great to put them on again yesterday. A couple of shots after struggling with the bluetooth remote app. Only after did I remember that my camera was programmed to simulate ol' Kodachrome, so the photos are a little bit warmer and more saturated than real life. Fades are not showing that well either, but they're coming along nicely now, for the first time I might get those faded-to-almost-white thighs that I so often envy in vintage jeans. Oh, and @Uncle Karl, you certainly look like a winner to me! Lots of other pairs look great as well.
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    Washed today I’m very happy I think I pull the trigger at the right time to get some nice details there still wet so they should pop a bit more.