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    Still waiting for your in-depth, in-hand dryskin vs. airism comparison
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    WTS P31A-DS, sz S, full pack, 9/10 - $900 J16-GT, sz M, full pack, 9/10 - $1200 J47TS-GT, sz M, full pack, 9/10 - $1500 J74-PX BLK, sz M, full pack, 9/10 - $1000 J1A-GT 2.2, Size S, only worn once. full pack - $1500 3A-1 L2, no pack no sheet, 8/10 - $650 Price are fee & ship included within Japan, add for global. dm for pics.
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    Moscot Lee 101 RRL tee Sugar Cane 1947 Red Wing
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    EDIT* All Now Sold A few more cheap pieces, both under half of retail. J58-WS / Medium / 9-10 £399/€468/$552 P34-S / Small / 9-10 (these have been redyed, they appear like new and 100% dark black) £499/€585/$691 Will not respond to anyone making offers, prices are cheap enough. Thanks
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    surprised u haven’t taken a hint and left yet
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    Lucky me score this last pair crisp S5000VX 20th Anniversary .love the details on this gem.
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    Tell me what you want, these 711 are definitely underrated H&M - Resolute - Chuck 70s
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    J74-PX SI + Supreme P30A-DS Asics UB1-S
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    Papa nui//High school soccer tee//Roy//New Balance mug by Tender
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    Here are some spam of my recent custom work.
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    Aero, Warehouse, Tender
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    Bought these Bartack's new (old/stock) way back around when l first joined sufu but now cant find my pics of them here so... Made in around 1994 iirc. The pocket design has been altered by me to look more like a levis one, l cut the tab off (think it was blue) and also removed the uninteresting (to me) patch. Guy on ebay had a batch so l rolled the dice for 75 quid. 36x33 but measured 35x39. Super green cast denim, which always seems impossible for me to catch on my phone camera, and different colours/gauges of cotton thread used. Got them hemmed at Soas. Odd back pocket positions but love them overall and the denim has that vintage marble thing going on from normal wash and wear. No hidden rivets but some nice details nonetheless -
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    Filson Runabout Goods Starborn FW 1943
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    I have also been debating a pair of 505s for a while but the measurements on the site have it around 11" which isn't quite high enough for my preference... That fit is spot on @JimTheBrass seeing that there is actually a 13" rise on the size 33 might just tip me over the fence
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    Poten , buzz, sunray, evisu, nb
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    Vintage 1984-86 Adidas Ivan Lendl £2 Tee Junky 46's Adidas Tennis Two outfit changes in two days.... i'm like Mariah Mantee!
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    cushman full count paraboot
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    Big fish .... Me Warehouse made Big Yank repro chambray Warehouse 25th 1946 Vans Jack Hoody Nippers N01 jeans Jordan's
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    In Your Face Winter! Spring has Sprung.. When This Whole World Is Getting You Down There's Room Enough For Two.... U' Pon The Rooooof Vintage 90's Stussy Baseball Shirt Junky 46's Cat Vans
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    TCB - West Ride - Vans
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    Not an expert on the '60s, but in recent years I've read up on the differences in how laundry was done pre-1950s after noticing the difference that very hot, even boiling, water makes on washing jeans and how vintage jeans showed the same characteristics. Plus, there were the different soaps, and stuff like fels-naptha being used, not to mention stuff like water softening or lead pipes and potential effects. Anyway, it seems laundry soap formulas kept changing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laundry_detergent Maybe you need soap with linear alkylbenzenesulfonates? Also perhaps a wringer washer, and sun drying. This is next-level ASMR:
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    WTS MEDIUM J55-MP $750 SOLD Haven bag, no spec sheet.
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    WTT: J1TS-S raf OR J43A-GT Both in size Small 9.5/10 fullpack TO: J28-WS Small Also WTS: P10TS-DS Small 8.5/10 fullpack - $1000+shipping P32-DS Small 9.5/10 fullpack - $1200+shipping
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    Completed my "Denim Corner" recently. Obviously, not all boots are mine...