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    (apologies for the edits, I'm not on forums much these days and got completely confused trying to post images) This is another pair of 66s that I've worn for about three years and washed and tumble dried warm/hot regularly to see what would happen. And they're one size bigger, so they definitely wore a little differently. But I use them hard and I think the somewhat frequent washing has been good for durability, I've needed to do zero repairs so far. The inside pocket tag is gone, but I believe that these are Shins-era, like the ones posted above. Maybe someone can tell from the rivets? Side-by-side with the pair posted above:
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    I foresee some major changes coming my (our) way and I don't think it will only affect my jeans budget
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    Tiny update from me as well! I washed a couple weeks ago, lost count now that I do it more often, but with all the mud when the snow's melting and my dog jumping like crazy these days, I actually haven't worn the 40s since. It was nice to have some variety (although I must admit I mainly wore sweatpants at the home office) and also great to put them on again yesterday. A couple of shots after struggling with the bluetooth remote app. Only after did I remember that my camera was programmed to simulate ol' Kodachrome, so the photos are a little bit warmer and more saturated than real life. Fades are not showing that well either, but they're coming along nicely now, for the first time I might get those faded-to-almost-white thighs that I so often envy in vintage jeans. Oh, and @Uncle Karl, you certainly look like a winner to me! Lots of other pairs look great as well.
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    just got the S24 in hands and wanted to give a few quick impressions: - the fabric is definitely thinner than other dryskin i know (on pants or shirts) - also, this thing fits like a tent (Size M on 180cm 77kg). very long and wide in the chest. the hem though is much more narrow which leads me to believe that sizing down isn't an option, it needs some wideness on the hem because of its length. not sure if this is something for me - i do see this work with the latest released pants but wearing this for ex. with the P34 gives a bit extreme proportions, but this is up to individual taste ofc.
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    So ....... I caved and washed the 50's , was only kidding myself thinking I could keep them deadstock So for comparison here is the fits of both the 46 and 50 50 46 The 50 feels a little looser bit the 46 has a slightly higher rise 50 46 Really happy with both pairs , fit and details are great . I have missed putting on the conners ww2 in the morning but these definitely dont disappoint
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    Ellie is doing well although she’ll need a good few days of recovery and close monitoring - so thank you for all the good wishes, they were and are greatly appreciated.
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    Just for fun, the day I decided to unearth these.
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    My 50s that I still wear from time to time to alternate with my 40s, it is always a pleasure to wear it Mackie | Nanamica | Trove | Uniqlo | TCB 50s | Clarks
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    Yeah, I bought things from them in 2017 and it was slow and they sent me the wrong item (out of 2 items lol). When I reached out they said they “found” my correct item and asked me to send the incorrect one back in exchange and after I did that they eventually emailed me that they lost the item I originally wanted lol. I’ve ordered from them ~5 times since then too and it’s always been slow, they seem to be so understaffed they can’t even get you measurements for items. All pre pandemic... That said their dunk collab was dope hah
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    Congrats! This will have no impact on your time or money!
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    I got the 1946 second half, 1937, D42, and the 1922 from dudewuttheheck I think you seem enough for the 46, the 37 and D42 almost the same , so i will compare d42 and 1922 Now im still waring the 22501xx , so all of those are keep in the box after took picture
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    Got to confess, I've not been 100% faithful to these recently. I think the actual contest may have run off into the distance now, unless I unexpectedly switch careers and start working in a quarry, or something
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    The fabric feels almost like Bedford cord. Here are some crappy fit pics, gave them a wash and a spin through they dryer. Would look much cleaner with a hem.
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    Thread bumpin with some sad news.. Sheffield's John Lewis (Cole Brothers) has anounced it's closure. They opened their doors in 1847 and looked like this Post-modernisation Coles Corner has been a famous Sheffield meeting place for young lovers for more than 100yrs, it seems like only yesterday that some redneck cop threatened to "wrap his truncheon around my fucking neck" if i didn't move along when i was stood at said corner meeting my then girlfriend, now wife.. happy memories
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    For those UK based StyleCreep sale has started and they have LVC jeans for just over £100, tempted by the rigid 1954s but measurements make them seem only just 38" so no real room for shrinkage. There is also a Cone Mills blanket lined type two on Marrkt for £175 which seems reasonable. It's a 38, if it were my size I'd have bought it already.
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    Although I’m biased, I have some insight into their operation. At the moment they’re short staffed for the volume they’re moving. Considering the variabilities that come with the pandemic and their contractual build outs/promotions with brands things are a bit hectic. I don’t see these issues persisting for much longer.
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    Happy for you Tilmann and for Ellie, Duke. Good health to both little ones.
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    All of the science that I do happens inside of a stainless steel vacuum chamber. There are a few windows on the chamber, but never as many as we'd like there to be—and, as such, the areas around them are always crowded with lenses and mirrors in order to fit all the different sorts of light in and out that we can. Because of this, in the 3+ years that I've been working on this experiment, I've never really gotten a great view into the science chamber. As a matter of fact, it's been so long since the mirrors and lenses started getting added that the person from whom I inherited the whole thing, in his 7+ years working on the experiment, never got got to see directly inside the chamber either—at least not from any good angles. Right now, after a series of mishaps, we're in the process of pumping out our chamber. A very small amount of water got into it and stuck to the walls, and this is reacting with the rubidium that we use to do science and creating hydrogen, which doesn't stick to the walls, and which causes trouble bouncing around. To get rid of the water, we need to wrap the chamber up in heater tape and fiberglass and aluminum foil and heat the whole thing up pretty hot while it's connected to a series of pumps; to wrap the chamber appropriately, we need to remove all of the surrounding optics. For the first time in almost a decade, it's possible to get a good view into the science chamber. For me, this is a Very Nice Thing.
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    A relationship with your local retailer is better than any bot.
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    Another wash and some daylight for a change
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    Just some picks of my LVC 1944 501's. The painted arcuates have pretty much faded away.
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    Jack's adding this to his wardrobe , kids soo much cooler than me
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    Some updates of the 66XX after 2 and a half month of wear.
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    i'm in love with white gtx, and all the contrast on the j1b-gt!