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    Here is my final submission. Haven’t worn them quite as much lately but I do like them a lot and they are still in rotation.
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    Pantheon x m65 x ffp2 x foggy glasses X 2 arrows fleece sweat (lovely Rome shop)X Tcb X paraboots
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    Interview with The Strike Gold's Tohru Hamamoto if you're interested. https://www.japanalogue.com/the-strike-gold-tohru-hamamoto/
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    Contest pair no. 1 checking in from Rome Italy. As mad as it may sound I have just travelled all the way from the peasant lands of Liguria to play the posh-est gig for the national broadcasting company, from the Quirinale (house of Italy's presidente della Repubblica). It feels great to be back on the saddle for a little while...
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    Haha that was me in the J28-WS abd P31. Made a stop at Blends to pick up the Porter x Vans Sk8 Hi
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    I swear these keep shrinking with every wash. It can't possibly be my waist getting bigger.
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    On a more light hearted note, even my desk warrior jeans start to look good
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    Hi! Everyone! My pair is back from repair. My crotch and knees are in good condition. And from today, I will wear it as real workwear again! Today is Cat Day in Japan.
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    My 01s I love the wrinkling/lightning on the left pocket. The cell phone fading bothers me, so much so that I stopped carrying mine around this past year. Don’t wear these aside from chores these days
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    Ooe Yofukuten x Standard and Strange Santa Fe OA02XX-505C oct1-initial soak; 1st wash-oct14-14wears; 2nd wash-oct25-25wears; 3rd wash-nov5-35wears; 4th wash-nov13-48wears; 5th wash-nov20-55wears; 6th wash-nov25-60wears; 7th wash-dec1-66wears; 8th wash-dec6-72wears; 9th wash-dec12-78wears; 10th wash-dec18-86wears; 11th wash-dec25-91wears 12th wash- jan 9 - 100wears so far 108/365 wears
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    Down By Law is great too. John Lurie is too cool
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    I watched Stranger than Paradise fro the first time this morning, it must have slipped me by, John Lurie's outfits are just stunning, the loose fitting pleated slacks, with the tucked shirt and Chucks or the threadbare knits...he's my new style icon albeit from 1984
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    Bootleggers Wavy, Barnstormers Big Sur, Freewheelers Longsleeve Crewneck and M-44, White’s
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    I think the Roots is a lovely boot - in fact I think RDT make very good footwear. I had my Vincent’s rebuilt from the semi-sprung sole to a double sole and woodsman heel otherwise the Roots would have been a definite for me a few years ago. I think @SLAB got a pair quite recently. There’s some styles RDT make that can be difficult for some folk, but I like that they do make a wide variety instead of the basic handful that’s popular with #rugged #raw #blahblahblah aficionados
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    ISC Officer Trouser update
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    Freewheelers Dylan, Jackson, Jackson, Dylan and Jackson c/w Warehouse + White’s
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    I won't have a chance to take post-soak fit pictures until next week but here are pre-soak pictures of the unsanforized RFR-004 jeans that I got my boyfriend as a gift, it's his first pair of raw denim, trying to turn him into an addict like me!! Will it work? http://imgur.com/a/WgOJsqW After soaking, they shrank to the exact measurements of a pair of Levi's 501 that fits him well, except 2 inches longer in the inseam (in the same tag size - 36) which is great, that's why I picked them because the one-wash measurements looked like such a good match on something that already works for him. for fit reference he's 6'6" and 190ish-200lb I think? and basically that means we appreciate the roomy knee and roomy lower leg because the "knee" area of most jeans is actually a few inches up his thigh. I didn't realize that would happen until the first pair of raw denim jeans I tried to buy him that were more tapered, so I returned those and got these instead, we are much happier with these.
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    I really dig this elegant curve on the sewing of the back pocket on these SC42021
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    WTS for MingX: J1B-gt white sz M euro 1595 DHL shipped worldwide 9.5/10 full packed
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    FW tracksuit (so says my daughter) / MF / Viberg
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    Hi everyone! 37th day worn at work. Thick wrinkles peculiar to 517xx type came out from the sleeves to the elbows.
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    Howdy! I got my black TCB 50s in the mail yesterday. I went with size 30, I wear 29 in normal 50s and these are a great fit! I love this denim, definitely the softest, most comfortable right from the start of anything I have tried from TCB. After a full day of wear at work they have stretched out nicely, please reach out to me directly if you would like measurements!