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    On a more light hearted note, even my desk warrior jeans start to look good
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    The bulletpointed Antwon-style "are you getting enough pockets to warrant dropping 2k on this" type reviews aren't for me either but they are a function of acr having become expensive enough that people start to review their shit like consumer technology instead of clothes - in terms of upgrades and features and version history and do you get this drop or hold out like you would review the latest iphone. Also it seems like a not inconsiderable amount of acr wearers weren't really heavily into fashion before acr grabbed their attention (veilance has the same effect) so there's less reviewing of style, brand synergy and acr's place in the bigger picture meaning it can get a bit myopic and literal at times. Everyone who was around for 2008-2016 acr grew up on "reviews" that were essentially one or two line posts like "erlsn channeling that raf simons 2005 meets gundam vibe" mixed with in-depth textile tech talk - stuff that's great when you're super incrowd and get the lingo. It's quite literally a generational issue by now.
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    Hi! Everyone! My pair is back from repair. My crotch and knees are in good condition. And from today, I will wear it as real workwear again! Today is Cat Day in Japan.
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    I’ll get around to wearing these someday. Hooper Works H1001, made by Warehouse. They use the DD denim. Having both the H1001 and the 1001 in the same size, the Hoopers are more trim in the top block with a wider leg.
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    Good stuff guys! Our local barrel orgon was out and about again. did a small streetdance in my cathartt, dehen , Edwin, ace western, atlast, vans.
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    These MiUSA 47's continue to do their thing...
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    Starting to thaw out here in Texas. What a crazy week. Buzz Rickson watch cap. RMC M-65 and ballpark sweat. Ooe Yofukuten Boss Overalls. Lofgren combat boots.
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    The usual rn. Miltec, random shirt, tcb s40s, random socks, heschung
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    I have just finished reading this entire thread and enjoyed it immensely. For the first time in a decade on the net I see jeans that resemble the ones I wore in the 50s and 60s. I am not sure about the denim itself, but the cut brings back memories. When you bought Levis back then, they were as stiff as boards and weighed a ton. And when you first put them on, you felt like they came up to your armpits the rise was so high. Then after a few washes, things settled down and the pants could be worn at or above the waist (as in the fit pictures in this thread.) Back then, jeans worn on or below the hips were called “hip huggers” and only girls could wear them so low for obvious anatomical differences with men. Today seeing men, especially those over six foot, wearing pants with a rise meant for very small men or women seems odd to my eye, but the Japanese cut for smaller men and they dominate the quality denim market. So what to do? I am sorry I missed this contest jean. But you guys and gals wearing them look great! You may not know that you do, but believe me, every single one of you truly look the part. I hear the roar of muscle cars, the first bars of Rock and Roll, and I feel the excitement of youth, just looking at you wearing this true reproduction jean. Thanks to TCB and all of you. PS: I hope TCB makes more of these cause I can still wear my high school letterman jacket and I will be wearing jeans till they cart me away!
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    I navigate my own way through this mess dictated by my own personal circumstances, i cycle to work early in the am and if i need anything from Tesco i get there masked up at 6am when there are no other customers, i work on my own so through the week i only come into contact with 3 people. My wife has a compromised immune system (she hardly left the house since March 2020) she 'was' going through 5yrs of stereotactic radiosurgery where they screw a metal frame to her skull and blast her brain with lazers but sadly that is on hold due to the virus, to manage her pain she's taking high doses of pregabalin which leave her exhausted so she's in bed by 8pm where she's vapourising weed to get her through the night therefore she hasn't worked for a good few years so i have to work longer hours to support the three of us which means my mrs is struggling with home schooling while she's trying to manage her pain which isn't an ideal situation but we have no choice. We don't want the boy's mental health to suffer from lockdown compounded by the deterioration in his mum's wellbeing so we let him play out as much as possible with his friend from across the road, they both have no siblings. I keep him entertained as much as possible with night hikes, tennis, mtb and other socially distant activities but he's 11, he needs contact with kids his own age. I also visit my mum which isn't recommended by government guidelines but she lost my dad a few months ago after 50yrs of marriage, socially distant funerals are not pleasant believe me, i too have no siblings so thanks to covid she's lost her entire support network apart from me which only worsens her grief, i don't want her to die of lonliness. I also do the online food shoping for my 102yr old next door neighbour but i make sure that everything is wiped down with denatured ethanol before i take it around. If anyone thinks im breaking lockdown rules (which i clearly am) i really don't give a crap, i'm muddling my way through the best i can but on the up, my mrs has had the vaccine, so has my mum, so have the parents of my kids friend so has my neighbour
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    A few pics from this morning while I'm at it...
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    Took a few more pics this morning...
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    Took me a bit to wash them but here are my final photos. Rouhgly 1 year of wear ish and 2 washes. I haven't washed my jeasn this little in probably 10 years of wearing raw denim haha but just how it goes. No idea of real wear either as these were my only jeans I wore but also spent many days not wearing pants due to covid haha. Either way, here they are. Had lots of fun and love everyones pairs! Good luck! Also a snuck in an 11th photo haha sorry! Can take down if needed.
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    Hey ya'll, just joined! Here are my 1947's with the 'unknown' deadstock 13oz fabric they released about a year ago. I'm really loving how these are evolving, just gave them their 3rd wash after about 5-6 months of wear. I'm really interested in picking up the new 46's, but also want to snag another one of these MiUSA 47's... Anyway, Cheers!
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    gorgeous cats... on a cat related note, I am broken hearted to say that my old buddy has just been diagnosed with bladder cancer. I have another vet appointment in a couple days but it looks like we'll likely have to bid farewell to a true friend and family member sooner than later
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    @youngofthesoonest Some photos back on 269 of the thread, though they are a couple months old now. The jury is still out of the denim, but things are shaping up nicely.
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    Aren’t the sandwich bag shots just a tldr of the long form stuff? Variation is ok, ya know.
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    I think you’re missing my point, Maynard. I am not pro-China. I think that their citizens live in a dystopian surveillance state, their government has shown authoritarian and militaristic tendencies towards ethnic minorities and nonviolent protesters, and their nominally planned and controlled economy has largely been taken hostage by multinational corporations. Now, I would also say those things are true about the United States, where I live. Obviously these things are true to different degrees in the two countries, but in my opinion they are valid criticisms of both and there is substantial evidence to back it up. What im pointing out is that despite the many failures of china’s response to the coronavirus, they were able to contain the spread of the virus extremely effectively, and develop a vaccine that they have distributed hundreds of millions of doses of, both to their own citizens as well as to other countries around the world. Compare this to the US or UK, where lurching and contradictory lockdown procedures have done very little to stem the spread of the virus, and where multiple for-profit pharmaceutical companies are competing with one another to maximize profits of their vaccines, which our governments are critically limiting international distribution of in order to focus only on their own citizens, and in the process letting both vaccines and manufacturing capacity go to waste. Again, not praising China’s government, not shit talking everything about Western society. Just pointing out that something as big and complicated as a nation is going to have elements worthy of praise as well as criticism, and one does not preclude the other.
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    SSDD. Filson hollows FW 43
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    I still have a near brand new pair of R01s that he made right after the memorials and are the same fit. Doubt I’d ever sell. To honor Roy when I finally wear them I will go by the instructions he gives you. Lol I believe 9 months no wash.
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    heres a bit of an update.. 4 soaks and one hand wash so far. the cotton thread has given up in few places and i have had to do a couple of dodgy repairs! + my painted arcs are barely visible now
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    Btw was thinking of creating a new thread devoted to the brand - thoughts?