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    John lofgren beanie vintage moleskin chore coat Buzz rickson wool cpo roy sf visvim kiefer
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    Got some TCB overalls for my bday! Worn with my contest jeans underneath, Warehouse Workshirt.
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    Bronson / Ooe / FW / Hollows / Cane’s / Lofgren
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    Freewheelers Vanishing West 601XX 1943 worn for almost three years:
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    Bit late to the party. Some lovely stuff on show i bought this artwork off a mate of mine. A fabulous illustrator who drew under the name of Dry British (his Instagram account is still live. Check out his stuff). He very sadly passed away early last year following injuries from a very nasty cycling accident.
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    The Bootleggers have been soaked, then washed and that’s the shrinkage out of them
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    Yes! Alden of Madison has the most makeups that speak to me these days if I had to choose one. For more old school aesthetic, The Stronghold still pumps out good looks. Brogue has a couple interesting ones as well. But if you REALLY want some varied/unexpected makeups that are typically from Japanese runs, definitely stalk The Shoe Mart's Factory Seconds page (for which you have to e-mail and request to be added to). Dangerous for me as I always end up wanting to buy something when they release the next batch (every couple months or so). Brick and Mortar is good too, but I blame them for the "Color 8 + Antique Edge + Commando soles" look that's seen on every single makeup you see these days whereas I prefer some variety (nothing wrong with cork soles, double leather, mahogany edges, etc.)
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    orslow 105
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    1971 Curver Rotobar, Space age drinks table, designed and manufactured in the Netherlands .
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    This picture of me was taken by a photographer called Rebecca Lewis who was going out with my mate at the time. Shes quite well known for photographing subcultures. She was commissioned by Intersection magazine to photograph a low rider convention/show in Bristol and I got the chance to tag along. A great weekend.
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    As promised @Dr_Heech - plus a comparison to the Bootleggers arc ... not much wear, just a wee bit of bleed and rub from my wallet in the left hand pocket
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    Got these M41001 hemmed at SoaS (thanks to @Double 0 Soul for the recommendation) who handed them onto David at Soldier Blue. These feel immediately less weighty and a lot better length for me now. That said, I'll probably get my reserve pair a bit shorter. Fair play to David – he didn’t have an exact cotton match so he used some of his own from home. He also noticed the backside seam was coming away so he repaired that into the bargain. Good man - worth a shout out.
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    Glad it's Saturday... CSF / Canes / Lofgren / Belt by @Thanks_M8
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    I honestly haven't worn this jacket that much but I'm always surprised at how quickly it seems to fade. The creases on the arms seem crazy since the jacket isn't particularly tight on the sleeves.
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    Washed my type 1, long way to go until it reaches OO status but slow and steady.
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    There is next to no activity at night in 90% of the Peak District but there is always some around Burbage/Stanage which borders the west of Sheff (where we went last night) those outcrops are where all the best rocks are so you can always find folks bivvying in Robin Hoods Cave so they can stake their claim/ropes at first light, some obsessive climbers literally live at the bottom of their favourite rock face getting by on a diet of instant noodles and water from the stream. First time i took my kid night hiking, i said to him "don't forget to bring a decent torch" when we got there... . ...we have search and rescue lights nowadays
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    Another short circuit decision of 2020 was this purchase, UES 400S. Size 34. Without a belt the low rise is no problem.
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    Two weeks of wear working construction. Going a month at least before first wash.
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    BSPOW fit pic. Was iffy on the roomy top block initially but have come around on the fit as the denim has settled.
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    Cross post from WAYWT. SCxSE BSPOW after initial wash, looking forward to these.