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    Haven’t post an update for a while but here they are fresh out of the washing machine. I guess I’ve washed them about six times. Not as much evo as many other pairs but I quite like how they look. I’m a slow fader and it’s still a long way to go in the competition The pocketbag with black wabash is totally destroyed but I don’t want to send them away for a new pocketbag so I’m just going to watch it fall apart haha.
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    One of my nicest things. Handmade by my grandfather (1909-1983) when he was an apprentice - he was a master carpenter, also heavily into engineering, motor cars and bikes etc, and a nice momentum of him (he died when l was 15). Heavy, hand-beaten copper dish with a tooled decoration around the edge. About 16" in diameter and has never been cleaned by me and l've owned it 20 years or so. First shot using the flash, the rest without, just to try and show the patina. The undernearth is almost as interesting as the top.
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    My pair at 125 days. One initial hot soak, and one scrubby bathtub wash at ~120 days. I like to wait longer for the first wash, but wash more frequently after that. Looked like I dismembered a smurf in there. They certainly don’t look this contrasty in person, guess it’s the lighting and the phone camera. I’ve got a small section that’s pretty slubby on the right thigh which I tried to capture- feels almost like a mini PBJ, but only in that one place.
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    Real Mccoys type 2, Burco, Iron Heart.
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    Got two horses to be pals with our lonely donkey. Spent the day getting Hansel and Gretel acclimated with Caesar.
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    fpds by bottleswest, on Flickr All 70's- first wash on the double stitch 501's since owning them (3 years) Almost big E type 3, picked up a month back-its slightly big,but I like it. abE by bottleswest, on Flickr abEl by bottleswest, on Flickr
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    These are nice things... 1930's era jelly moulds which belonged to my nan, they're full of air bubbles and other hand made imperfections. In your face Junior Bake Off!!
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    Alden 40538H, purchased this past June. There were my grail shoes but haven't really had many occasions to wear them - pulled them out today just for some errands around town.
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    201's with the linen patch! Not much to show now, but they've softened up a ton since the first soak. Dropped a bunch of indigo in the tub. They feel like they're going to fade fast. Loving them! (makes me want to pick up either the WH 1901s or the 1915s when they come out) Cheers
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    皆さんこんにちは!みんな素晴らしい投稿です。 @かめい先輩更新ありがとうございます!マンリーな雰囲気。 @ mandel9000フェミニンでクリーンなフェード。 私はカメラを手に入れました。 夜に部屋の照明で撮影するのは好きではありません。 実は日光が当たらない場所で直接写真を撮りたいのですが…特に気になることはありますか? 両膝に穴が開いています。 股間糸が擦り切れています。 猫も階段でくつろいでいます。
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    This 12“ enamelled cast iron pot is another piece of my cookware collection. Used for baking bread, this ones a mix of 40% rye, 40% wheat and 10% whole wheat with a levain made with oat meal and old bread. Had one of those years ago which cost about 100€, but the enamel cracked within 2 uses. Sent it back and got this one at Aldi this summer, works great since then. Surely not le creuset, but does the job.
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    I washed again yesterday! I haven't processed the photos at all, but I think the camera and the lighting combined have added to a tiny bit more contrast than IRL. The color is somewhere between the photos where I wear them and the close-ups. Still loving these a lot, the texture is close to perfection.
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    sp by bottleswest, on Flickr storage shed scrap, thrown out sometime in the early 1890's. I thought this scrap was from your typical- watch pocket shirt, like the LVC shirt you see in the picture...it's not, the scrap pocket is left breast, and not your tiny size- for a watch pocket. sp4 by bottleswest, on Flickr sp3 by bottleswest, on Flickr sp2 by bottleswest, on Flickr
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    Was light enough to snap some pics for this thread, so l dug out what l have to add my 2 cents. Photographs of these two pieces still in the Lee thread from 11 years ago but here's some fresh shots. Late 1960's Lee 100J 'Westerner' and early 60's Lee 101LJ 'Stormrider' -
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    Freshly washed. Been washing them with the s40s the last couple of times, I think that might be why they are not as light in colour as I would expect by now.
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    wish I didn’t shelve these for so long. feeling kinda tight lately.
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    Phlegm's 'Customary Hats' ffs! the lighting is absolute shite again, this is what the details should look like ..and
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    Just got home from a 4hr night hike with the boy in the Peaks Water hazard Beware the moon lads... -4°C so layered up to the max, RMC Watchcap, Merino Base, Vintage Dale of Norway, PHD Down, Junky 46's, Woolpower leggins & Mitts, Dunlop Time for a hot chocolate..
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    I got Dean from Yorkshiresole to improve my ‘Ron’ Wolf Hunters by giving them some Dr Sole’s - they used to have a white wedge sole which I thought was ok all those years back when I bought them, but in truth it’s not a great solution and I’m much happier now. The quality of work is good - value for money for sure. I don’t think he’s been doing this type of boot for long, but I remember Brian the Bootmaker and his earlier work ... Dean is better IMO, but the thing that has impressed me most was the communication. Dean actually called me to discuss options and get a ‘feel’ for things, he’s also emailed and texted throughout the process - communication is worth it’s weight in gold as far a business is concerned. Trust and integrity always comes first.
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    Doing some cleaning, and wanted to share my collection for the evo thread. Forgot to include the Flat Heads in some of the retired pics, but the resolution came out great so I kept those in. Retired: Dry Bones Red-D Slim, size 28: purchased from self-edge in 2008. worn 2-3 years with several washes and 2 repairs Aika Jin, size 29: Worn 1-2 years with 2 washes. Made with zimbabwe cotton. Regular fit, sized down, and tapered up the leg on non-selvedge side to match Dry Bones measurements with a bit more room in the thighs/seat. Still wearable but the back yoke will need reinforcement at some point. Samurai S710xx, 30: recently repaired at selfedge and may return to wearing these when I lose some weight! Flat Head 3001, 30: recently sold, which prompted me to take photos of my collection before it's gone! Warehouse Lot 900, 30: No longer fit me after washing and up for sale. In the rotation: 6. 3sixteen SL-220X, 31: worn infrequently, 2 soaks 7. 3sixteen 32BSP Shadow Selvedge, 31: 1 soak. I fell off a bike going 10-12mph. The left knee faded, but my knee was unscathed! 8. Studio D'Artisan SD-107, 32: my favorite fitting pair. Generous pocket size and room in the seat for a slim straight/slight taper below the knee pair of denim. 9. Fullcount 1101xx, 30: purchased at the Fullcount store in Shibuya in July 2018. I didn't intend on purchasing a pair of denim this day, but one of the Fullcount employees moved from France to Japan to get more involved with selvedge denim. I couldn't help but support someone more into it than myself! I have yet to wash any of these in the washing machine, having only soaked them once or twice since I purchased them. Will update whenever I do decide to give them a rinse. I expect the 32BSP and SD-107 in particular to show more contrasting fades, as I've put the most wear in those two. Denim tops: 10. Triple Works/Iron Heart TWSH-102, Small: Soaked twice, need to remind myself to work this into the rotation more often. Great lighter 7.5oz weight for Fall/Spring season. 11. Apolis x Styleforum x Context Black Denim Shirt Jacket, Small: 2 soaks, 2 washes. I wore this most days during college for 1-2 years. The waxed black cotton is mostly gone, except in the unexposed areas like under the collar. The fading reveals more of the indigo weft, seen in the close-up picture. Love the reinforced armpits/elbow, and would still wear this piece occasionally, for concerts.
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    1985 'blue label' AJ1 warm up jacket . .
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    Just pulled my 129’s out of the closet. Pretty much the craziest fades I’ve ever produced... 4~5 years owned, maybe about a year of wear. I wore these climbing for the first 6 months of their life and they were washed constantly. The hand repairs have been a labor of love, but I’m considering dropping them of at Self Edge for some proper fixes. @rodeo bill thanks for the amazing jeans and fabric!