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    Mixing vintage and reproduction: 1960's J.C. Penny's Payday brand jacket over vintage cardigan sweater and well worn Lee Archive Japan 1944's.
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    @chicotethat shirt looks great on you! I don’t have any of his shirts (yet) but agree that his bottoms seem almost tailored to me. All the different cuts that I have are very flattering to my body type. @longshanks I was eyeing that pair too, but decided they were too big and I therefore wouldn’t wear them. Here they are with a pair of the SE ducks.
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    Deluxeware / Roy / Birks
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    Picked up a in good shape/minimally worn Liberty CPO from eBay. I need to stop browsing! One of the neck buttons is missing, but otherwise minimal fading and no damage. Had a lot of fuzz on it, so that was kind of annoying. But it might just be one of those fabrics that attracts it. I’ve collected a lot of deer and elk antler sheds hiking over the years, think I will make a replacement button out of that. Seems true to the spirit of the shirt.
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    I'm so sorry about the absolutely unaesthetic background... my house is shite. When I'm with my lady I'll make her take some proper photos. This will have to do for now!
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    Rogue Territory Reigning Champ SCxSE
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    Loving the updates everyone. My jeans are a month and change behind the general pack due to the sizing SNAFU at the outset. They're a wonderful pair of jeans though and I've been loving the fit, fabric and general wear of the fabric. I took weekend trip out of the city to visit Dan Santoro at American House in Hawley, PA and a weekend stay at a cabin in Narrowsburg, NY. We've been looking at property on the PA side of the Delaware for the last couple years, but since the push out of the city has driven real estate through the roof out that way, we may just be visitors for the foreseeable future. The cabin was on what used to be Luxton Lake (Lucky Lake). It was an artificial lake resulting from the dam erected in the first half of the 20th century. The property owner's association boasted its status as the first ever multi-racial property owner's association in the US. Luxton Lake stood as a popular summer home destination from the 50s through the early 80s for a thriving community of black artists, musicians and athletes from New York City. As these things go, corporate logging interests in the Catskills compromised the dam, running heavy equipment over it ahead of a proper bridge being built and ultimately the dam was destroyed in 1983, draining the lake and devastating the local community. One of the pics here features some graffiti LUXTON LAKE WAS HERE. The 10 Mile River still runs through and offers some gorgeous views. An obligatory pic of the jeans, though not for the sake of documenting progress, just the love of wearing as well as the legs that live under them. Also some cool kitsch from the cabin.
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    SDA jacket, IH hoodie, Warehouse tee & pants...
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    Freshly washed. Been washing them with the s40s the last couple of times, I think that might be why they are not as light in colour as I would expect by now.
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    someone take these off my hands for $200 shipped CONUS
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    C'mon, just iron it carefully or use a hairdryer to heat the glue on the tape (there is no need to add an additional glue) and push it back. i've done this many times
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    That's not delam., just failing seam adhesive. Use a Gore-Tex specific product (McNett makes many), tho I'd try to actually get the seam tape re-adhered instead of 'patching' over. If that's an older jacket, then I'd say there's not much cause for concern. Doesn't appear to be any soiling, etc.
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    This one’s in my daughter’s room
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    ...and here is my belt made by @engine worn with my new atlast&co lot.147 denims. I lost some weight since this was made so I am now on the tightest notch.
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    Not really so much variation. Mango - uniqlo - Resolute - Paraboot
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    Combing through more photos… Went for a day hike in Capitol Reef, a few weeks ago, while passing through on the way from Grand Escalante (above) to our final destination in Colorado. Ended up spending most of our time in one side canyon—picked mostly at random—that ended up being really lovely First, the view back down into the main canyon, flat and cold. After a scramble up a few hundred feet of loose rock, the going got much easier, and the canyon flattened out into a long sea of sandstone In the distance, the La Sal mountains, standing alone in the desert like a Southwestern incarnation of the Grand Tetons
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    I totally forgot when the finish date is I hope there are some good fades hidden under the dirt...but I don't think so...
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    Perhaps one of the most Canadian posts to date on the thread... Went ice-skating on a frozen lake in Quebec.
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    The campsite photo on the last page was from a hike through Grand Escalante National Monument, in Southern Utah, along the old Boulder Mail Trail I'd never spent any time in Utah before, besides staying a night in Salt Lake City a couple of years ago, followed by the dreadful drive West along the 80—400+ miles of mostly-straight nothingness—so I wasn't really sure what to expect. As it turns out, the whole of Southern (and most of Eastern) Utah seems to be absolutely, stunningly, beautiful. This hike, and the series of shorter hikes and drives my buddy and I did over the next week, were consistently in some of the most interesting wilderness I've known, and I can't wait to get back Some of the following photos are mine, and some are my buddy's We started at the North side of the trail, down a dirt road past a bush airstrip, and the first chunk of walking was on flat ground that looked like it would go on forever. I'm used to hiking in mountains, where you can see just what you're getting yourself into from the start, so this was a weird sort of intimidating. After not too long, though, the trees stopped and we saw down into the first inkling of a canyon I didn't take many photos that day. We'd started pretty late, and pitched camp under a tree as soon as we made it up to the other side of the canyon, just as it was starting to get dark & the temp. was starting to drop feat. TFH, White's. Not shown: old rain jacket, Patagonia puffer, Gustin denim shirt, old lightweight silk / cashmere sweater, lots of Smartwool underlayers, Tender alpaca socks—relatively short hikes means the option to bring some extra comfy gear Started off the next day bright & early, and spent most of it navigating Death Hollow, the main canyon of the trip feat. Sassafras, Tender, Whites. Not shown: Bronson cap, old linen thrift store shirt (Tori Richards?), more Smartwool underlayers The canyon itself was spectacular. We had lunch in a large cave near the bottom The next mile and change had us hiking through the canyon itself, fording the stream around 7 or 9 times in order to get to a point where the opposite wall was viable. The water was cold and the walls were steep The hike out the other side was strenuous strenuous, technical, and poorly-marked, but lots of fun. (In a couple of photos, you can see down to the cave where we ate lunch) After the ascent, we hiked as far as we could towards the next canyon before pitching camp, both for warmth and for the sunset view The next morning was desolate. Our boots were frozen solid. So was everything else. We dried off, watched the sunrise, and hiked on There was one canyon left on our trail (seen above), then a slew of ups and down. For most of the day, we heard some sort of pack of dogs calling at each other from all around Eventually, we saw signs of civilization, and we walked towards them
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    Just found a deal for made in usa 1966 still unworn recently, however im not sure if its legit or not! Since the color of the denim is pretty light and the feel is "light and softer" than my 76', but then again i dont have any experience in the 1966 jeans. Can someone help identify it if its the real deal or not would really appreciate it! The color of the denim is most accurate in the 3rd pic
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    UPDATED AND PRICE DROPPED This is the cheapest you will ever see current season, brand new acronym for. All atleast half of the RRP WTS All brand new with a full set. Add shipping and fees. J1L-GT / L / £925 / €1040 / $1260 https://acrnm.com/products/J1L-GT_SS20  WTB P34 (any version) - S black only  LA6B-AD - M / L- hoping to grab this for less than retail from the mother site.
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    Took some pics today, but since its overcast and never really bright they look almost like the pics i posted in november. They'll get a wash tonight and then I'll snap some new ones..
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    Not much going on. Plan to wear a lot more now that I finally got hemmed by @scienceandkindness. zero washes or soaks