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    Couple of new Xmas acquisitions. Papa Nui cap RMC jacket
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    We took some family photos and realized that my son and dog look tougher than i ever could pretend to be...this is also the most denim’d out we’ve ever been as a family. me: Stevenson chore coat merz tshirt roy all duck vans wife: 3sixteen+ caustic wave jacket human made tshirt prps jeans dog: carhartt vest baby: hand-me-down overalls
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    Outstanding Co / Vintage / Ooe / RMC x 2 / Canes / Viberg
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    MF Chemise Fantaisie // MF Faro Waistcoat // RRL // Viberg x Iron Heart Engineer Boots
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    For anyone wondering both Self Edge and Standard and Strange should be getting the DSBs next month. I’ve been working my way through the 1101s for the last year and I haven’t worn these much. 1001XX Hinoya version coming up on 3 years of rotational wear.
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    Mister Freedom, The Curious Yak, Samurai, Converse.
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    sugar cane 1953 jacket ll bean chamois shirt sugar cane 47s nick’s robert
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    Merry Christmas all! Freezing my baubles off at the in-laws in army surplus, Sugar Cane, TCB and Belstaff
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    Best wishes to all... Stetson / Hillside / Tender / At Last / North Face / Viberg / Plus several layers...
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    Using little sailor again obay , RMC, lee, north see clothing, atlastco, cinch
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    really satisfied with the j68!
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    Christmas special.. Flatcap from F&F Lvc x Aero Lvc CSF M-41's Palladiums
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    Semi-frozen tundra, middle of nowhere, southern Utah, feat. TFH S2004 & many wool baselayers More photos incoming eventually
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    Jones BBQ /Cee Blues/ break during my 18 hour day
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    Santa Suit Beard Sleigh Coyote (If you look very closely you can tell there's been some photoshopping).
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    While I'm at it... Lot 147 v Lot 162 which are 2 years old
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    Bump... Lot 147... been wearing them on and off over about the past month or two
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    FYI- 1000XX Dead Stock Blues have been restocked at Hinoya in all but the largest and smallest sizes.
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    Not far from mine... the brutally beautiful concrete of Leeds University campus...
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    Not much time left now of the contest! One month to go before it's time to post the final pictures. I'll get back with more info on how the final submissions and judging will be done later in January. For now, here's a wee update on my own pair. Like always failing to fully capture the greatness and contrast.
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    Deadstock blue s1000xx arrived today
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    Just ordered the new black 50’s pants, so I decided to pull out my 50’s tux. 50's jeans, about 4 years old and many hand repairs 50’s jacket, probably about 5 years old by now, still going strong.