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    Brown's Beach McCoys Sweat £2 Tee £4 Charity Shop Belt Junky 46's TMC Railman
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    visvim kilgore // tees // SC 1947 // Vans
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    Taking a break from the contest jeans while trying to decide whether to wash 'em or just give them a good vaccuuming. Vintage cap Vintage Coat Companion custom jeans White's
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    It's Fullcount's BB Chaz, ive had the jacket since 2014ish along with the vest, seen here over minty fresh CSF tux Yup, it's all those things, the material is nice and the weave is tight ...only thing that lets it down is the cheap shitty snap fasteners, they're loud and rattle when it's worn unbuttoned, they look especially wank when you compare them to the original brass beauties.
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    Long time lurker, first time fit post here! Thought this was interesting... I'm 177cm tall and sized L on the P36-E and very content with the fit.
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    Engineered Garments jacket Mccoys sweat Warehouse chambray Conners ww2 Converse one star
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    Definitely winter time. Surprisingly we had snow - a rarity around these parts, and it melts quickly when it does arrive, but the wind chill is ‘special’ Freewheelers Dylan, British Colombia, Lot 506XX 1927, Stromberg, Lot 601XX 1922 c/w Tender + White’s ... grimace is model’s own
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    https://www.japanalogue.com/resolutes-yoshiyuki-hayashi/ I'm sure you've all read this by now, but I found it a fascinating look into Hayashi-san's mindset and approach with Resolute. A few tickles: -He only wore Levi's while at the helm of DENIME -His ideal style is the European interpretation of American Ivy -He displays a certain disdain for workwear (loose jeans stacked over work boots) -Washes his jeans once a week All in all, Hayashi-san is my denim spirit animal and I really want a pair of 711's now. I could never get 710's to fit me, so hopefully a higher rise would help out.
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    (Edit: For some reason I wasn't able to enter text on my phone... And the picture didn't show either.) Wow, the progress on these last few pages... Impressive! I've washed yet again, a monthly event here, and this is what the upper thigh looks like now. Nothing like @Uncle Karl or @mzasch for sure, but I think the puppy and multiple daily walks have contributed to quicker fading than normal for me. I love the high rise and I always tuck. I tried on a batch of the other jeans I own while tidying up last week and they all felt more constricting in the seat and thigh. These are my jeans that fit most like sweatpants, haha, albeit very high waisted ones...
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    Hi everyone, An update on my flamepanda aka Peng’s short shift engineers. They were unsealed and untreated natural horsehide, and they attracted dirt like magnets. They were glorious to look at when they were new, but I would not consider the dirt and wear they picked up as ‘patina’. Did not really like how they aged. So I got caught in a huge thunderstorm recently wearing these boots. Being the leather they were, they soaked up the water like a sponge. After air drying for a few days, they still were darker than the original colour. So I decided why not, and just decided to clean and condition them, accepting that they probably would not get back to their original colour. After some conditioner and wax, these are what they look like now. I kind of like how they look, and you can see the marks and nicks that was inflicted on the boots.
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    Obey hat jameson cardigan cabourn shirt atlast pants pamore and Barnes walkabees
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    Long time no see folks. I’ve moved back to London and lost my nice, outdoor photo spot in the process, so this’ll have to do instead. channeling Cayce Pollard w/ the help of: bronson buzz wh tcb novesta
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    THE REAL MCCOY'S 37j Warehouse
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    MF lot 64 ranch blouse Filson shirt FW 1943
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    Freewheelers Cassady, Shawl Neck Cardigan, Bakehead and Garage Worker Overalls c/w Tender & White’s
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    Not to burst your bubble but the 711 rise is lower than the 710 (as far as I know), I sold my pair because of that. I might buy a pair of 710's sized up to 40 one day.
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    Welcome to the darkside everyone...Love that this is forcing us all to embrace looser/high rising fits!
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    All of these heavily faded pairs are making this work from home desk jockey very jealous. Hopefully I'll have the tortoise and the hare approach.
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    All Euro today: Manufattura Ceccarelli brand new mountain parka, Jamieson”s, Tender’s 10 yr anniversary 132, Carmina...
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    Damn cold and miserable down here too. Bronson n1 - tcb 60s - warehouse sweat - tcb S40s