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    Long time lurker, first time fit post here! Thought this was interesting... I'm 177cm tall and sized L on the P36-E and very content with the fit.
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    Engineered Garments jacket Mccoys sweat Warehouse chambray Conners ww2 Converse one star
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    With the less common slimmer fit coupled with the never before used denim this is a hot one. Though we did get the largest run we've gotten in years so they may stick around longer than usual as we have 125 pairs. Yes, true to size. The waist shrinks approximately to tagged size. Shrinkage is in line with Black Seed denim!
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    Freeman’s Sporting Club Camp Shirt SCxSE
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    2018 VaporMaxes dropped on acrnm.com https://acrnm.com/products/AVM-001_NA https://acrnm.com/products/AVM-007_NA https://acrnm.com/products/AVM-102_NA
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    Also found this nice westerner from 95'. Made in Japan. Looking to pick up as much of the mid-late 90s levis stuff as possible. My personal fav era of theirs (concerning the repro stuff made with Japanese denim like the 201xx's).
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    Hi everyone, An update on my flamepanda aka Peng’s short shift engineers. They were unsealed and untreated natural horsehide, and they attracted dirt like magnets. They were glorious to look at when they were new, but I would not consider the dirt and wear they picked up as ‘patina’. Did not really like how they aged. So I got caught in a huge thunderstorm recently wearing these boots. Being the leather they were, they soaked up the water like a sponge. After air drying for a few days, they still were darker than the original colour. So I decided why not, and just decided to clean and condition them, accepting that they probably would not get back to their original colour. After some conditioner and wax, these are what they look like now. I kind of like how they look, and you can see the marks and nicks that was inflicted on the boots.
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    Cone supplied denim to Lvc from 1999 onwards with the first issues of the 1947 and 1944 jeans and the s506xx jacket. My experiences of the 201XX are obviously different from yours.
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    (Edit: For some reason I wasn't able to enter text on my phone... And the picture didn't show either.) Wow, the progress on these last few pages... Impressive! I've washed yet again, a monthly event here, and this is what the upper thigh looks like now. Nothing like @Uncle Karl or @mzasch for sure, but I think the puppy and multiple daily walks have contributed to quicker fading than normal for me. I love the high rise and I always tuck. I tried on a batch of the other jeans I own while tidying up last week and they all felt more constricting in the seat and thigh. These are my jeans that fit most like sweatpants, haha, albeit very high waisted ones...
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    visvim kilgore // tees // SC 1947 // Vans
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    Here is an update on my Cone '66s, 36/34, purchased from the Levi's U.S.A. Website in Nov., 2017 (killer sale: $72 for the jeans). This is after their first wash with soap, after 200 days of wear. Cold hand wash in the tub, with Dr. Bronner's, and air dried. They were also washed cold in a tub with a few cups of vinegar in the water, and air dried, at 100 days. Cold washes. Haven't measured them after the second wash, but shrinkage after the first was about 5 percent on average.
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    So here’s the results of my design and Seiichiro’s paint skill (from here)
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    last price drop to $575 shipped to CONUS sold
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    My main complaints surround zippers. I have a J63a and I had to develop a ritual when zipping it up to avoid jamming it. I wasn't on this forum back in 18 so I wasn't aware that it was a common problem. My J83-WS has an equally annoying zipper, but for different reasons. If I take my time and I am really precise in zipping, it's not a problem. If I am in a hurry is a guaranteed jam! These are both YKK zippers. They are the biggest zipper company in the world but they are sure producing some crappy product. Sometimes Acronym uses zippers from an Italian company (the name escapes me now but they are no better!) I have a J46-FO coat and I have jammed that zipper many times!
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    I’m 5’10” and can get away with these (I think)
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    i'm convinced acr is aware of this specific downside of self-fabric cuffs with sewn on velcro and keeps using them because they prefer the aesthetic. almost all high end brands use laminated and die-cut cuffs for this very reason, but the self fabric cuffs have that retro/military vibe they're after. it's also why you (almost) never see adjustable cuffs on veilance pieces - they use stretch cuffs and gaiters.
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    Hi! Everyone: Recently I'm awakened by a cat at 5am every morning ... but I don't feel uncomfortable. Haha Because when I go out to the balcony and look up at the sky at that time, Orion looks beautiful in the west sky. The coffee you drink while exhaling white is exceptionally delicious! And on the 9th of this month, it's been 3 months since I started wearing contest jeans at work. So far, I have used a warehouse detergent for soaking and washing 3 times, natural drying 3 times, a commercially available detergent once, and a dryer once. After work yesterday, I washed it with a second commercial detergent and used the second dryer. The photo is before washing with a second commercial detergent. No image processing is done.
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    I was gifted this early 80s Seiko watch recently. The green color burst dial kind of reminds me of the burst colors on guitars (like a nicer looking Antigua) and the smaller size is a nice change from my usual watches. It’s also got English and Japanese days.