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    No. 18 checking in. I decided to do a goofy little stages of dress fit series for ya. These are after a week or so of wear and a nasty 72-hour stomach bug. I fill them out a little better when I'm eating properly, but the basic idea is there. After full stretch, the fit is exactly what I was aiming for. With no belt, they slouch low on the waist, but hug the hips perfectly. Add the belt, and they sit two inches higher up on the waist for a proper fit. Enjoy. Or don't.
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    Got a bit dressed up today... Runabout MF Blue Blanket Paraboot
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    Edit: J68 in XL with body weight fluctuating between 205-215lb / 92-97kg Also wearing P36-E in XL - shout out @Kamikaze Thoroughly satisfied with the P68. I can also post a photo of the P31A-DS - I’m 6’3 and a lot of legs so I get. l
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    Belief NYC Iron Heart Finally cool enough to wear these.
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    Thanks. I’m pretty pleased with it. first time trying to do something like this.
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    Tried something out, wonkyness for extra war-vibes and stuff.
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    Nice bump @Unnmd it looks like a pretty swanky hood! it's hard to tell if those houses are old or new... Ive been stuck in the house all day in the pissing down rain so i thought i would join in Leaf carpeted pavements T25 . What's through the round window Floella? . Tree linned pavements . Doggy sailing jacket Rotten old MG Student-Ville . Buddhist Center . . . . . . Chimneys ...and back home
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    You Rang M'Lord? I had my 003's on pre-order through VP, you had to fill out an order form, this was about 1month before they dropped in Feb 2013 then i got into a conversation with Gordan at BiG, he was kind enough to send me some photo's of the wonky stitching if i agreed not to share them prior to release, in the end i decided to cancel my pre-order and ordered through BiG, they landed in the US a few days after the JP release but Gordon got them to me within a couple of days so it made little difference, good job too because i was ordering a 32"... When i comparred the photo's he sent to my pair the wonky pocket stitch was identical, it turned out they were all identical, much to my disappointment. If you compare my pair above^ to @H...crimper pair the stitch is exactly the same, right pocket has a sagging top row and 3 stitches of vertical lock stitch, the pocket 'V' is just to the left of the stitch V. Right pocket has the same inverted miss-stitch near the bartack, the wavy stitch at the V is identical, the top row tapers inwards and the folds are the same. Comparing just the top row of pocket stitching to @edmond pair at the top of the page, you can see they're perfectly parallel, things might have changed? that means @edmond might be right, fuck me! what's going on with the world, first a global pandemic and now Ed's right!! what a fucked up crazy world we live in.. After 6 months my pair looked like this . By this stage i had already overlocked both inseams by hand and the pocket stitch is starting to disintergrate in places 12 months . The pockets stitch has now worn away so they're flapping around . . 18 months . . . ..not long after this, the coin pocket fell off (as i posted about previously) and even though they're a loose fit the flippin yoke burst open, i was absolutely sick of repairing them so i just bagged them off.. bear in mind, i wasn't wearing them for work just evenings and weekends.
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    got the chemise hirondelle
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    One thing I wanna add is that AK version is much more friendly for glass guy like me. It's better ventilation makes less fog coming up on glasses, which is very important for winter use.
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    Vintage King Cole jacket Tcb ranchman Tcb S40s Bandanna by @mariano_vittori Hat by @Illcutz
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    Went for the single cuff. Much better now.
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    Saturday shenanigans with my daughter rearranging the living room, now we have dancing space, waiting room for the GP and a Halloween shop! Not bad for the 4 and half year old. which leads to training the art of jumping off stuff to her 2 year old brother... Oh yeah, not much in the fade department. The jeans are having their own competition for wear.
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    That hat with new balance 998 is the style equivalent of a pizza with pineapple haha! Jeans are taking off, finally. Indigo is falling and finally knees are fading. Not enough to justify close ups though. It's a beautiful day here in peasantland
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    Congrats on all your celebrations @aho, @Frost & @MrCknNuggets!
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    I often run naked across football, rugby and cricket pitches without getting caught by police or stewards, despite Benny Hill style chases. I suppose, overall, that streaking has never caused me any real issues either.
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    Real McCoy’s lot s003. These are taking a long time but the denim is breaking in really nicely. But I am having to keep on top of the repairs.
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    Atlastco lot 161 , 2 yrs of wear. repaired a pocket back, a button came of, button hole about to wear thru.
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    Anyone else aside from b_F get the Edo Ai anniversary jeans? Product pages on SE are up and the photos look really nice, that denim is sweet.