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    Chilled out day. Courageously rescued one of the boglins’ caps from a tree. Each refused to grass on the culprit - good kids Went to a racecourse to pose Installation of flags in the middle of the racecourse in memory of those that have passed away of covid Not much progress but really enjoying them
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    I have not been too active posting updates so here is some pictures from the last couple of weeks. We were dog sitting our friends dog for a weekend (hopefully get our own puppy in December) The next weekend went to see some relatives and climbed a hill near their place. The leaves are starting to look pretty nice! And this is from today's day trip to the near forest Found some funnel chanterelles which are soon to be eaten in a form of a pasta
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    Yesterday we went off for lunch to celebrate Mrs Volvo birthday. First family lunch out since forever...We went to an old trattoria which rates very high in our top ten... The menu is less than half the page. Started with farinata which basically is a mix of chick pea flour oil and water, cooked in the fire oven. Crusty on top, deliciously moist underneath. It goes well with the king of cheap peasant Italian lagers Then deep fried super fresh local shrimps, which were absolutely terrific. I mean it's not as good as battered Mars bars but oh well ; ) Resting our eyes a bit A well oiled dad This from today Close up of the beautiful watch cap made by @Illcutz Indigo dipped cotton, fades faster than the jeans haha!
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    Cat and my 40th day buddy. IMG_1022.MOV Forty days have passed and he is still a fresh companion. A position battle between cats has broke out, so I'm looking forward to the fading in the future. I enjoy wearing it every day!
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    Did some repairs on the left pocketbag. Doesn't look good but I hope it will hold for a while. There is several places on this pocketbag that starts to tear so if I'm unlucky I have to replace all the fabric.
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    Couple tough acts to follow... Happy Sunday everyone Hat by Illcutz Tcb 50s X 40s tux Yux Close up of the hat, indigo dyed cotton
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    We haven't been anywhere for ages but got away to Morven by Mull across in west Scotland and were lucky to get some real sun and atmosphericly calm rain. Colours very autumnal and the open look to distant hills algae a sense of being somewhere else.... Don't usually go for grand houses but our cottage was on the estate of this one and it looked dramatic due to its wooded setting at the end of small loch. The overgrown wet wooded hillside wild garden has paths and steps and gives off that romantic sense they loved to create in the 19th century The tower house was built 17th century I think but modified considerably in Victorian era to how it looks now. I think these types of buildings look stunning throughout Scotland - the colour of this makes it even more appealing no?
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    This has been long overdue, but I decided to snap some fit pics of my Roy XX20 that I recently purchased from @Smallrod. Thank you for such a smooth transaction! These are size 32 and was machine washed twice by Smallrod (quick wash setting on HOT, no spin, and air dried). I believe all the shrinkage has been accounted for; however, I will be washing/soaking these in cold water moving forward. As for the fit, I love it. About 4 inches were hemmed off and the length is just perfect after the two hot washes as it allows me to cuff just one time or leave it uncuffed without too much stacking. It still has the classic straight look, but is tad bit slimmer compared to my ROY x SE Cloth Patch and my R01SAIL. For reference, I am 6’1 about 170lb. The fabric on the XX20 is really nice and is completely different from Black Seed. It is definitely more airy, almost like a loose-tension weave that has a slight slub/texture to it. The fabric is also more of a deep blue in real life, which I really enjoy. From the looks of it, I feel this new fabric will fade a lot quicker than Black Seed. Overall I am very satisfied with this purchase and really happy to add these to the collection. Can’t wait to see how they’ll turn out in a few months/years. Note: Please don’t mind the unfinished baseboards as we are currently remodeling the flooring.
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    Super adorable! My cat is too fat to use the leg as a tunnel, I'm afraid.
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    Well my timing is crap - you don’t really want to be following CSL type goodness, but I suppose I’m here now ... FW Cassady, Bootleggers Lot 213, FW Painted Desert, Bootleggers Steamroller Overalls
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    trophy clothing pants // alden
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    Went skateboarding for the first time in seven years or so.
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    Did my second wash yesterday (if you count the initial wash to get some residual shrinkage out of my OW pair). Did a 30C one. Some more roping developed at hem, yoke and coin pocket. Some light fading. First pic is prewash.
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    over twelve year old Lee Archive Japan 1945 Lee's. Worn/washed a number of times and still going strong.
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    Hoping this is an okay thread for posting others of William's projects besides Tender (writing that, I realize Whopper and GS/TP have both come up in the past, but I guess I never thought much about it) Got the Rap Promoter cardigan, from this last run of Pop Punch sweaters, in just last week, and thought I might post some photos even though it's still in more or less new condition, just since not many seem to be floating around yet Really happy with it so far; I was worried that the sleeves might be too short for me (this being the case for many main-line Tender offerings), but they're just about perfect, as is the fit through the body. The knit is pretty tight and has done me fine sitting out on my balcony into the night. Not much else to say about it, so far, besides that it's just as pretty in person as in the photos—the depth of color is really something else, in the reddish yarns in particular
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    Received about a week and a half ago. Been wearing it everyday <3
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    Updated prices and shipping rate. Everything is at retail or below.
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    A few days away recently... as an Australian, I can't generally wear denim at the beach without passersby saying (or evidently thinking) "Yer right, mate..?!", but on an overcast day when the surf's too rough and cold to be much fun I decided I could get away with it... The path to the beach: (Pics taken by long-suffering and somewhat bemused mrs mondo..) Some wear appearing at left thigh: Some other features of this particular beach – this assemblage was nowhere to be seen the next day: Tesselated rock platform high above the surf:
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    Don’t know about the rainbow-core fabrics and such, but as to the natural indigo SC40x00 models like those ^, I think they probably just weren’t very profitable—they sold for ¥30k, which is peanuts compared to the hand-dyed natural indigo offerings from most other companies…all the more so for those particular ones, the lot 400, which were also hand-folded and single-needle sewn, etc. They were great as flagship models to show what the company was capable of, but if SC were to make them now they’d probably have to cost twice as much Granted, this is all just speculation
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    Took a trip up to Sea Ranch and Timber Cove north of the Bay Area this week to escape the bad air and get some R&R. Wore the 40s suit for the whole trip. The coast is beautiful up there, Sonoma and Mendocino County, rugged and interesting. We ate well, rested and got away from all our neighbors! Ha!
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    Hey @Broark it’s the 492 in indigo chambray. It’s a great shirt! Here’s a pic I put in WAYWT a couple days ago. Not the best pic sorry.
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    J47TS-GT Sir plus Nehru Cardigan P30A-DS Vans Pro Slip Bag of Cakes
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    first champloo jeans, made by kuniyoshi-san of double volante (also made the gbg contest jeans): i actually like just lightly soaking my jeans at first and then have the combs overlap as they set at different spots the more i wash them. i like the blurriness. crispy combs look a bit terrifying to me.