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    A few days away recently... as an Australian, I can't generally wear denim at the beach without passersby saying (or evidently thinking) "Yer right, mate..?!", but on an overcast day when the surf's too rough and cold to be much fun I decided I could get away with it... The path to the beach: (Pics taken by long-suffering and somewhat bemused mrs mondo..) Some wear appearing at left thigh: Some other features of this particular beach – this assemblage was nowhere to be seen the next day: Tesselated rock platform high above the surf:
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    (OW 32) before their first wash this week, not much fading so far but that's the trouble with a desk job. They had stretched out to almost 86cm (bottom) and shrunk back to 78-79cm after a 60 degree wash (top). Had them back on a day and they are stretching back out nicely, super comfortable. My favourite jeans at the moment Getting some roping back too (post wash top TCB hemming off cut at the bottom)
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    Took a trip up to Sea Ranch and Timber Cove north of the Bay Area this week to escape the bad air and get some R&R. Wore the 40s suit for the whole trip. The coast is beautiful up there, Sonoma and Mendocino County, rugged and interesting. We ate well, rested and got away from all our neighbors! Ha!
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    As this question usually (at least for me) pops up when Denime brings out a pair of XX or 66XX, I compared the 66XX Original Line with my 66XX from Shins era. Biggest difference is the placement of the barracks at the front. And a close-up of the denim
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    ^^ a pic from a while ago to show the volume (forgive me the angle!) (will probably get them hemmed at some point when I get around to it)
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    These are fantastic. Damn.
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    The new Sugar Cane x Self Edge Okinawas
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    Been wearing my ranch blouse again over the last few weeks...
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    Alright lads. The indigo invitational has kicked off. First day of wear for my TCB 40s'. I can already feel the waist stretching. I'm excited! Full album Ref: TRMC 2x / TCB / OSB
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    Don’t know about the rainbow-core fabrics and such, but as to the natural indigo SC40x00 models like those ^, I think they probably just weren’t very profitable—they sold for ¥30k, which is peanuts compared to the hand-dyed natural indigo offerings from most other companies…all the more so for those particular ones, the lot 400, which were also hand-folded and single-needle sewn, etc. They were great as flagship models to show what the company was capable of, but if SC were to make them now they’d probably have to cost twice as much Granted, this is all just speculation
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    Why Sugarcane not producing this kind of fabrics again....such like rainbow selvedge . Are they missing the secret recipes books details weaving and threads
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    Postcard from Bridlington on the east coast of Yorkshire in August I was fascinated for hours... What a time to be alive (a wise and hairy man once said) Not a ‘kiss me quick’ hat in sight... thankfully... for more reason than one The big wheel keeps on turning... Grand National… sanitised version… non-runner providing mandatory 1m clearance Couldn’t date them – still waiting on my new book An ‘18’... brazen and provocative in plain sight! However hard I stare... and I have many times... I still don’t know what’s going on here… answers on a postcard Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...
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    The leaves and jeans are slowly turning.
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    TCB S40S again, in love with these jeans <3
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    The jeans are pretty close. I think the new ones are a little bit more tapered and the inseam is shorter. @oomslokop denim looks and feels pretty good and loke the old one but it barely shrank in the wash, like a lightly sanforized denim. That said, i only know the Shins XX denim. I don't know how the first XX was.
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    This one might be the rarerest model Love the details on this pre 20s repro suspender buttons and cinch back is my favorite pants. Still available in W34&36 last two pair PM me if interested.
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    Deadstock guys I still cant believe this gem are still available for grabs Old arc suspender button with cinchback W34 PM me if interested.
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    Vintage hat (merch for a “blaskapelle“) Supreme Tcb Stussy Timberland
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    Not much fading yet. Pics from a walk in the forest some days ago!
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    enjoying the lo-effort lift shot rite now... army surplus, a mask, p-alls, filson, big yank-35 summers, tcb
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    Found this absolutely new never worn leather belt