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    My wife said my jeans still look brand new haha. I havent worn them to work because I don't want them to get filthy just yet. Soon itll be cold enough to wear overalls over them. I just want to set some creases before I give them their first hardcore wash.
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    And here just a small sample ps- thanks for the support
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    i take back every bad thing i ever said about hiroki.
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    at work in the s40s - "American Real Estate Photographer in the pandemic" LL bean hat Homemade Covid Mask Company issue polo style shirt TCB s40s White's Nomad shoe covers
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    Coming back to this thread to say, this thing with Errolson wanting to put his face on everything is what makes my wife cringe the most.
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    FastForward 10yrs & 12 lbs later ... our denim [Journey] has finally reached that fork in the road ... we travel separate ways from here on Upkeep/maintenance has been a part of the denim hobby. IMO, there’s still a lot of life left in them & it’s such a shame to prematurely retire them. So, I thought I’d upcycle them to a different denim demographic who would continue & finish its journey for me. The idea of the boro rending on the lap was, that the denim squares [from cutoffs] will slowly produce an indigo palette as the jeans are worn & washed ... monochrome indigo blocks. I know it’s a bit gimmicky & prolly even heretic for the purists, but [hey!] whatever sells, right. Honestly, tho’, I’d wear these than sell, if they just fit. This will be its swansong here ... Can’t button up, hence the angle shot
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    Two and a bit weeks late to the party. Cheers to @julian-wolf for sorting me out.
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    wearing my s1001xx 1946 25th model.
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    When it comes to stretch these are just extreme. I now wear a belt with them to not have them baggy to much. They have went from 37 (!) cm in wet state after a 50 c wash. I then manually stretched them before hanging them outside to dry. I'm sure they would have shrinked a little bit more if dried hot. Now they measure almost 44 cm, and if i stretch some more. In other words they stretched 14 cm (5,5") with not to much wear! I also made some amateur button hole repair when the thread suddenly came loose. Not anything fancy, but that will do for a while!
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    Quick one of my Trophy Clothing Hummingbird jacket in the morning light.
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    It's neat and all, definitely looks cool and the design feels initially abrasive and off-balance but cooler the more you look at it (like some of the best acronym designs imo), but: This really just seems like an exercise in branding. Just a few neat flourishes on a stock laptop that may or may not be good to begin with. Would love to be proven wrong. The air-packaging is totally sick though. I had thought that the included software was some custom acronym thing but no, it's an already existing prouct made by Erlsns brother: https://www.thebrain.com/ https://www.thebrain.com/blog/authors/harlan-hugh Sort of a mind-mapping tool / outliner sort of thing, a bit more visually oriented than these things usually are (logofont looks familiar, wonder if erlsn had a hand) I actually really love tools like this (I had been using workflowy) and I'll definitely give this a look.
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    FS: Gen 1.1 J58-WS size M 8.5/10 $825 + fees (or gift) + ship J61-GTV size M 9.5/10 $1900 + fees (or gift) + ship P10-DS size M 9/10 800 + fees (or gift) + ship
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    Sugar Cane for Self Edge Jeans - One Fit, Two Denim Styles Sugar Cane for Self Edge jeans are here! These jeans come in a new straight tapered fit developed by us and perfected by the pattern makers of Sugar Cane. They're available in either a 13oz black warp and black weft denim or a 14oz Okinawa sugar cane fiber blend indigo denim, both unsanforized (but lightly rinsed) for maximum texture and character. Both jeans come with black anodized wreath buttons, hidden rivets, super fancy variable weave density pocket bags, and a very pleasing straight tapered fit with a medium rise. Check the product pages for a full rundown of specs and a wordy explanation of what's going on with the pocket bags. You can get these now at all stores and online. Shop Sugar Cane Online
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    We took the Little Fiat out yesterday... ...and went to the Zoo. there should be more pics of beavers out there!
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    You’d think I’d have known better by now.
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    Will get some more photos later (not really happy with the ones taken today). Really nice chore coat, does feel slightly more snug than both the ecru and twisted denim variants that I have, but I think some of that comes down to the stiffness. The denim does feel heavier compared to those other fabrics. I desperately wish it wasn't 100 degrees out.
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    He’s amazing. Huge fan of his music and one of my lads is named after him Have you seen the documentary Heartworn Highways? Fantastic scene copied below for others to see, and to keep on topic it includes a very cool modified type 3 worn by a blacksmith friend of Townes.
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    The big pics will be in the FW thread shortly, but in the meantime: CW starting TL - Brakeman (horse), Journeyman (deer), Pacific Coast Highway (goat) and Mulholland (horse)
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    First winter in my Fcl 2mm Leon seems over