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    Breakfast melon Sun Surf / Merz B. Schwanen / Hollows / Sugar Cane / Lofgren Cane's are starting to show some color
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    Two and a bit weeks late to the party. Cheers to @julian-wolf for sorting me out.
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    Classic crotchshot feat. Gbg with loose, threads, milk records merch, asics, stussy x manhattan portage
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    My clowns outfit of today. my oldest piece of clothing, H bar C jacket going 25yrs lee sweater atlastco lot 161 vans
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    Sorry for not being able to post more back when, right after I posted the box shot was told to not share any more at the time. If you have any questions or anything please let me know. Also it seems the integration with the TheBrain is pretty deep, there is a dedicated button on the keyboard and the Brain that is included with the laptop continues the ARG that was behind it. Oh also
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    Awesome page... loving the updates gents... Here's my hook buckle belt in tan from Feb 2012 Ageing superbly, nice and supple... the tan has tanned really nicely (it's due a little cream)... and the brass just gets better... William's innovative buckle is a real winner for me
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    Another day another swing Freewheelers / 40s / Lofgren
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    The Momotaro’s I’m retiring (left) and the very dark S40s. I’m m still fascinated by the rough texture of the denim and by how much it stretches.
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    The cat approves... took the plane to Edinburgh today... Arrived and hopped on the train to Glasgow... the denim is still very furry/hairy.
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    Have you people seen that: https://standardandstrange.com/collections/ooe-yofukuten-mechanics-overalls I like the ecru one but it's kinda light weight... Well, it turns out the legs are going to be too narrow for me. Still, very cool.
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    Seems a bad time to post after those amazing jeans :/ Been wearing my backs at work machine washed twice and tumble dried too
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    @mlwdp's post made it clear this thread is starting to unravel
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    My first photo contribution to this thread. Came in raw and also had trouble with the waistband not being according to the charts. My previous STF experience told me, that stretching it out was possible, so i went with a hot soak and used my trusty coat hanger to stretch the waistband out while wet. The have since had 60 degrees to get most of the shrinkage out and i think that this more or less the final state. I'm pretty happy this the results! They have seen daily wear with a few exceptions, but they are already starting to fade bit.
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    Flat Head - Merz - Resolute - Doek
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    haven't finished yet lol 129 jeans in molleton denim. the denim is quite similar in colour and heftiness (heftier) to sda's standard denim (same blue selvedge id, 17 vs. 15 oz?), but tender's feels softer, velour-esqe, perhaps bcoz of the molleton process (explained previously on this thread). love the long pocketbag (same denim, selvedge) fade: i get samurai 710xx circa 2009 combs without even trying pretty great roping from the factory lockstitch peekaboo! in the eternal search to replicate early levi's irregularities i reckon tender stuffs are actually leading the race. made in a factory to specs with irregularities that come naturally from industrial but small-scale operations? (if you look closely you can see some of the home repairs i've done. the tender aesthetics allows for mods and repairs like these to blend in perfectly.)
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    Yeah I’m thinking about potentially getting both the ecru and Cone, don’t really own anything like that outside of the Boss Pants which are a little too slim for the styling IMO. The measurements look good to me.
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    Agreed, really envious of that linen square-tailed shirt—would be perfect for hiking in, and it's aged beautifully Here are some photos of the Type 430 Butterfly shirt in red-ochre-dyed airbag cambric, size 4 The fabric's really nice and stretchy, but this size is too slim for me in the shoulders (works great everywhere else) Also feat. Cane's and Birks
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    Too smoky to really go outside so why bother putting on shoes SdA / Hollows / Cane's / Birks
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    Another sunny Sunday, another trip near the lake. Lake Constance and a nearby "canyon". Started directly into the Klingenbachschlucht A rapid stream Some fungi on old, dead trees He/she tried to hide Slowly leaving the forest Open fields again! First glimpse of the lake Passing a wild bee hotel Then we started the descent to the lake and passing small villages with beautiful old houses Arrived at the lake With a reconstructed old stilt house which were quite common in the Neolithic Age
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