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    Cheap old hat Harman Optical The Rite Stuff Vasco Freewheelers Lofgren
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    SDA 101 I believe? Forgot the model number. 4 years of wear and machine washing/drying.
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    new clinch boots iphone image taken in a mirror hence the reverse leg twist on some ooe's
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    For it's weight and properties, the WS will hold up very well. I treat/wear them the same as I would GT Pro. The only WS item (of 9) I had issues with was the 46WS, which was a couple small holes due to the metal zipper. A GT patch fixed the issue. My J25WS which I have used heavily for five years has held up great, minus the inside layer is beginning to deteriorate around the neck. The other benefit of GT is the network of authorized repairers that will fix anything you wouldn't want to DIY.
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    This was from earlier today when I free solo’d up a 5,000 meter granite face (and flew back down in my wingsuit) before my morning Breve.
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    My current list as usual since I never rotate: - My own Swissjeansfreak 15.5 oz greencast high rised straight cut Candiani Denim blue jeans wear day 130 If I would be able to finally do the inventory of my little Jeansmuseum I could add the list of the 9'000 jeans and 7'000 denim jackets here ha ha
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    Nothing wrong with climbing in TCB 20s.
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    Hard to follow @j0el2 but here’s my 101s on an overcast winter’s day after on/off wear for 8 years. The crotch has been repaired and the knees are almost worn out - when they develop holes there (which will be very soon), I’ll retire them. The close-ups are truer in colour.
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    tender tender 129 cheaney cairngorm
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    4th year of machine washing and drying. May get them repaired soon.
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    Some updated fit pics of my 1101. I guess this is what sitting on my ass most of the days will do to the fades. Not much left of the arcuates and the lower legs seem to hold on to the indigo well despite numerous washes.
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    my last TCB acquisition ... 30' Cap Olive Duck
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    Visvim / Resolute 711 / Paraboobs Michael
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    I'd unpick the top set or arcs in homage to Red Selvage
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    CSF x WH collab to commemorate 'Local Garage Culture' 30/04/18 They've gone mix n' match on the buttons and rivets.. Up and Yahoo in worn condition https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/l573933015
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    1/8 Takamura Chamarra Trapecio Jackets 1/8 Takamura have produced a new bronze version of their popular Chamarra Trapecio jackets. These still have the perfect fit which our clients loved last year and they're finally available in bronze. We've also received a small restock of the black version of this jacket. 1/8 Takamura is a brand which we've been carrying at Self Edge Mexico for over four years now. The brand is owned by a young Mexican designer from Mexico City by the name of Guillermo Vargas. His great grandfather was Japanese, hence the name of his line. Most of his collections over the past few years have been for women yet recently he's starting to do more garments for men. We hadn't planned on bringing the collection into our four stores north of the Mexican border, but this jacket was too good to pass up. The fabric is woven at a small mill outside Mexico City and it's all cut and sewn in-house at the 1/8 Takamura studio in Roma Norte, Mexico City. It's a fresh design and from the initial reactions we've gotten from our staff and clients at our stores it seems the jacket is a hit. Helps to see these jackets in person as some of the details/lines are lost in photographs. These are available now at all five of our stores in four colors, bronze being this season's new color. Shop 1/8 Takamura Online
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    Another two weeks down the road, another hot wash. The patch is starting to crack and get all fuzzy, The roping is insanely strong and the leg twist is coming along nice! Also fly fades and somehow, despite the often washing honeycombs are coming along. Cheerio!
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    Secret or not I personally feel that the leather color looks awful so they'd better age as fast as possible, on someone else feet too.
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    Every once in a while, Gustin comes through with a gem! This is a 14 oz cotton sweatshirt deeply saturated with indigo. $56 + $6 shipping = $62 for a really fine indigo dyed sweatshirt. You just can’t beat the quality or the price!
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    I washed my SGJ50J, cold wash, short gentle cycle, hang dry, ironed. After it was dry the denim was so stiff, I felt it needed ironing so the denim would relax and hang and fit better. It's a very nice, very cool jacket, but I find the fit... strange... maybe I'm just not used to it, as this is my first Type II. It's very short, shorter than I expected. What I find most strange is the taper from chest to waist, which is straight and quite severe, even for my taste. It's almost too tight at the waist to button, but it seems fashionable to leave the bottom button unbuttoned anyway. Now I'm waiting until spring to wear it. Raw and post-wash measurements: Shoulders, straight across: 19.0 - 18.25 Length: 26.375 - 25.25 Chest: 23.0 - 22.0 Waist, mid-way down: 21.5 - 20.5 Opening: 20.0 - 19.0 Sleeve, f/ shoulder seam: 26.75 - 25.5 Cuff: 5.5 - 5.25 Some raw pics
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    I think that the Trophy is revealed after a significant wear of the fabric
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    Deadstock Buckweat's Still stuffed with the original wax paper Made in California circa late 90's-2000 Brown colourway . The 3-point arch support is lovely!, ...and to complete the hat-trick Notice the black pair has stitch-through on the foxing tape.. its like the chainstitch run-off of the sneaker world.
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    new balance x red wing. couldn't get any better..
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    with no warning or introduction, here is a pair of SExSG24 I've been wearing for about a year and a half. I think they've seen something like 2 or 3 machine washes to this point and an increasing number of diy repairs. back in 2016 when these were first out I happened to be in NYC and stopped by self edge to check them out and was blown away by the fabric- if there's anything else out there like it I haven't seen it. the next time I found myself in new york I made a stop again and picked a pair up. these were my first and so far only pair of the strike gold but all the details are so great I can totally see myself getting another pair. I always liked the look of the mud dyed fabric...