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    ONI 3rd type in vintage California Pique fabric Entry SG SDA t-shirt GBG001 RW
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    I'd unpick the top set or arcs in homage to Red Selvage
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    ACG / Zoom Terra Antarktik
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    Here wearing the new 130 denim molleton jeans...
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    Not a bad article. It's nice to see it becoming more common to wash your jeans after a reasonable amount of time instead of waiting until they're unbearably gross.
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    In the opening paragraph the author says: ”Across the internet, you’ll find articles, forums — hell, entire websites — devoted to the art of denim maintenance. Some connoisseurs insist you need to wait a year before washing jeans if you want Instagram-worthy fades; in the meantime, they suggest, getting the stink out is as easy as throwing them in the freezer.” But then all of the experts they interview say this is silly.
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    ..... and I’d call your sanity into question for spending ( close to ) vintage money on a repro
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    Fucking hell! are they still banging this old drum?... i don't think anybody has suggested sticking their jeans in the freezer since 2009.
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    The votes are all in, counting is over and the new Champion has won by a clear margin. Once again lots of great entries, incredible photos and some beautifully aged denim, sadly this time there is only one winner. And the winner is............. Spitfiredealer Thank you all for competing and giving your time to this over the last two years. Much love, Mega
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    The Real Mccoy's / Orslow / Oakstreet Bootmakers
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    Clubmaster, Buco, Triple R's, Superga and Leonard the cat
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    ^ and neither do they. At least not Kiya, Jeremy and Merv. Or did I miss something?
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    My size 34 pair was bought raw and I've just done hot bathtub soaks and washes. They don't really match with either set of measurements across the board. For what it's worth, here are mine measured with Blue Owl's method (raw/shrunk): Waist 35.5/33.5 Thigh 13.75/13.25 Knee 10.25/9.5 Front Rise 11.75/11 Back Rise 15.75/14. 75 Inseam 36.25/33.5 Hem 8.5/8.25
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    For those interested in some measurements off of a pair of 1880s (34-34):
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    Me Cupcakes Conners s406xxx ww2 McCoys sweat Conners s409xxx ww2 Converse jackstars Jack Back to front coat ?? Chinos Superstars
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    New bureau, still bad pictures. The Flat Head Merz b Schwanen Resolute 710 Paraboot Chambord Edit: wife-made socks
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    This is a bit of a cross post from the contest submission thread, but I'll post more shots here. I've worn these CSF 1937's for two years straight, which I think is the longest I have ever consistently worn one pair of jeans. They still haven't been worn all that much because I wear other trousers and chinos a lot and I can't wear them at work. They need repairs right now and there are a fair amount of broken threads, but I feel that they have held up fairly well. If I had washed them more and if I wasn't so overweight while wearing them, the crotch would likely have held up much better. At my current weight/where my weight is heading, this should be less of an issue in the future. They've been washed 4 or 5 times now, but obviously I should have washed them a lot more than that by now, even with my inconsistent wear. I'm not one of those people who thinks you should never wash your jeans, I just get lazy about it. The 11oz (pre-soak) fabric is great for Cali weather and wearing a normal weight fabric almost feels a little strange now. The cut and the light fabric means the combs are weak, but my extra weight during most of my time wearing these resulted in some pretty good whiskers IMO. These obviously are not as beautifully fades as many other examples, but I'm pretty happy with them so far. I'm not sure if I'm going to wear them consistently after the repairs are done or if I make them a summer pair, but either way, they will still be worn.
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    New buttons for the Autumn/Winter 2019 production, these are a first for me, custom stamped in England from solid copper. This was my first time in a sheet metal pressing factory, very noisy, very exciting!: the dies themselves are CNC milled at the factory, in a clean room off the main floor: my buttons come in two sizes (small for shirts and pyjama trousers, large for coats and jackets) and a single die set was made with large and small next to each other. Sorry no photos of these, they were set up in the machine on the day I visited. Here are some other die sets, though: My stampings are very small, of course, but some of the big machines are incredible. This one stamps out license plate numbers for lorries and trains: By comparison, my buttons are much less hardcore: The copper gets fed in on a strip, and the operator sets the stamp going, pushing the solid copper in one side, and pulling the remains through the other side: and out plop some buttons: the scrap is the frame of the copper strip, little slugs from the button holes, and bigger slugs from the locator punch next to each button, these all get melted back down to make more copper strips: the buttons come out with knife-sharp edges, so they get tumbled to soften the edges and brighten the copper up, but they're not lacquered or otherwise finished, so they will tarnish really nicely with wear.
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    Dyed a pair of unborn socks (I think wool) in safflower a couple of weeks ago: Difficult to get the colors right with my phone camera; this is the closest I was able to get. Really happy with the results overall. This is after three or four days of wear.