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    Happy New Year everyone! Mister Freedom Ranch Blouse. Warehouse hoody. Ooe Yofukuten cinch OA01's. John Lofgren Combat Boots. Two Ears Brand bandana.
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    Grab yourself a camera and go for a stroll around your neighbourhood, within a 30min radius of home will be just fine, lets see the streets you walk everyday, the places you shop, the bus stops, no need for landmarks, the more mundane the better...as the thread suggests...? Here in Sheffield we have one of the largest poverty gaps in the UK, the city boomed during to the industrial revolution, imploded during the Thatcher government >further decline brought on by the outsourcing of the 90's. You can draw a line through my city, the rich/poor divide. I work in one of the most deprived areas but live in the West which borders our beloved Peak District, The Victorian houses built by steel barons trying to escape the cities pollution, Outside of London S10 is still considered to be one of the most affluent districts in the UK but we live in a typically working-class Victorian terrace house c1870 it's pretty much all we could afford in the area. These are the previously mentioned terraces albeit, ours is tucked away up a lane. ..Along the next street we go, Steve Beckett of Warp Records fame used to live up here, and Richard Hawley just a couple more streets away. ..the allotments at the end of the street Sheffield is the greenest city in Europe/has more trees per person or it did until Amey started cutting the f**kers down. Follow the river Porter up to Lady Cannings Plantation, for all your MTB needs Down to the park, typical Sheffield weather Just a stones throw from the working-class terraces, overlooking the park are the middle-class Victorian villas . . Heading up towards Ranmoor where red brick turns to olde'world stone This is the route i cycle to work . . Through the Botanical Gardens (like a mini Kew) . ... i pop out at our local row of shops JoJo's, find their vintage goodies on Insta Past local muralist and print maker extraordinaire Phlegm, lots of his work dotted around the city. . . . ...and back home. Go to it super-peeps and don't be afraid to photo-bomb.
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    We get it Ed, you don’t like John Lofgren. Leave that in 2019, it’s played out.
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    I saw an opportunity and jumped on it.
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    thanks and happy 2020 to all brothers here. may all of us get what we want. may E continue excellent design. may our acronym items live long....
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    Resolute contest also possible let me know
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    Starting 2020 nice and crispy, with Orslow and Roy. Happy New Year to you and yours everybody :)
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    I thought that was Volvo’s job???
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    The forgotten 48% - sounds familiar to those of us in the UK!
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    WTS J65-KM M 8.5/10 500 EUR ++ J36-S XL BLK 10/10 1450EUR ++ J61-GTV S TRIED ON for 1 min 1700EUR all in WTB J41-GT S/M J64TS-S BLK M P33-DS S
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    Thanks to @Wklcarl for being a man of his word and a Yoda to the community @chaosen for making things buttery smooth and being a pleasure to buy from Happy 2020 mates
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    Why not share some recommendations for denim related video content. Documentaries, commercials, interviews or whatever. Any juice out there? Weaving Shibusa to brad pitt/bruce willis 501 commercials, david marx interviews++
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    well done! I've missed out this year. I am away for work and was busy enough all day with real life to totally neglect about my e-life Ranch blouse looks terrific!
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    Was in taiwan for xmas ate tons of food drank tons of milktea and had fun with the wife and kid
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    The service costs once out of warranty are a bit concerning, found out the total bill yesterday for the repair and it's a bummer. Not as bad as I had expected though. Not jumping ship yet, but might be time to start thinking about a new car if this becomes a regular occurrence. Had an '05 Honda Accord before this and it was very reliable. Not sure if the connotation carries over as strongly in the US, I'd say more people associate BMW drivers as wankers but I could be wrong.
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    Price drops, also still have pants and t-shirts from previous posts. Looking to trade more than sell but open to either.
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    On that other forum where i used to hang out, i started a thread 'Show Us Around Your Neighbourhood' with a cap doff towards the tour threads.. often my favourite element in the tours is getting to see where you all call home, i mean travels are nice and'all but its the streets you walk everyday are which interest me the most... Ive been asked by a couple of folks to repeat the thread over here but a 'couple of folks' isn't going to make a thread. The concept will be.. grab a camera and take a 30min walk around your hood, everyone and anyone can join in, no need to go far, i'm not looking for landmarks here, the more mundane the better. If y'all fancy it, i'll get the thread rollin...
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    Thought it would be appropriate for me to finally post some fit pictures of my 710s... They're great as an everyday jean that just look "normal" (i.e. no-frills, regular leg length, not too tight/loose). In saying that, further down the track, I might look into getting a second pair with a slightly shorter inseam to wear on smarter occasions. My 711s have been tossed into the wash and have been put on ice for a bit while I enjoy these! They're a size 33x33 (I'm 170cm/70kg for reference). I think this is as slim as I'd go, so I'm glad I got these over the size 32!
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    SC11159 Down Vest. I enquired about this item on here a month back and there were no first hand responses as well as a shared concern about the fact it was produced in China. I used Buyee to pick up a “used” XL from Yahoo. My opinion is that this is a very well made down vest and I would say equal to the Rocky Mountain Featherbed version from Jackson,WY and the SC is 1/3 the price (Although I can find no info on the loft source for either). Like most US consumers, I am often skeptical of MiC but as BMW has long proved with their Chinese vs Austrian bikes, superior quality is 100% dependent on strong QC/QA and SC obviously did this with these vests. For example, the leather backing on the snaps and the excellent quality of the leather yoke and shell material.
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    SC-47's (Hard-Wash) . . . . .
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    Oh yeah, here's pics of my '76s. Haven't worn them in a long time, mostly because I need to fix the inseam around the hem as well as reinforce some of the fabric around the seat. I kinda hate the phone and wallet fade that developed, which is why I no longer sit with my phone in my pocket (to avoid the sharp corners rubbing too much) and use a "normal" bifold wallet sans concho.
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    Buckle up for a short(-ish) representation of a long journey How many photos is max per post? We'll find out... With my Pointer Brand Chore Coat that made the same 2-year journey: First gettin' dirty in Montana: Causin' trouble somewhere in Kentucky: Crackin' into some brews in North Carolina Levitating somewhere in Alabama Lookin' pretty in Arkansas Soarin' in Chattanooga, Tennessee!! Just a little lost, somewhere in Nashville Over a creek in Virginia (first time I saw some real evo!) En route from one place to another ... not sure where A mermaid I fell in love with in Florida Kayakin' with alligators and manatees in Blue Springs State Park, Florida Almost home at a truck stop in Montana Finally home, among my mountains Bein' a goof around my hometown Jeans lookin' JUICY after about a year and some change: A costume I wore in one of my last shows of college Start of the next tour! This one all over Montana Flyin' in Sidney, MT After exploring Makoshika State Park in eastern MT Hugging one of the 4,800+ students who I performed for over three months: If you made it this far, thanks for reading! This has been an incredible, formative, challenging and rewarding two years. I'm so grateful for my jeans, which have saved me from nasty bike wrecks, a piping-hot americano spill, and all kinds of frigid weather up here. Cheers friends