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    WTT: My P23A-DS small for your P31-DS small. Retail for retail +/- adjustments based on condition. Would PP each other the full amount and eat the fees. Trades only, not selling.
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    In my current search for a new pair of boots I decided to finally try out for size a pair I’ve always admired from afar, the Toys McCoys Surveyor Boots. I have to Admit that I love the way they look! But am not Sure about fit and comfort. A few observations: there is a bit less shiny and it appears in those pictures, which I’m glad for. Love the rivets! The tongue is a very thin sort of suede I guess, almost feels like fabric, which I’m not really a fan of. Also, the heel feels just a little too tall to me. Anyone know how easy it would be to get one of the lifts removed, while still retaining the cats paw heel? A few pics here:
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    I totally agree with you! Just a simple pair of jeans, no frills. Iam still washing my pair inside out but maybe I will change that for a future pair. And here to show that I totally have no sense of style but at least some nice leg twist!
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    A few more pics of the la6. Also - the p33 is really just the Rick Astaires but in DS.
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    Any specific month in 1942 Paul?
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    Showing some beginning evo in a dim livingroom a rainy november evening a couple of days ago. Nice to see everyones pictures!
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    ss20 New version Nomin - https://www.arknets.co.jp/item/A12_NOMIN_BACKPACK.html Demlo Overshirt - https://www.arknets.co.jp/item/A10_L07376600.html
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    Samurai hat and jeans, Trophy shirt, PBJ jacket, Vibergs
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    Just a shoutout to @chaosen, bought a NG7-PS off him, great comms, fast shipping, very pleased overall
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    I'd be interested in a 1942 cut, Warehouse would be nice
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    I think it might be worthwhile to mention that if we do a "pick your own jeans" kinda contest it might be harder to find a store/brand willing to put up with prizes. Making one order of the same model from a singular store, like the Ooe, TCB and Denimba contest makes it easier to get the stores on board since they already make some money from it. Not against it personally, but good to know if we go down that route. Personally I want to do a 40's cut this time. Preferably WWII-version. Don't think that's ever been done? I'm game for most ideas that has been mentioned but it would be a lot of fun if Warehouse felt like doing something a little special.
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    So far it seems like we could take this two directions: get a special pair made by whoever we decide (and is willing to make them for us), or wear existing jeans we already own. Y'all are all well aware that I'm always down for a new pair, but I also see the merit in just throwing in a pair that I/we already own. So far for the new jeans ideas we have the following as potential options. These are what have been thrown out, but I'm happy to edit this post with more suggestions. Sounds like we're leaning towards a 40's WWII detailed jean thus far from one of the following. Warehouse. Ooe Yofukuten. Roy. Freewheelers. Resolute. Tender. Denimbridge. Sugar Cane. We've also got to consider the viability of these makers wanting to make a special pair for us. So that's something to consider as well. Regarding cut, I think we're mostly looking at something looser/straight legged so far. Personally I'd love to do something where we could include a shirt as well as a pair of jeans, maybe a chambray or something that's easily wearable year round. While I'm here, I can edit this post to include a headcount so we have an idea on quantity. 1.) Broark 2.) b_F 3.) Maynard 4.) JDelage 5.) redragon 6.) Bartles 7.) Radiohead89 8.) bod 9.) NYCSurfer 10.) MJF9 11.) Superjackle 12.) Bobbo 13.) UkeNo 14.) eeejayaich 15.) Volvo 16.) maharu 17.) dau 18.) Paul T 19.) andrewrose 20.) Daf123 21.) propellerbeanie 22.) Spiraltoy
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    hey Karl! We are just considering opportunities for a new contest. Nothing set on stone as of yet. I would love to do a Warehouse co. jeans contest, I'll keep you posted if you are interested! It's going to happen and the sledge will be drawn by Ed. I look forward to whip him with fimrness and gusto. I will order an At Last co. whip, so he will be happy.
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    New arrivals from Standard and with the help of a hot wash and a dehumidifier, I am stretching these back into its original forgiving size. 2020 year of the OooooeeeeeEEE!
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    SC40304 after a few months of wear and 5-6 washes.
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    Evo Check: SExSC02 14.50z Double Ringspun
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    I'm a potential depending but will be an interested observer anyway. Preference is a pick your own jeans (have a Canes M-series and Lot 147 ready to go). However my arm could be twisted for a decent rise, voluminous fit as per the options above - especially if replete with contest specific features. Look forward to hearing how WH, Denimba and Roy conversations go.
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    10 years of SUFU and i still can't afford all the shit we talk about.
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    Merry Volvomas to all, and to all a goodnight!
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    Getting back into the denim game after a short hiatus and decided to get a few jackets to breathe some life into the collection. Picked up this Strike Gold Type ll SGJ50S and I’m loving it.
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    Only special thing necessary is a longer inseam. I’d love to spend a couple of years wearing standard WH jeans if they’d only cover my ankles…
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    I'd love that, seriously. Loose straight pleaaaaseeeeeeeeeeee
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    My vote is for anything with roomy thighs Warehouse could be fun. Never had a pair.
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    to live a thread a little up this weekend caught some good weather and went for a little walk in a suburb park (as much as I don't like the city I live in I can acknowledge that suburbs are really great) for sure lots of chinese tourists (more than 2 hours wait time to get inside palace) so better run away from them some flora is still green but mostly fall in all its glory and some wildlife
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    mcnett seam sealer works pretty well