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    Thanks for a great ride everyone! A few more pics are up on my blog: http://indigoveins.com/tcb-20s-contest-jeans-update-3/
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    Washtime! Ok, I am wearing these today. Alongside a LVC duck triple pleat I picked up via SuFu, for around $100. You should be able to click on any of these any magnify them a fair bit.
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    also this beautiful adventure ends ... thanks for your blue company!!
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    Denim and newborn from about two weeks ago. Second pic shows current status of back left leg crinkles, after yet another wash. Lets see what a second kid will do to me (and the way my pants will fade)
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    X-posting from the final submission thread. Thanks for a great ride everyone! A few more pics are up on my blog: http://indigoveins.com/tcb-20s-contest-jeans-update-3/
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    Ebbets field - The Hill-side - Han Kjøbenhavn (note the pocket size and placement ) - Inverallan - Lvc ‘44 - Clarks.
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    Wish I could have had more wear out of them but most of the jeans were starting to hang on by their last thread all in all around 14 months of wear and probably around 30 washes.
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    My Final Submission. Cheers from the Wasatch Front!
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    bum bum bum @yabyoshi final submission...
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    this is the final submission by Kamei Senpai from Japan
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    Why does Okayama Denim and Denimio have zero stock on a lot of their listings? I've ordered from each of those companies once 4 or 5 yrs ago and haven't bothered going back because they're always out of stock.
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    Out collecting leaves and whatnot for an autumn nursery school project Real Mccoys jacket Warehouse hoody Conners Sewing Factory ww2 s409xxx Converse jackstar Best of the conkers we found
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    Thank you Volvo! I raised raw denim for the first time in my life. I was fascinated by the fun world of denim.Love denim.
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    That patch is in such lovely condition despite the fact that your jeans are just fantastically beat up. Great stuff!
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    Blacksign Red Cloud Indigo Camping Trailer
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    Thank you for the kind words! Going to make some tweaks to get it to function a bit smoother, but with a month of use it's holding up well and can easily manage 24 beers, a few kilos of rice, and some snacks. Will update with more! I shamelessly made a repro/alt 3A-2(TS) this weekend, nothing too special and not a lot of thought on my part, but sight unseen I tried to roughly duplicate the bag. This iteration instead has a TS inner belt as opposed to the pocket (didn't know the size or functionality of the pocket so I figured something modular would be easy and work well with keys, pens, knives and whatever else) ~sorry for my complete inability to do clean binding around the bends, I just don't have the skill nor the right sewing machine setup.
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    Final submission by yours truly! I am sorry I haven't been able to wear these jeans as much as I want, mostly because of a massive weight loss that made the fit look different from what I was after.. Anyhoo, I love them and will keep wearing them too, of course. Front view Peasant sashiko repairs plus the amazing texture of denim, love the vertical falling on this. Legendary Tcb roping, de rigeur More 5 yrs old repairs Choof Choof Love the plain selvedge
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    Whoever has the Lee licence in Japan needs to make a repro of these early ww2 101’s those iron rivets .......