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    Well I think it's about time for me to retire my favorite Buzz chambray. Noticed the other day at work that one elbow was blown out, then I noticed that both were blown out! Worn since 2015, I'm likely to get another one if I don't find a different brand to try out.
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    Yup, exactly what JDelage said above. He asks for money up front with no guarantee you'll ever get what you paid for. But if I paid 400 bucks for some jeans that I had to wait 5 years for, meanwhile the guy is prioritizing other projects then I would feel conned. My point is there are other options out there that are just as nice with the guarantee that you'll get your stuff. I just don't understand why he doesn't cut off orders and clear out his backlog. That's what Ship John does with his Willis jackets and what bespoke shoemakers do. Probably because the 400 bucks you spent 5 years ago is long gone and he's gotta keep it up somehow. At the end of the day it's your money, you do what you want with it.
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    Just your typical photo shoot in the elevator after work. Stevenson Overall/GB01/Shoes like pottery
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    Some in-person impressions of several of the pieces from this first release: J61-GTV: I have never been particularly enamored of any iteration of this coat, so I didn't bother to try this one on. Looked fairly similar to the -WS and -GT versions which I had seen / tried on during previous releases; obviously your mileage will vary if this is a style you like. Didn't look like anything drastically different from the earlier iterations to me, though. Admittedly I am not the right person to ask for details about this one. J79TS-GT: This is a very boxy cut, much larger for the tagged size than I would have expected. My friend who usually wears L or XL in Acronym jackets could easily fit into the M on this; for my own frame I think it is a bit too large (5'9" 125lbs). The front pocket array is interesting, but doesn't feel like it would be as useful as the J1A to me. I did like the look of the hood, despite not usually liking jackets where it cannot be detached or stowed. J29-PX: This looked better in person to me than in the photos. The fabric doesn't seem as translucent as the previous -PX coat, and the fuzzy lining in the body was an unexpected (and in my opinion, nice) touch. The collar in folded-down blazer mode is a little questionable given the thickness of the fabric, but I think it looks pretty great standing up, and I like the pocket array on this one. This was the one piece I actually ended up purchasing, though I was tempted by a couple others. J65-AJ: I liked the general look of this pattern in the -AJ material quite a lot. The silhouette flares outwards noticeably in profile (not actually pictured in any of the official product shots), which on my frame looked a bit funny -- it's not a particularly even flare, either; it gave me sort of an artificial paunch. On someone with a sturdier build where this fits more tight to the frame, I think it would look really great, though. Definitely more interesting to me than the boiled wool versions of this jacket from the earlier season. J77-AM: This was the piece I was most tempted to purchase aside from the J29. I tried it on over a black buttondown, and it looked great. The hood is not bulky at all, so I didn't mind it being attached to the sweater. My favorite detail was the shoulder pockets; they give it a bit of an aggressive silhouette without being over the top. I don't know how this would look with something other than a long-sleeve black shirt under it, and the price feels a bit too high for what it is, but I did quite like this one. P34-*: I was a bit torn over this one. I tried it on in the -E fabric, which I liked a lot and thought was suitable for the pant -- I own a J33-E, which is a nice pattern, but I think the -E fabric probably works better for pants than jackets, though this is a personal preference. I didn't try on the -S version but probably wouldn't personally consider it, since I own a lot of pairs of Stotz pants and liked the lighter feel of the -E fabric. I also really liked the tapered silhouette of the ankle, which broke at just the right height for me wearing sneakers. However, the waistline on these pants is very large -- impossible for me without a belt, and if I unclipped my belt to go to the bathroom I'd have to carefully hold them up, which isn't something I'd really like to worry about in practice. I also found the cargo pocket array a bit overwrought and somehow uninspiring. I would be very interested in a version of this pant without the cargo pockets though (or at least without the zippered pocket on the left), and a smaller waistband for the tagged size. NG5-AK: I didn't put this one on, but this was very soft and comfortable to the touch. It is quite wispy; seemingly moreso to me than the long -AK neck gaiter with the "2-part hem" from a few seasons back as I recall, though I could be misremembering. Kind of expensive for what you're getting though. I didn't get to see the hat in person, but assuming it is the same fabric as the J65, I think it'd be quite cozy. I don't wear a lot of hats though, so I don't have strong feelings on the style.
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    At the end of the day it sucks because his work is great and honestly I haven’t found any other jeans that fit me as well. I’ll say what other have said. It’s his business model not his craftsmanship that are the issue. Here are two of my favorite pairs. Both from 2014 or 2015
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    Some good wear on that shirt Broark, by all means get a replacement but take that one to a tailor and have them make it into a short-sleeve version for summer wear.
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    Mend it with some sashiko greatness!
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    On the way to my parents. contest jeans, asics, white t
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    I’ll stick with Roy, Ooe, and other reputable American and Japanese makers who are putting out better product. And when you give them money you know you’re actually going to receive the product you paid for. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    PBJ Sashiko Type3 Merz b. Schwanen PBJ SLB-019 Veja V-12
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    Levi's Japan 71507, Made in 1995. The fabric is quite plain, but buttery soft.
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    Shot of my 55 LVC rigid last year. Natural wash/freezing over night during a cabin trip.
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    Grocery bag~ If anyone ever does want to help orchestrate group purchasing of anything from tecsys, to XV 5230 buckles and beyond I'd always be down to take part (though of course logistics will be a nightmare)
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    Stussy x levis Stussy Denimba contest Yuketen x heschung
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    Wts P15-S xl green $599 shipping at cost
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    Journal Standard (outer), thrifted t shirt, Resolute 710, Sagara capital (longwing)
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    If only SC were still tabbed. A green CANES on the early Hawaiis...Love it.
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    WTB: 3A-5TS, black. Open to years/materials. WTS/WTT: P15-CH, night, L, very good condition (minor fading around phone pocket) — $550 3A-13TS, black x-pac, barely used, with bag/sheet/box — $1000 (if/when I find a 5ts)