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    Mended the left thigh a few days ago. Before: After: Back:
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    Just got 60s jeans in the mail. I have a pair of 50s as well and am excited to rock these, really loving the fit. These are one-wash and are pretty perfect. -- how much further shrink might there be left in these? Obligatory macro shot:
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    slam jam x sisp aw '19'20 promo
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    Journal Standard (outer), thrifted t shirt, Resolute 710, Sagara capital (longwing)
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    celebrating site pics uploading function back online hat muji logo tee radio sayhi shirt outlier merino pants p24-s kicks reproduction of found Russian trainer
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    ...taking the orders to the post office with my best buddy. ODLO/DRKSHDW/AOKU/HAMCUS/ROGZFORDOGZ/Y-3
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    Norse projects Regards x Detaj J1AGT2.0 ACG hoodie S8C 3A3TS/3A2 P23AS Vans
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    This weekend I was in Gothenburg for my best friends wedding. Didn't have a lot of time to visit stores and so but we managed to grab a cup of coffee at Da Matteo before the wedding started. The gbg001 are so nice and already shows some signs of wear.
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    Here are some pictures of my 15oz Kuroki Charles Atlas that I've had for I believe 2 years now and my workshirt that I've had since Christmas.
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    Got me a pair of nearly new 1901s from 2004. Pre and post soak fit:
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    Gave my LVC '66s their first dose of water today. LVC 1966 (Cone Mills denim), 36-34, purchased November, 2017. Worn 100 days raw and single cuffed. That is total wear, not consecutive wear. I did a 20 day stint, a 50 day stint, and a 30 day stint, over the space of about a year and 10 months. I don't keep anything in my back pockets, except the occasional piece of paper, and very rarely my phone (but only while standing). I keep my wallet in my front right pocket. I carry my keys on a carabiner clipped to my right belt loop. First wash/rinse details: Cold tub rinse (estimated 75-80 F "cold" tap water) with 4 cups of white vinegar. No soap. I just wanted to finally shrink them, cut the body oils and bacteria with the vinegar, and rinse out most of the dustiness so the fade lines would pop better. Alternated soaking and hand agitation, both inside out and right side out. Used wash cloth on interior only (and did not scrub very heavily). Approximately 45 minutes total time submerged. Air dried outside on clip hangars. Measurements (inches): New (never worn) – pre wash - post wash Waist (both halves held in alignment): 36 1/2 – 39 – 36 1/2 (7 percent stretch and shrink) Hips at halfway point of front rise: 46 – 46 – 44 1/2 (3 percent shrink) Thigh at crotch: 27 – 27 – 26 (4 percent shrink) Thigh 2 inches down: 26 – 26 – 24 1/2 (6 percent shrink) Front rise: 12 1/2 – 12 1/4 – 11 3/4 (2 percent shrink from raw to pre-wash – 6 percent shrink from raw to post-wash – 4 percent shrink from pre-wash to post-wash) Rear rise: XX – 16 – 15 1/2 (unknown shrink from raw – 3 percent shrink from pre-wash to post-wash) Knee 14 inches down: 20 – 20 – 19 (5 percent shrink) Hem: 17 1/2 – 17 1/2 – 16 3/4 (4 percent shrink) Inseam: 33 – 32 1/2 – 31 (1.5 percent shrink from raw to pre-wash – 6 percent shrink from raw to post wash – 4.5 percent shrink from pre-wash to post-wash) Pix: When new: Post wash (note that the slightly brown dusty spots you see are from the wooden fence, not stains): Pretty nice whiskers forming: The back: Honeycombs are very mild, but I really didn't want to wear these much longer before washing. Roping is mild too: Part of the reason I wanted to shrink them now. The front cuff creases were starting to abrade. I don't mind this so much how it is, though, and it hasn't actually broken all the way through the warp yarns yet : And the one fade mark that is perhaps a bit out of the ordinary. I am pretty sure this is from my keys hanging from my belt loop: Obligatory wash water shot. These left a rather turquoise dye in the water – quite a lot of green in these that I never really noticed when wearing them.
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    putting this pair back on for a week or so while i'm in singapore. rotated with red cloud for indigo invitational on FB..
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    latest update on mine. The thighs are so weak now a new hole appears weekly. I will try and wear them till the end of the comp then get them repaired one last time. After that they will have to retired as work jeans
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    I spent a few days last week helping family and friends on Green Turtle Cay, Abaco in the Bahamas with the aftermath of hurricane Dorian. It was a depressing and rewarding experience. Wore my FH1001 every day and definitely needs to be washed.
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    type 1 denim jacket / wabash pants / rafheoo footwear
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    Oni’s had to get another wash and back over to SelfEdge NY for repair this weekend. So this is where we are at so far. Mike
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    WTS 3A-MZ3 BLACK O/S - 200€ Full Pack. new 10/10 condition - SOLD
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    @Megatron1505 Thx for the update & info. You're dearly missed around here. Any idea if there will be another contest, sponsored by someone, i.e. IH? There are a couple other comps that have popped up recently, but I've committed myself to seeing this one through. Not sure what I'll do with myself if I don't have another contest to wear one pair of jeans for I now regret not getting a DWC2 comp tee shirt, just for down-the-road-nostalgia.
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    Not a problem man, although this contest is my retirement from contests, organising or competing. I spend most of my life in “business” attire these days unfortunately. The contest end is November 1st btw.....should have mentioned that in the other post.
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    Reminder..... So at the end of the contest I will set up final submission threads on both Superfuture and the Iron Heart forum for those still competing to put forward their final set of pictures, plus any information regarding their jeans that they may feel is relevant. After this I will do a full review of the contest threads to ensure that only people who have actually “competed”, by posting regular updates throughout the duration of the contest.  The final step will be to set up an email address for contestants (and only contestants) to submit their votes for the winner, I can verify this through my email list.  The timescale will be…. - One month after end of contest to submit final pictures - One month after final submissions for voting - Up to one month (probably less) for vote counting and issuing of the final prize. The prize pot will be awarded solely to the winner, no second or third prizes, and the pot stands at £703 (after deduction of Paypal transaction fees). Good luck to all still playing, Mega
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    I gave these 2 washes in the past two weeks. It's been about 2.5 months since the last wash. I've been wearing them steadily throughout the summer, double-roll cuff high-water style. They were filthy with sweat, dirt and grime. They felt gross to wear. A wash inside-out as usual didn't get the face clean, so they got a 2nd wash right-side out. Not sure how many washes, about 15+, and 15+ months wear. The crotch has a full-blown hole. It aids in the air flow from ankle to the boys. I prolly won't bother getting them repaired. This denim didn't shrink that much from raw, but it stretches out a lot after a hot wash + dry. They fit me great fresh the dryer, but after a couple of days they stretch out almost a full size and are really too big. I'm just wearing these for the contest, and once it's over I prolly won't wear them again. The color in most of these pics is washed out. The faded areas aren't quite that white IRL, and they aren't that contrasty.
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