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    Ah gotcha, lemme help you out with a reliable seller. https://acrnm.com/products/P32-DS_SS19
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    celebrating site pics uploading function back online hat muji logo tee radio sayhi shirt outlier merino pants p24-s kicks reproduction of found Russian trainer
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    Just flew to Warsaw to travel to our Polish plant Waiting at the airport for the taxi
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    Norse projects Regards x Detaj J1AGT2.0 ACG hoodie S8C 3A3TS/3A2 P23AS Vans
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    The Flat Head Orslow Resolute Sagara
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    F310 7.5 months 5 wash
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    “All images are able to be viewed publicly as of 9/20”. this is 2 days before the drop not weeks or a month out. I think it’s safe to say everyone can relax with these images. If you haven’t noticed with the j1a 2.2 and p30a, the reselling game has changed a year ago vs what it is now and people are noticing. It’s less appealing to front 2k for one article of clothing when more product continues to circulate in the market with each upcoming season. if hotoveli entrusted these images with certain individuals and those individuals breached their trust and actually caused a leak, that would be a different story than them simply providing that link to anyone who asks.
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    Ever wondered what a tank looks like that can contain 1.5 million litres of apple juice? Well here they are! The small ones in front just contain 200.000 litres and are used to blend the juice to be prepared to be shipped off
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    ENTRY SG TIJUANA LEVI'S 70550 DENIME 25th anniversary SCARPA Margarita GTX
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    So we’re still talking about this. you’re missing my point. I’m talking about hotoveli giving a “leak” 2 days prior to a drop and not whatever timeline you had mentioned whenever before their announcement today which is why this information was important and not just ‘bullshit.’ If that snitch email i was referring to a leak from a month ago your repro argument MIGHT make sense but 2 days before? How quickly can fashion fucks create and make these or plan the pattern making for these items within a 2 day span. For the most part they can’t even begin manufacturing or planning for these since they need to get their hands on the actual product first, create patterns, source materials, then figure out manufacturing. My guess is that 2 days is negligible which is why getting sour for hotoveli giving out the link to pics 2 days and crying about a leak is getting old. #endrant
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    Lol who tried to snitch
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    This steezydz man lurked for 7 years, came out and busted his load with a leaked pic dump. What a guy...
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    I understand the excitement, I think we all share that, and the last thing I want to do is play stoke police. But I really feel that the preview was not released to the general public, for a reason, and that we should respect those reasons.
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    Imagine copping a $2k jacket and knowingly literally nothing about it. :clowns:
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    Whoever has the Lee licence in Japan needs to make a repro of these early ww2 101’s those iron rivets .......
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    This weekend I was in Gothenburg for my best friends wedding. Didn't have a lot of time to visit stores and so but we managed to grab a cup of coffee at Da Matteo before the wedding started. The gbg001 are so nice and already shows some signs of wear.
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    Seriously, we need to stop posting these leaks on the threads. Share it with your friends through DM or people you trust. Now the lurkers/resellers will be eating.
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    The hood isnt going to change much by sizing up. Sleeves might a little but now you're facing a whole different fit.
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    My height is also 5'11" (180cm) and weight 163 lbs (74kg) and for me the Medium works (at least I hope)...I probably could wear the P30A in Small as well, but the look and feel for me is great or?
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    I spent a few days last week helping family and friends on Green Turtle Cay, Abaco in the Bahamas with the aftermath of hurricane Dorian. It was a depressing and rewarding experience. Wore my FH1001 every day and definitely needs to be washed.
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    No.1 red selfedge No. 1 gatagata No. 1 tiger selfedge
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    Oni’s had to get another wash and back over to SelfEdge NY for repair this weekend. So this is where we are at so far. Mike