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    The G-003s did indeed work out! They're a little on the loose side but it's not too bad, if I had gotten the 31 I probably would be worried about them shrinking too much come wash time. The taper on this cut is no joke though- I'm lucky I'm shaped like I am or this wouldn't work at all. The warp has some serious slubs in it, feels really nice. I'm super excited to have some double indigo too.
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    The Samurai shirts' pockets are based on ones from a vintage 1930s-40s Uncle Sam cigarette pocket shirt, basically their take on the cig pocket shirt after Big Yank led the way starting in 1930 with their Flyer model. AFAIK, Uncle Sam kept using this pocket style into the '60s: Here you can see how it functions as a pocket-on-pocket design, with the cigarettes meant to go on the top pocket and thus kept away from a sweaty chest:
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    with no warning or introduction, here is a pair of SExSG24 I've been wearing for about a year and a half. I think they've seen something like 2 or 3 machine washes to this point and an increasing number of diy repairs. back in 2016 when these were first out I happened to be in NYC and stopped by self edge to check them out and was blown away by the fabric- if there's anything else out there like it I haven't seen it. the next time I found myself in new york I made a stop again and picked a pair up. these were my first and so far only pair of the strike gold but all the details are so great I can totally see myself getting another pair. I always liked the look of the mud dyed fabric...
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    Boarding a flight Vintage Harley Davidson hat Glad Hand tee Gangsterville Glad Hand shirt Gangsterville Glad Hand jacket Trophy 1607 BH oxfords no vis Edit: here’s a better pic including the 1607 and detail on the Gangsterville shirt emblem on the pocket (Their theme this year is based on pool hall hustlers).
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    If it fits! I’d love to make my own version of this, maybe after my next couple of products are out.
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    I want this but don’t smoke. Maybe use as phone pocket? Haha
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    I have to agree. I just sold my last Volvo 240 a couple weeks ago , I should perhaps change my nickname to VolvoTheBest or maybe cut it short and call myself TheBest.
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    latest update on mine. The thighs are so weak now a new hole appears weekly. I will try and wear them till the end of the comp then get them repaired one last time. After that they will have to retired as work jeans
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    edwin denime xx type duffs
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    fit pics mandatory!
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    they look great, and to me it proves my suspicion that most of your stuff is perhaps one size too small (for my taste at least). this look is already more balanced than many of your other fit pics in my eyes, an xxl in the chambray would be the icing on the cake. sorry for the unprovoked opinion!
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    during college I made a bunch of friends on a study abroad course from their home university outside of shanghai, and in 2017 I took a trip to visit them- these R425XX were the logical souvenir courtesy of taobao. I find the cut a little low but otherwise I've been really pleased with these. the fabric's got a lot of character that comes out more and more with every wash, and in terms of construction they're among the best I own. it seems like these are a little easier to acquire online than when I was last watching the denim scene closely, so hopefully more people will be able to get their hands on these.
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    Dry Bones // MF Lot 74 // Vsvm Gabo
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    Super quick shipping from Speedway, lovely jeans! Will try to get some fit pics later, might need a hem on these as they're really closer to a 34 inseam vs. the 32 label. Nice straight leg fit, plenty of rise. These will be great with my engineer boots in the fall. And the rivets are as sharp as advertised.
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    Shout out to @awex for a smooth transaction. Thanks again.
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    It's a little weird and not my thing, but I appreciate how 3Sixteen has tried risky stuff (leopard prints! Bucket hats!) outside the minimalist street-work aesthetic. They have a good balance between their flexible core collection of items, and more ambitious seasonal stuff. I've been re-reading this thread and feel awful for how much I bash the "repro" brands. I love Full Count now, my 1108s are awesome jeans not because they're a "reproduction", but because they're an extremely well-done rendition of a classic, traditional jeans aesthetic that goes with anything. I also came around on Warehouse and like their marble-y fades, so I'd be game if somebody puts out the 800 in a 34" (or longer) inseam. Something like CSF is probably taking things a bit far for me, though, particularly considering the high cost. I think FC, WH, Denime, Resolute etc. have a very natural yet detailed fade and aesthetic that crosses the boundaries of season and fashion style, and you don't really get that from slubby/slack weave/super heavy denim that can feel very connected to one aesthetic. I would like to see more denim nerds wearing those brands with varying styles, like Japanese slacker ivy, that are a bit outside the standard moc-toes-and-work-shirts look. Flipping through Full Count and Warehouse's lookbooks provide some nice inspiration, and I wish I'd seen that years ago before I pigeonholed those brands into the construction and railroad look.
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    Does Han have a partner or is he a Solo operator?
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    First day wearing the 43's and I feel like they're almost too baggy. Front looks good, back (top block) looks really big.
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    Guess it's been about 6 weeks now, worn every day so far. And some other random photos of stuff I've been up to!
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    Found these pics digging around on the berberjin blog archive ( I do this a lot ) First up is a 506xx from around 1933 , what makes it particularly interesting is the NRA tag ... rare enough to see (a pic ) one attached to some 501xx but I cant say I've ever seen one attatched to a type 1 jacket Next is a dual coloured stitched s501xx
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    No.1 red selfedge No. 1 gatagata No. 1 tiger selfedge
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    Here's one of my guys from SENY having some fun...
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    Had to wash the contest jeans, so I pulled out the mystery jeans for the time being: Stussy x LVC SDA mystery jeans Birkenstock Bostons
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    Outing with the family. Cold again but sunny. Ebbets field, Todd Snyder parka, EG scarf, APC sweatshirt, Universal works OCBD, LVC 66’s and Clarks.