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    They came out a little shorter than expected, but figured I'd role with it. Obviously cuff doesn't make it any better haha. Here is a fit pic of mine!
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    Most of the "fades" are probably just dirt from the home renovation
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    Well here are my jeans about six weeks in and worn for about five weeks in total. Since I haven’t posted in a while I also bring pics of beer and feet!
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    I love my 1607 and I’ve been wearing them every chance I get.
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    thumbs up to @eyesolation & @Zeocrymer for the smooth transaction - highly recommend
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    Boarding a flight Vintage Harley Davidson hat Glad Hand tee Gangsterville Glad Hand shirt Gangsterville Glad Hand jacket Trophy 1607 BH oxfords no vis Edit: here’s a better pic including the 1607 and detail on the Gangsterville shirt emblem on the pocket (Their theme this year is based on pool hall hustlers).
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    Couple of recent reflections: - Full Count's 13.7 oz. denim is really great, and my 1108s have aged much faster than I expected. Only downside is not much honeycomb action. - One-washes that include machine drying suck. The inseam on my 1108s looks like a mess, part of it might be somewhat poor construction but I think that mostly the rough one-wash and machine dry damaged the 100% cotton stitching. Lots of spots where the chainstitch has busted, and a few other loose threads around the crotch seam. - My Eternal 811 have the best one-wash I've encountered. They were fully shrunk (no additional shrinkage after a wash), and had a very stiff feel right out of the box, just like I'd done it myself. - Aside from the back pockets, my Samurai S710s I bought back in 2012 have held up incredibly well despite the cotton thread stitching. No inseam thread breakage. - Out of the Japanese jeans I've owned, I actually think my Eternal 811s have the best construction. Can't find any real flaws, very neat construction on the inseam in particular. Maybe the back pocket stitching is not quite as good as Flat Head or Full Count. - Jeans with a hem of about 8" have become my ideal, because they look good with both sneakers and boots, and are wide enough to accommodate engineer boots.
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    Super quick shipping from Speedway, lovely jeans! Will try to get some fit pics later, might need a hem on these as they're really closer to a 34 inseam vs. the 32 label. Nice straight leg fit, plenty of rise. These will be great with my engineer boots in the fall. And the rivets are as sharp as advertised.
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    MJF9, nice jacket, good fit!
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    503zxx in action ... Told him we were going to the park but his patients isn't great ( that sour face )
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    @MJF9 Lovely jacket mate
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    very nice MJF. but still very hot for 21oz....
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    Decided to keep them and took them to SESF last weekend to get hemmed. Going to pick up tomorrow so finally ready to join you guys! Still need to lose a few pounds to make them more comfortable haha.
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    CSF ELMC Equus Roy Lofgren Vintage sunnies
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    The wait for my Lofgren Devil's Causeway boots is almost over! Some leather production issues kept causing delays at Shinki, with the leather being so unique they were getting too many big variances from hide to hide or something along those lines. Mari from S&S just sent me an email yesterday saying that the first batch of boots is complete and my pair happens to be in that batch.
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    ^ ha... perfect hoody for Sufu anonymity!
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    Here's one of my guys from SENY having some fun...
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    C'mon, I want to see that hoody zipped up over the model's face.
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    Iron Heart United Athle Samurai Visvim
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    4 weeks wear. Will get their 2nd wash this weekend
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    CONE Broken Twill Work Jeans 3 weeks one wash
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    While we're on the topic of the Red Cast denim, here's a couple of recent photos of mine. They don't get much use now as I'm fading something else, plus my thighs have gotten a bit big for them while they still fit properly everywhere else. They still hold a special place on my rack, and the fabric is a thing to behold. They've had slightly over 6 months of effective use and probably 6 machine washes in that time, creating a rather low contrast fade. They are still holding up very well in just about every spot apart from the bottom of the cuffs and a loose thread on one of the back pockets. Some folk have had issues with their pocket bags blowing out, but not in my case. Just look at that texture.