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    I've been using the 3A-5TS from last year as a work bag almost everyday since I got it from it's drop. Thought it would be the bag I'd use for the next 5 or so years, but then along came the 3A-5... Here's a little writeup of a comparison between the two. For a little context, I commute to work by bike everyday and have to carry a 15 inch laptop, a change of clothes, and an extra pair of shoes. The size of the 5TS and 5 perfectly fit my needs, but the differences on the 5 were surprisingly helpful. The obvious differences are the roll top lid and the two giant fixed pockets in the front. My biggest gripe with the 5TS was that anytime I wanted to grab something from the main body, I'd have to pop open 3 buckles and refasten them closed all over again. The roll top feature solves this nicely by reducing the buckles I need to fiddle around with to 1, and also stowing away the excess material of the flap. Much easier to grab something from the bag with the top rolled in when the bag is still strapped tight to yourself. The two exterior pockets are a nice addition to the bag. I had the first generation xpac 5TS before getting last year's, and a feature I missed a lot were the two built in zipper compartments on each side of the bag. With the newer 5TS, I tried to recreate these by sticking two MZ1's vertically on each side. The exterior 3A-5 pockets hold much more than the MZ1's ever could, making the MZ1's no longer necessary. The mezzanine pockets behind them are really useful as well and serve as a nice little spot to store items you'd like to grab quickly without having to fuss with any buckles or zippers. Despite the lack of TS, the attachment loops on the 5 work well if you still want to expand your storage. Though the website only demonstrated you could attach a MK1 and MK3, I was able to attach my MZ1's without any issues. While I opted not to use the MZ1's anymore, I've attached a DSPTCH glasses case to 1 loop, a key charm to another, and a grimloc carabiner to another to hold my keys. A surprising change was the inclusion of two smaller inner zipper pockets as opposed to the single pocket of the five. Though a seemingly minor change, it helps partition my smaller items nicely. Although the single pocket from the 5TS is larger than one from the 5, the combined volume of the two smaller pockets is greater. Here's to hoping including two of these pockets becomes a standard and not just unique to the 5. There are some subtle differences you might miss that aren't obvious in the product shots. The lid on the 5 is reinforced with 3 sections that helps act as a guide to properly fold it in. It also helps give it a nice solid shape and structure, making the 5TS lid feel flimsy in comparison. Another small difference is the left and right buckles on the 5 can't slide up quite as high as on the 5TS due to the stitching on the thumb-break closures for the exterior pockets. This slightly restricts the expansion of the 5 vs the 5TS. I'd often pack my 5TS to the max fully expanded for weekend to week long trips. Though the difference is small, I'm a little worried for when I'll have to pack similarly with the 5. Despite the suggestively simpler name, the 3A-5 is in many ways a worthy upgrade to the tried and true 5TS. The 5 solved most of my gripes with the 5TS and will probably be the bag I'll use for years to come, unless Acronym and Bagjack manage to find another surprising way to improve the bag again (which I'm sure they will). Hope you all enjoyed my sincere writeup.
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    Hey Superfuture, here is the message I have received as recently as 1 minute ago - There was a problem uploading the files -200. I have always simply uploaded photos from my Ipad Pro library with no problems until this error message began to appear.Thanks for looking into it.
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    Friday feels. Went for dinner last night at Bov here in Gothenburg. Best napolitan style pizza here in town. Devoured Today's special before I remembered to take a picture of it but here's the other two. Picked up a TCB cap to go out of this contest in complete TCB-style. And yes, a bandana from Two Ears Brand too. Lovely stuff from Ooe Yofukuten and Bandanna Almanac. Washing the jeans tomorrow. More updates after the wash! Have a nice weekend y'all.
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    WTS: J47R-GT size large. No spec sheet but has baggy. $750USD shipped/invoiced worldwide. Feel free to send me an offensive lowball xx.
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    Left : Sepatu Compass Right : Rafheoo Footwear
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    time is short .... we are getting closer to the end of the race!!
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    No, sorry... we only do collaborations if the brand has the time and resources to produce a new denim for the collab, no point in just slapping our name on an existing fabric and calling It a collab, and SDA has its hands full with their 40th anniversary collection. We do have a few special things in the works with them currently, but not a collaboration jean.
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    My first post here but a relatively long standing Warehouse wearer and forum lurker... Just ordered some one wash DD-1001XX's to replace my Warehouse Montgomery Ward's, pictured here. I'm pretty happy with them as they are so am taking them out of regular rotation. 2 years of every day wear and countless washes and then a year or so of rare wear. I have some Clutch Cafe Warehouse 700C's in a 33" that I'll be selling if anyone is interested. I love them but I should have sized up. Unfortunately, as only 50 pairs were made, my size is no longer available. The same scenario with some Warehouse 800s in Ecru, again, if anyone is interested. Both worn very, very little - especially the 800s.
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    Not a problem man, although this contest is my retirement from contests, organising or competing. I spend most of my life in “business” attire these days unfortunately. The contest end is November 1st btw.....should have mentioned that in the other post.
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    Reminder..... So at the end of the contest I will set up final submission threads on both Superfuture and the Iron Heart forum for those still competing to put forward their final set of pictures, plus any information regarding their jeans that they may feel is relevant. After this I will do a full review of the contest threads to ensure that only people who have actually “competed”, by posting regular updates throughout the duration of the contest.  The final step will be to set up an email address for contestants (and only contestants) to submit their votes for the winner, I can verify this through my email list.  The timescale will be…. - One month after end of contest to submit final pictures - One month after final submissions for voting - Up to one month (probably less) for vote counting and issuing of the final prize. The prize pot will be awarded solely to the winner, no second or third prizes, and the pot stands at £703 (after deduction of Paypal transaction fees). Good luck to all still playing, Mega
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    In the last warm days, fresh air is expected next week.
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    Kapital RIng Coat // Kapital no.5 // Visvim Gabo
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    I gave these 2 washes in the past two weeks. It's been about 2.5 months since the last wash. I've been wearing them steadily throughout the summer, double-roll cuff high-water style. They were filthy with sweat, dirt and grime. They felt gross to wear. A wash inside-out as usual didn't get the face clean, so they got a 2nd wash right-side out. Not sure how many washes, about 15+, and 15+ months wear. The crotch has a full-blown hole. It aids in the air flow from ankle to the boys. I prolly won't bother getting them repaired. This denim didn't shrink that much from raw, but it stretches out a lot after a hot wash + dry. They fit me great fresh the dryer, but after a couple of days they stretch out almost a full size and are really too big. I'm just wearing these for the contest, and once it's over I prolly won't wear them again. The color in most of these pics is washed out. The faded areas aren't quite that white IRL, and they aren't that contrasty.
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    Went back home to Lindesberg, a small rural town, last weekend for our annual football tournament me and my friends have played the last 15 years. No pics of that rainy day but I did take a nice walk around the lake.
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    had an Australian chef tasting menu in Moscow: the cat: at a Jazz Club in Berlin: the cats: another weekend in Berlin: the cats: bought a bunch of flowerz for the wife: all of that while wearing the contest pair!
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    went to Styria with friends for my wife's birthday: the cats: killed 2 bottles of whisky with friends in Moscow: the cat:
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    very nice updates everyone - seems like everybody has had at least a little bit of a break and some summer! here is my random collection of summer pics from Moscow, the occasional Berlin weekends, a weekend in Styria, obligatory cat, bottle kill & food pictures and also some flowers... had to go to Berlin to bring back the cats from summer camp at the grand parents place - relaxed weekend breakfast on the balcony before flying back to Berlin: went to Berlin for Selvedge Run & Seek - breakfast with a friend from Moscow: another weekend in Berlin with the girls - Sake tasting: you get the idea...
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    TCB // Indigo People // Lady White // orSlow // Red Wing
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