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    We should change this thread name to Vinegar, Blunders, reflections and general nonsense.
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    3A-2 arrived today. Not exactly a new piece, so I doubt I have much to add, but it’s interesting to me that these bags haven’t been updated at all for current technology in the way that the pants often have been. The pocket within the main pocket of the bag isn’t really big enough for most things—pens, maybe, or keys, but it’s a bit too snug for a phone or wallet. The strap is also very, very long, but for those lefties out there, the entire bag can be flipped around by taking the strap out and switching it around. The black x-pac is nice, though honestly I’m all about the olive—both my 3A-1 and 3A-5TS are olive, and it’s aged really well. But I guess olive doesn’t sell as well as black does?
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    @kicks79 OK. Good humor. ;-) I used to spend alot of time in Cuba shortly after the fall of the Soviet Onion. As most readers know, a healthy black market system is often necessary and thriving in communist countries that have strict rationing. A few times a week, a guy would walk through the neighborhoods making quiet deliveries of...you guessed it...Vinegar. Cubans cannot do without coffee, rum & vinegar. In such communities, there is no other female personal hygeine products available. It is an ideal cleaning agent and has been for centuries. Make fun all you like but I have yet to read anyone else offer a better suggestion on how to remove mold and bacteria from your clothing with less damage...and that seems like a pertinent topic for a forum dedicated to followers of fashion...Lol
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    Just received it after buying it from eBay. It's going to be my 2nd Copeland. It looks great. 24 units made only!
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    First day of wearing the contest jeans. I soaked them first (changed water once during that soak) and then put them in the machine for a quick rinse program. Seeing how rigid this denim is, I tried to avoid any marbling at this stage. Here are the fit pics after wash. A bit blurry, sorry.
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    I don’t come by these parts much anymore and have nothing to add here, but I’m glad to see the thread I started over 12 years ago is still kicking! Edit: I will add that I’m still rocking a 10-ish year old 3A-5TS and it hasn’t popped a single thread. It’s been my EDC for over a decade. Terrific bag and truly bombproof.
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    Little update after a week of wear, creases are setting in nicely. Had a company boat party this week, the jeans were not worn on the boat. After a week of wear the creases are setting in nicely, still trying to figure out the cuff situation. I think the smaller double cuff works, but I'm trying them out uncuffed this weekend.
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    Flat Head. PBJ. GBG001. Main Mountain Moccasin.
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    Stetson RayBan SDA t-shirt SC belt double LVC flipflops
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    Still summery weather here in Sweden but cool enough for pants today. Wearing Ebbets field, lvc (linen/cotton) lvc’33 and cons 70’s. ...and guys remember it’s always important to slightly match your outfit with the barn door in front of which you have your fit photo taken!
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    Gave these a wash. #1 Tiger Selvedge, lot 2000, bought from @Flash Super-grainy denim, knobby denim, somehow. Really interesting.
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    bout to attach 2 jacketslingæ to my mp1 and make the most adorable back 2 school backpack, thanks errolson
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    @indigoeagle I wrote a DIY on mold within the last few pages. It was for denim. Usually mold appears in more than one garment so the fact the odor is only in the t-shirt might suggest its something else like bacteria that causes body odor. This used to be more common in tech materials like nylons or polyesters but they now have anti-microbials embedded in the fabric. One option for this is a “Sports Wash” type laundry detergent. I think these products release the bacteria to be rinsed away but don’t actually destroy the bacteria. If that doesn’t work, then a spray bottle with only white vinegar sprayed on the inside of shirt around the pits can actually kill bacteria. Spray it in and leave it 30 minutes and then place shirt in a regular laundry cycle to wash out the vinegar. Try a small dab on the material first to make sure its colorfast if other than white.
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    I don't own any of their jeans but they seem decent. The measurements for the standard kojima are perfect for me. But, i'm on a denim buying hiatus because I simply don't have enough legs to wear all the jeans in my closet.
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    Anyone else unable to upload pictures? I’m getting an error code -200.
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    Hello guys! Mine was waiting for me when I got home on thursday! Picked them up on friday and washed them to get some shrinkage out. Wore them the first time yesterday and they fit like a glove(in a good way)! Super happy with them. Going to post some fit pics later on, seem to have a problem uploading at the moment. Thanks to @Bobbo, denbimbase and the Göteborg Manufaktur crew for creating these!
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    And they fit! I'm really glad. Still room for some shrinkage. Quick and dirty pre soak fit pics. Probably won't soak them before tomorrow because I'm still busy doing stuff
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    I don't understand why people wash their jeans while wearing them... Wearing wet clothes is so uncomfortable (for me, at least).
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    Looks like plumber-core is the natural progression for acg. Full lower body protection and kneepads, when you have to go deeper.
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    Triple denim 3sixteen Uniqlo Momotaro
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    Kapital / Resolute / Chucks 70s
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    Got my jacket yesterday, and it is amazing. I love pretty much everything about it. I'm slapping myself for never trying any RMC stuff before now. Here are a few quick fit pics. I really like the fit on this jacket. The boxy fit works much better for my tall-and-thin body type than biker-style jackets that have to fit pretty snugly to look good, and never seemed to fit right on me. The sleeves and body length are just right, and I have good mobility through the shoulders, which has been an issue with many jackets (not just leather) I've tried over the years. The construction quality is just beautiful and I love the stitching on this thing. I dearly missed the wonderful appearance, feel, and smell of veg-tanned Shinki horsehide, and look forward to breaking it in. The only complaint I have is that an interior jacket pocket would've been nice since my phone is a little too tall to fit in the front pockets with the flap down. But I realize this is a historical reproduction thing and original A-2s didn't have pockets like that, so I won't complain too much.
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    Made in Bulgaria seems pretty disappointing. I know that something being made in the USA doesn't necessarily mean it's of higher quality, but it would have been nice to continue cutting/sewing the rigid pieces in the US. I mean, the price increase and different denim origin don't really add any sort of appeal to LVC jeans anymore. Maybe I'm being silly... I don't know.