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    I uploaded the video about AOKU (re-recording of the moscow presentation I did in the VERISIUM x ITEMS.MAGAZINE talk. Involves superfuture so I am shamelessly placing it here too.
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    Another confirmation that the denim now comes from Japan On another note, I just wore my LVC 1976 yesterday and I really have to say they are great pair of jeans. The fit is a bit strange with the high front rise in comparison to the lower back rise and the taper starts pretty low on the leg so the jeans are very wide at the knees. But the denim is just great and not boring at all: hairy, a tad irregular with a steel-blue indigo hue.
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    Grailed boys need to realize the market has changed. Not nearly as much hype as a few years ago; trying to make a profit off this stuff is going to lead to stock that just sits and sits and sits. Case in point: all the J1A-GT 2.2s just sitting there for weeks...
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    I have a pair of indigo dyed sashiko and canvas trousers purchased a number of years ago. They are really cool with a few very interesting details. The last photo shows a side seam I’ve never before encountered likely a result of the seam between the sashiko material and canvas. The sashiko appears to be knee reinforcement but it is full sashiko, not an overlay of the canvas. Can anyone identify the brand by its logo as shown in the first photo? Jonathan, from Bandana Almanac, may have helped me with the purchase. Tezomeya keeps coming to mind but I can’t connect the pictured logo with them. Any help in identifying the brand appreciated cause it’s driving me nuts! edit: just received word from Jonathan, the brand is Koromo
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    My original plan when I was in Tokyo was to buy a vintage pre 1960's ( long L ) 91j but after hitting the vintage shops of harajuku I struck out . Luckily McCoys is just facing Marvin's and i called in to see if i could find something along the lines of a 91j ..... again i was unlucky but i did find this awesome chore jacket Nothing like aaaaa 91j but I really liked the look of it And the fit really worked out perfect , looks good with a shirt and still has enough room for a thick sweat
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    I have both and the 1001XX fits a size larger than the 800XX. If you want more room in the waist and thigh and don’t mind a slightly larger leg opening the 1001 will work for you. The banner denim also shrinks and stretches more than the 14.5oz denim, so it’s really easy to get a comfortable fit. Check the latest measurement chart from Warehouse though. The newest run looks smaller in the waist than previous runs.
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    Price drops, rest as above. J34-GTPL - $1300 shipped in US. J41-GT - $900 shipped in US.
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    $1,800, no lowballers.... 3A-1 XPAC retailed for $1280 btw
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    Made in USA hardware and hidden upside down "R" stitch for Railcar. https://railcarfinegoods.com/blogs/news/womens-donna-high-waist
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    Gutsy move modifying such expensive pants but they look great! And it's nice to see someone making it their own.
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    What’s up guys, finally had enough time to post my P24A-S, SS18 that I had tailored. I was inspired by a pair of Stone Island pants from a few seasons ago. They were made with an inch of elastic placed on the back half of the hem. And with me being 6’2, my pin roll could only be two rolls high. Which led to the pin roll unraveling over a short amount of time. Unless I wore boots or high top sneakers, then I could roll 3 times and it wouldn’t be too short. So after dealing with the sloppy roll for about a year, I finally researched someone I felt comfortable with; not only tapering them and adding the elastic, but also bringing in the waist a total of one inch. I felt even more comfortable after showing him the complexity of the pants and then him confidently stating the specificities of the work needed to be done. For the waist, he would have to undo the 2-3 layers of the reinforcement fabric and then simply cut and adjust from there (He said afterwards that was the most difficult part). For the taper, he started right under the reinforced knee and ended with a 5”/5.5” opening (I forget exactly). Either way it’s a pretty tight fit/taper. So much so, that without the elastic I wouldn’t be able to take the pants on or off. Which would make the referenced SI pants closer to a 6” opening. Even after having my confidence built up enough to trust someone with a pair of $1000+ pants, when picking them up I felt a little nervous as to what the outcome was gonna look like. But upon first sight, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. The up close details; the stitches, straight and clean, reinforced in the right places. The back of the waist band where he cut into, all of the layers of fabric look as if they hadn’t been ripped apart and then meticulously put back together. The joining of the elastic and cotton (even though I took my SI pants home with me) looked exactly like the joining on the SI pants. Oh and the kicker, I forgot to discuss this with him beforehand but he mentioned that he noticed how tall I was, so he didn’t cut any away from the hem. Simply just pressed, tucked and stitched down the existing hem, as well as the extra fabric from the tapered leg. That’s important to me because when it comes time to recycling the trousers, I can mention to the next owner that the leg can be reverted to original (but why would I give these up and why would YOU undo this perfect fit ;). So as you can see from the fit pics, they drop perfectly now. Without any pin roll, the silhouette from the tight waist, down to the arched out hips and then slowly tapering down from there into the 5.5” taper, culminate into the perfect “wide” fitting pants. For me at least. Tired of typing now, so if I missed anything I’ll edit. But if you live in NYC, my guys name is Atef and the company name is Tailoring NYC, highly recommend. Enjoy the fit pics.
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    Wanted to give some love to the OG camel duck Flight Trousers, they only get better with age <3 Railcar socks are $5 right now!
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    Head over to grailed with those prices bruh
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    I have more than enough LVC for my needs so I’m just enjoying what I have now rather than lusting after new items. My 37s are a good weight for the current heat we’re experiencing in London.
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    Ive wanted a duck triple pleat for years but missed it the only time it was on offer. I am lucky enough to have the duck pullover, though, and I suspect my natural indigo 1880s will last me a decade (by which time they might show some fading).
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    Jonathan (aka Bandanna Almanac) is making some pretty amazing looking bandannas with Ooe under the brand name Two Ears Brand, I’m going to buy the blue one!
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    Weekend sorta look Bronson / Tender / Orgueil / Cane's / Chaco
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    Everyone loves the 02 fit but I can’t get past how small the knee measurements seem to be. What gives?
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    Arguably my favorite jeans of all time, the 1702XX contest jeans. Don't wear these much as they need quite a few repairs at this point, but I decided to wear them today and it reminded me how much I love 'em. Can't wait for the next contest!
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    My 1607 came in. Fits like the Levi’s 501. The texture isn’t as gritty as my other Trophy pair, but overall the fit is great. Not too narrow and full in the thigh. If anyone here is looking for a 501 style fit, these definitely do it. The only thing that sucks right now is I have to send these to get hemmed. When I lived in NC, I could go down the street to get chain stitched hemmed in Greensboro. if anyone knows of a place that can chain stitch hem in Virginia, post it!
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    Almost on page two again, can't have that. Went to celebrate our womens national football team and their bronze in the World Cup last week. Crazy lots of people and impossible to see anything at all. Back behind the stage you can see the arts museum in Gothenburg. Think I've posted some paintings from the museum, Rembrandt etc, earlier in the competition. The statue infront of the stage is of the Greek god Poseidon. Also went to see Metallica for the first time in a decade. Decent show and a blast from the past. Except that, I've mainly just been hanging out at the sea as of lately and sipping coffee. Gothia Cup started yesterday, the biggest football cup in the world for youth teams. Got a perfect view for one of the fields from my office. Quick shot of the TCB 20's after their latest wash
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    adding p10a-e full set size m olive nice condition wearing 10 times washed 1 times 1180 usd shipped and invoiced