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    Warehouse Vintage Levi's Warehouse Warehouse
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    real mccoys pherrows hollows ooe yofukuten lofgren
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    a chilly fourth of july on the northern california coast archival effector warehouse hollows OA red wing
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    Sassafras SF-10484 fit, detail pics remain to be taken…eventually
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    Hello from Thailand. Hardly worn my Boncoura 66 since April summer months. Been sticking to the looser Orslow Dad's Fit 101. Boncoura 66 Bought on 05/06/17 Bought at Steps Tokyo 5th washes and tumble dry at a local laudromat
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    JBCD0563 coming along nicely after 3 months:
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    Here's a front/full length from 2.5 years.
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    @Pedro I thought I had a front pic and full length to go with this shot from February, but I guess not. A tad over 3 years in rotation with 1 or 2 other pairs.
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    These are mine after about a year of wear and washes about once a month or so. https://imgur.com/a/saItK
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    RMBL NewBoysCap /Houston Shirt/TCB 20s/VibergxIH
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    Triple denim Coincidental triple triple letter acronyms RMC CSF TCB + RW
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    First non rainy day in a while so I figured it was time for my first post American Optical TCB 30s Knickerbocker Anderson's 3Sixteen Shoes Like Pottery
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    I got a pair of loose pink selvedge Edwins off eBay a while back. They were marked as part of the Vintage Collection but I got for their wide thighs and straight legs. Much thinner denim then most of my collection which makes them comfortable for london in the summer.
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    His outfit was way cooler Woody Toy Story tee vintage 503zxx Jordans
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    Triffer hat Telnyashka Tcb 20s Excelsior
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    too good a backdrop to pass up... tcb / specsavers / lvc / tcb / gardening-tier clarks
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    Iron Heart 3sixteen Samurai Visvim
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    this is a used and faded pair of Somet 008 size 27 that I just got from Poshmark (the slouchier brand-new ones above are size 29). I love them so much. They fit better than any of my other jeans and they're so soft. I did a temporary crotch repair. It would be funny if someone here faded these for me! I think I am going to soak those size 29 new ones in hopes of shrinking them just a little....if the inseam is the only place where I get any shrinkage it would still make them a little more likeable.
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    MiUSA head to toe: happy 4th!
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    New to me 3sixteen jacket, it's a slim fit but I like it, wouldn't normally wear it buttoned up tbh
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    X-post from WAYWT A little fun today with a new denim I've just picked up : Resolute 711. Got it second hand in an immaculate state. Had a little surprise when I got it as It's Hand-signed by Hayashi-san in 2016 in Shinjuku (Bears??) <3 That baby is wide tho, 22 leg opening for a size 31. A little bit out of my range of comfort but I'll make it works I don't normally wear my shirts tucked but had to try once. Orslow/Uniqlo/Resolute711/Converse
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    Fit pics after a warm wash and a short trip in the dryer.
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    here's my annual update - tried to clean up the list, but I guess I have to make a proper attempt at documenting everything later this year... Boncoura XX W32 Cinch W32 Bowery Blue Makers Type-LB Authentic Pleated Blouse S40 Type S Authentic Straight Fit W32. Type SO Authentic High Rise Straight Fit W32 Bru Na Boinne BNB13N W32 Conners Sewing Factory 1942-45 S409XXX M-WW2 San Francisco W36 1946 S409XXX M-46 2nd Half W34 1947 S409XXX M-47 W36 Dawson Denim DD01 W33 (pre-arcs) DD11 W33 – Dawson & Dry British Ltd Edition Denime #71-94-0077 W33 – Lee 101 type #178-56513 S44 – Lee type jacket Dry Bones CDP-555 W32 – Guitar Wolf Eight-G 804-XX W32 Eternal - エターナル 872 W32 877 W30 54727 W32 – Persimmon Evisu 2000 No.1 Gatagata W35 FullCount 1100-10 W32 – WWII, 08 cut, 16.5oz Australian cotton 1101NA W31 1105NA W32 1108EX W32 1108XX W32 1108PH W32 – Signet edition, wild cotton mix 1108R W33 – Rough #1331 W32 – Persimmon, xx01 or xx05 cut #1768 W33 – Sweatshirt pants #1823 W34 – Corduroy pants, 08 cut 1921 W32 1922 W31 #2858 S38 – Persimmon Iron Heart IH-634S W33 IH-634-LB W33 – Duck IH-803 W32 IH-527J size L Iron Heart/Take5 IHT510 W32 – Basically a IH-634S Kapital Century Denim Cisco 5P W32 – Persimmon TH Zipang W32 Kicking Mule Workshop 1950 AWA W32 1950 AI W31 Hickory Stripe W32 Oni - 鬼デニム ONI-0211 W32 ONI Awa Shoai W31 – BiG 1st model Ooe Yofukuten 41B-0418 W33 – 1890’s Hercules OA01XX-0614 W34 OA02XX-0714 W34 SOA03XX-0814 W34 Ooe Yofukuten/Standard & Strange SS-1702XX W34 Pure Blue Japan (PBJ) - ピュアブルージャパン AI-002 W32 XX-007 W34 – Deep indigo XX-010 W32 – Purple face #6066 Type 2 S4 – Deep indigo #6077 Type 2 S3 #6081 Type 2 S4 Pure Blue Japan (PBJ)/Lightning Magazine PBJ*Lightning W33 – Sample, maybe XX-005 or slimmer... Pure Blue Japan (PBJ)/Take5 TPJ-510 W32 – Basically a XX-005 Real McCoy/Joe McCoy Lot.001 W30 Lot.001XX W31 Lot.003 W31 S613 W32 901 W31 Roy Slapper RS00 W32 R01 W32 – Test Lot Toys McCoy/Take Lot.135D W33 – TMP1209T5 Red Cloud R424XX W32 – 1st Edition R424XX W31 – 2nd Edition R424BE W32 – 3rd/Tupan Edition S400 W31 5500-A W32 – Worker Pants R by 45RPM Nando x Nando W32 Rising Sun Jeans Blacksmith W32 Blacksmith W32 – denimBro/MoneyBag/modern version R.J.B. (Real Japan Blues) D105LTD-09SS/FW W32 D105S-10FW W31 D105-11LTD W31 D105-12SS W33 D105-13SS W31 D105-14SS W32 D105-14FW W33 D105-15SS W33 D001 W33 D001 LTD W32 – from 2012... DD001 DHM W31 D002 W33 Samurai Jeans - サムライジーンズ GA510 S02 (115) – Lot.04, no selvage MS0500XX W32 – Sumo series S001JP W32 S001JP-F W32 – Wool S001JP-H W32 – Bamboo S0110XJ W32 – Lot 8 S0111XJ S44 S0120XJ W33 S0130XJ W32 S0210XJ W32 S0222XJ S42 S0500XX-15TH W32 S0510AI-OGSP W32 S0510CO W32 – Corduroy Pants S0510XX-10SP W33 S0553XX S42 S0555VX-15TH S42 S101JP S42 S111XJ S44 S500OG16oz W32 S5000-KA W33 – Persimmon S5000AI-10SP W34 S5000AI-OGSP W32 S5000BKB W32 S5000GX-S W32 S5000GX-T W32 S5000VX W32 S5000VX-15TH W32 S526VX-L-15th W32 S551GX-K S40 S553GX-S S42 S553OG16oz S42 S554GX-T S40 S555GX-M S40 S711VX W32 SJ42CP W34 – Chinos Samurai Jeans - サムライジーンズ)/Denimio S510XX19oz DMO W32 – Denimio Contest S710XX-15ozDM W33 – Moscow Edition Samurai Jeans - サムライジーンズ)/Take5 Samurai Jeans * Take5 S40 – Type 2 jacket SJC Denim Yard Boss W32 Stevenson Overall 737 W31 747 W31 767 W30 Story River Denim Jeans W32 NI x NI Jeans W32 Strike Gold 5103 W32 5105 W33 Studio D'Artisan (SDA) - ステュディオ ダ ルチザン DRT-010 W33– SDA Osaka Store 10th anniversary SD-103XX W32 SD-D01-30 W32 – 30th anniversary SD-D01J-30 S40 – 30th anniversary SD-D01-35 W32 – 35th anniversary SD-D1538XX-B W33 SD-D1589 W36 – Corduroy SD-D1596 W31 SD-D1673 W33 SD-D1677 W34 SD-D4187 S42 SD-D4254S S40 – Lee type jacket SD-G-001 W33 SD-SP-06 W32 SD-SP-028 W32 – Heritage, 40th anniversary SD-SP-032 S40 – Heritage, 40th anniversary SD-X's-31 W32 – Black Pig SD-X's-36 W33 – Black & Blue SD-X's-37T W33 – Dirt Blue Studio D'Artisan (SDA)/Double Volante 沖-515/OKI-515 W33 – Champloo/Double Volante 沖-515045/OKI-515045 W34 – Champloo/Double Volante 沖-815/OKI-815 W34 – Champloo/Double Volante Studio D'Artisan (SDA)/Double Volante/PantsShopAvenue AVENUE-005XX W33 Studio D'Artisan (SDA)/Take5 TAKE5-010 W33 SugarCane (SC) - シュガーケーン SC40100 W32 SC40105A W31 SC40200E W34 SC40285 W32 SC40285 W33 – Persimmon SC40300 W31 SC40302A-xxx – various dyes… SC40382A W33 – Persimmon, boot-cut SC40400 W32 SC40500 W31 SC40510 W32 – Begin, hard wash SC40701 W32 SC40801 W32 SugarCane & Mr.Freedom - ミスターフリーダム SC41215 Lot.64 W32 SC41293 Lot.64 US W32 – Uncle Sam/California Surplus Edition SC41336 Lot 64 OK W32 – Okinawa Edition SC41565 Lot.64 E W33 – Presidential Election Edition SC41678 Lot.64 BB W33 – BB (buckle back) Okinawa Edition SC41729 Lot.64 ORG W34 – Organic Cotton SC13434 Lot.74 Cowboy Jacket S40 – NOS Cone TCB – Two Cats Brand/Taking Care of Business 20's cut W33 – SuFu Competition 30’s jacket S42 50's cut W32 – SuFu Competition 60's cut W32 Tender Co. Type 132 W32 The Flat Head (TFH) - フラットヘッド TFH 3005-A W32 TFH 3005 W32 TFH 6002W S40 TFH 6003W S44 The Flat Head (TFH)/R.J.B./Take5 TR-010 W31 – Basically, a TFH 3009 in RJB denim Warehouse/Heller's Cafe/Lee Archive HC-035 W31 Lee x Warehouse 101 W32 – Cowboy "Triple Name" Lee x Warehouse 101B W28 – 1930 Cowboy Lot 800 C/L W32 Lot 1001 W31 – 20th anniversary Lot 1001 C/L W32 Lot 1001XX W31 – 1997 WH Flagship Store Edition Lot 1001XX W33 – Izumi Edition Lot 2001 C/L S38 DD10 W32 Lot DD-1003XX W33 – 1945 Lot DD-1003SXX W34 – 1943 Lot DD-1004XX W32 – 1922 Lot DD-1004 W34 – 1937