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    sweaty-uk-'mericun-casul tcb / russells
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    real mccoys pherrows hollows ooe yofukuten lofgren
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    My 50s slim update. Trying to sun fade them this summer by just leaving them outside in every condition. Well see how they turn out!
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    Finally fit pics of my 507XX.
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    Warehouse Vintage Levi's Warehouse Warehouse
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    Hello from Thailand. Hardly worn my Boncoura 66 since April summer months. Been sticking to the looser Orslow Dad's Fit 101. Boncoura 66 Bought on 05/06/17 Bought at Steps Tokyo 5th washes and tumble dry at a local laudromat
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    Got my Valencia st ‘55s hemmed by the guys at Göteborg manufaktur. They did a stellar job.
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    I've f'd up jeans by washing them right-side out. Since learning the hard way, I now wash my jeans inside-out and have not had any issues w/ that kind of marbling. I set the spin to low speed, and take them out after about a minute or so of the final spin cycle. There's always a short spin between cycles, so no matter what you do if you machine wash there's always that to consider. Top loading washers w/ an agitator are harsh on all types of garments. Some denims are more prone to marbling no matter what you do. My IH-888_NT's which are made w/ the UHR 21/23oz raw denim, loose dye faster than any other denim I've had and they have developed quite a bit of marbling all over. Other pairs which have a ridiculous depth of the dye saturation, like Samurai 25oz and TFH 20oz, have not had any marbling issues.
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    Last week ebay found.506xx jacket from 1996. 9of 10 condition .Happy me!
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    Back from a couple of weeks in the cottage in Strömstad, close to the border of Norway. Been a real lazy vacation, but at least I have a few photos to show. Took the boat and my bike one day out the Koster islands, mainly to eat lunch at Kosters gardens, a lovely place where they grow pretty much all their ingredients and have great beer and wine.
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    ^nicenicenice crinkles there foxy [and lovely lanscapes] x-postin' from waywt [oversize and buckets fo' life]
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    Iron Heart 3sixteen Samurai Visvim
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    After wearing a pair of one star almost everyday for the last two years, I decided to bought a 990v5. It's becoming one of my best purchases in recent years. Super comfy and really good arch support (well at least for my feet) Cameo action from the roping effect of my freshly hemmed again tcb 50s
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    Aloha shirt. Made of 100% ramie (a super-luxury natural material) and inspired by Chōjū-jinbutsu-giga, the oldest work of comic that was painted around twelfth century or thirteenth century by unknown painters belonging to the Kozan temple in Kyoto. It is Indigo Nassen Dyed. https://redcastheritage.com/collections/studio-d-artisan
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    Not the prettiest work but it'll do for now.
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    Picked up this OrSlow military shirt from Independence while in Chicago. Honestly surprised that I took a 4 in this, always imagined I'd be a 5 in OrSlow shirts and jackets. At the time it was out of necessity as it was cooler than I'm used to, but in reality it's a shirt that I've wanted for a long time. Excuse the dog photobombing the shots.
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    I know as previously discussed, Skull is not really in high regard anymore for a number of reasons, but I really like these 5507xx. One of my favorite fitting pairs. At 113 days, one hot soak, one wash. Coming along nicely.
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    Unworn 105s compared to a pair of worn 107s, both size 2. Worn in rotation for perhaps 11 months, not counting breaks for other pairs. Took the pictures in march, when the sun came back to sweden after a long absence, but never posted them.. Barely wear the 107s nowadays, mainly due to the tight calves. 105s patiently biding their time..
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    All this resent activity in this thread made me pull out a resent purchase. I’d nearly forgotten how these type of jeans felt after a few years of jeans in the vein of lvc and tcb! Quite a wide fit on me and need to be hemmed but I can’t complain as I got them for about $30.