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    Want to get a pulse on the community: Is it bad form to buy a size you don't wear as a trade chip for a garment of correct size? I'm of the opinion that it is—but I'm salty at these clowns that bought L or M P30A-DS trying now to trade for a S or XS now.
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    if you sized incorrectly or believe you could've pulled it off i can understand with a one size difference but if you are buying a large trying to trade for a xs then yeah it sucks(unless the sizing is really big)
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    I agree with you, let people who actually wear the size cop. There’s no point in sitting on an item in hopes of swapping on grailed or here. I’m getting real tired of all these WTT posts in the sales thread as well.
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    The time apart has made the heart grow fonder. Really loving them now. Might even get another pair (but sizing down 1).
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    Hey guys! I notice that the customs information has been pretty widely disseminated. I also haven’t seen much mention of the small donations to unicef that I’ve requested. I don’t give a fuck about y’all scumbag reselling all the rare shit to the “community”—just be slightly less shitty and spare some cash for charity.
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    Ebbets field, Ally Capellino backpack, Gant rugger, ww2 era belt, tcb60’s and Vans vault (non vis).
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    RMBL NewBoysCap /Houston Shirt/TCB 20s/VibergxIH
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    Who wants my Roy collection? We’ll start the bidding at 10k.
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    Last week ebay found.506xx jacket from 1996. 9of 10 condition .Happy me!
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    I got a pair of loose pink selvedge Edwins off eBay a while back. They were marked as part of the Vintage Collection but I got for their wide thighs and straight legs. Much thinner denim then most of my collection which makes them comfortable for london in the summer.
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    His outfit was way cooler Woody Toy Story tee vintage 503zxx Jordans
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    Triffer hat Telnyashka Tcb 20s Excelsior
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    too good a backdrop to pass up... tcb / specsavers / lvc / tcb / gardening-tier clarks
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    Iron Heart 3sixteen Samurai Visvim
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    My 50s slim update. Trying to sun fade them this summer by just leaving them outside in every condition. Well see how they turn out!
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    this is a used and faded pair of Somet 008 size 27 that I just got from Poshmark (the slouchier brand-new ones above are size 29). I love them so much. They fit better than any of my other jeans and they're so soft. I did a temporary crotch repair. It would be funny if someone here faded these for me! I think I am going to soak those size 29 new ones in hopes of shrinking them just a little....if the inseam is the only place where I get any shrinkage it would still make them a little more likeable.
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    Wear them 3-6 months first before soak them. They are perfect fit. If they are too long cut them a little bit or cuff.
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    WTS: J61-WS sz L, black for EDIT: going to keep
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    Letting go for retail after duties. HMU
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    Workman shirt in Gunpowder Tea from the Sportsman collection. A wonderful, somewhat hefty HBT fabric with very low color fastness - this thing was dark grey/deep green until I washed it initially and then wore it a lot. As with almost all MFSC shirts, it’s really too long to be worn untucked, but it’s the only way I roll when not suited up:
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    This thing is comfortable, I'm all in on it lol. Driving just became 10 times easier with a denim jacket on.
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    WTS/WTT: P30A size large Brand new, tried on only. Don't think drop crotch suits me. Located Australia.
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