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    Outing with the family. Cold again but sunny. Ebbets field, Todd Snyder parka, EG scarf, APC sweatshirt, Universal works OCBD, LVC 66’s and Clarks.
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    Got stuck in a downpour last night, so the jacket got a little impromptu soak.
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    Cross post from the DWC thread. Since November 2017. TFH 1001.   
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    No1 Lot 2000. Two years, fourteen washes, I think. Please click here for lots more photos!
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    Swiss Jeans Freak has got himself some competition... I think??? The Horror, the horror...
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    My TaoBao share: Denim Jacket from Labour Union. Have to say, they are very well made!
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    From the attic... Must be 20+ years old, not worn in about the same Presumably a standard model tho some nice features inc the woven arcs and partially lined back pockets Clearly from Dad washing days Happily they still fit albeit not the same loose fit these days Now going back in the attic...
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    A little more RED retail madness for your contemplation.
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    Memorial Jeans almost due for another wash. The Black Seed denim is slow to fade but worth the time. My belt is causing a weird little hole to develop right on the fly:
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    Sounds like they're finally switching over to continuous filament insulation over short staple insulation. Hopefully, that means the Mionn won't lose its loft as quickly then, but we'll have to see.
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    Boncoura 66 Bought on 05/06/17 Bought at Steps Tokyo 4 washes and tumble dry
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    Here’s a rough pic of my La Jolla’s from camping in the redwoods. I sized up on them.
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    xpost return from repairs..
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    My daughters Acne selvedge. The puckering is intense on these.
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    От шва Лобного кротча до клапана мне показались очень шаткий.
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    I know English badly, and the majority will not understand Russian. Therefore, I will answer questions. Jeans are bought through ZenMarket, the Japanese intermediary, in j-e-a-n-s.net shop. I will load other photos tomorrow.
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    Crappy iPhone pic... Sorry! The Real Mcoys OOe Paraboot
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    Lofgren/ELMC 1954XX Few months of wear with a handful of washes, love this thing!!
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    Imo, stotz pants always have a better fit than dryskin. and stotz feels equally, if not more, comfortable as dryskin. the only issue for me is fading.
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    Almost 100% cheap peasant made in taobao, only the tezomeya tee ruins it. No brand white watch cap Bii free flannell Bob Dong 47 cut jeans Leafeel socks Heathen Yuks
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    my father is quite a fan of Engineereds: I think he had a dozen of them in last 10 years, always manages to find deadstock pairs. Got one pair from him that fit me good - they were pretty much ok everyday pair for a student. Also remember having Levi's with red top button, they were of some greencast indigo color, but surely of a more normal fit so not sure if they were this REDs. I'll try to search both pairs when visit my parents next time..
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    Yarn Dyed Wefts: •Momo 202SP •Samurai 5000AI-10SP •r by 45rpm Fujimon •PBJ 007XX