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    Columbia knit / Vintage Sierra Design / RT / 44xx / Off the Walls
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    WTB: J1A-GTV Medium Below items are available for trade but not for sale unless otherwise noted. I can provide pictures to anyone that actually has a J1A-GTV and is interested in trading for any of the below. Since I am in the camp of people that wear their clothes, most of the below have signs of use. However, I like to think I value them fairly (i.e. all below retail, some significantly so). For trades, we will invoice each other the agreed upon value of our items and pay necessary PayPal fees. DM's asking for outright purchase will be ignored for now. J53TS-GT / Med (first gen) - Good condition, used but minimal signs of wear. J40-S / Med / Black - Patina in high wear areas, light patina overall. No rips/tears/stains. Also will sell for $750 USD net to me. Pictures on Grailed listing. J1B-S / Med / Raf - Light overall patina, more noticeable in high wear areas but no rips/tears/stains. J56-S / Med / Black - Light fabric patina in high wear areas. Hood notch had a small tear, which was repaired and patched by bt4d. Patch is black stotz (different weave). Again, will value fairly for trade. P10A-CH / Small / Night - Fabric patina but no rips/tears/stains. P24A-DS / Small (first gen) - Some light wear in high wear areas, but no exterior rips/tears/stains. The bottom of one deep pocket was not fully stitched when I received it. Repaired by b4td. Additionally, on the interior waistband, the stitching that holds the waist reinforcement to the waist band came undone (its one small stitch at the belt loop). Repaired and reinforced by local tailor.
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    I usually avoid wearing acr to work as I’m a metalsmith, but got some nicely worn in p24s and have been enjoying some design time as of late bags a repro i made with x10 to see how the cotton duck wears, it’s very much a sleeper as it looks like a canvas military bag on the outside, full laminate on the inside. otherwise j47a-ws, ss-j2, p24-s tables by withers&grain
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    Well. This is quite good . Have selected something very nice - enroute to me now.
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    From experience I found that Sams usually stretch back out to their pre soak size.
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    for the most accurate answer, you better email: [email protected] its better to be exact accurate as anything wrong might ship to a wrong address. These things change all the time
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    Hahahah....... I cant stop laughing. Oh..... is that what you do for living. Here's a penny, such a talented clown you are. I hope the circus gives you warm bed tonight
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    Good questions but first of all i don't have to answer any of your questions. Secondly, when you mention the word anal fissure, clearly you are the one who needs the appropriate medical attention. Its understandable, when someone's having mental illness, he/she will think everyone else's insane. Subconsciously, you are actually asking yourself those questions. I am just curious after all those education, someone would actually say such things to another human. Those words only come from the mouth of a low life. No matter how educated you are. Those words expose who you really are lol
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    I am guessing if new P10A is made of fabric same as Nike ACG cargos lastest edition. How can he find Alpha Green? Thats the question.
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    Atlast atlast merz atlast ace western alden
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    Price Drop and Some sold item
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    Looks legit to me. If you see the goretex pro grid lines inside the jacket. image quality was poor but you can still see them.
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    Update. Thank You dolvn for smooth and quick transaction.
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    WTB P30-DS Small full pack J28-K olive or green small full pack preferred Possible trade item J68-S S black full pack new J68-S S raf full pack new LA6-DS M full pack 9.5/10 J47R-GT full pack 9.9 3A-WB2 full pack new 3A-6TS fw18 black full pack 3A-1 fw18 black full pack P24A-S black fw16 version fullpack 9/10 Paypal ready
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    I checked it all in store and was quite disappointed, Danii. Don't get me wrong, it was quite nice, but not as good as i was expecting. The wax jackets and jeans felt really rigid and restrictive (maybe they break in?) but the fleece hoody and merino pullover were quite nice. I wasn't excited enough to buy anything personally.
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    WTS J68-S Raf 1650 (fullpack) Size Small 10/10 new J47R-GT 1650 (full pack) Size Small 10/10 P24A-S Black 1500 (full pack) Size Small 9/10 E-J23 Black 850 (not full pack) Size Medium 9/10 GT-J17 Black 850 ( not full pack) Size Medium 8.5/10 3A-6TS FW18 Black 1850 (full pack) Brand New WTB J44-GT Small (full pack preferred 9/10 or above) J49-SS Small / Medium (full pack preferred 9/10 or above) J46U-WS Small (full pack preferred 9/10 or above) P23TS-S / P23TS-CH Small (any color ) (full pack preferred 9/10 or above) For quick response ig:@darksouls_limbo
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    WTS P24A-S FW1617 version BLK Small Full 9.5/10 1300 USD shipped J47R-GT BLK Small Full 9.9/10 1650 USD shipped GT-J17 BLK Medium nonFull 9/10 900 USD shipped E-J23 BLK Medium nonFull 9.5/10 900 USD shipped
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    WTS E-J23 9/10 not full pack Sz M, BLK $850 GT-J17 8/10 not full pack Sz M, BLK $850 J68-S 10/10 full pack Sz S RAF $1600 J64TS-S 10/10 full pack Sz S RAF $1250 J47R-GT 10/10 full pack Sz S, BLK $1650 P24A-DS 10/10 full pack Sz M, BLK $1800 3A-6TS FW18 10/10 full pack BLK $1650 All price exclude shipping and fees.
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    WTS J41-GT Small 9.9/10 no specsheet or baggy 1550 shipped in Asia GT-J17 Medium 8/10 no specsheet or baggy little tape seam peel at neck area 1000 shipped in Asia E-J23 Medium 9.5/10 no specsheet or baggy no color fade or sign of wear 1000 shipped in Asia J47R-GT Small 9.9/10 full pack 1700 shipped in Asia P24A-S Small FW1617 full pack 1450 shipped in Asia P24A-DS Medium brand new full pack 1850 shipped in Asia P24A-DS Small brand new full pack 1850 shipped in Asia WTB/WTT J36-GT Small 9+/10 (I add) J43A-GT Small 9+/10 (I add) J28K Small Green(not olive) 9/10 ( I add)
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    Not nearly enough love for the PBJ indigo t shirts around here. Here’s a shot of one 3 years old vs brand new.
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