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    Here’s an update from me. Not sure how much more wear they’ll get as they’re starting to fall apart in some places. Also, a 29 is noticably harder to fit into- need to cut back on some beer. BEsides that, a couple photos of a sour beer symposium with the head brewer from fieldwork and a hike through some redwoods with half moon bay off in the distance.
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    Bronson chambray / CDP 44 / PF Flyers / Crap Lighting
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    most of the really old jacket types have a single piece sleeve - horrible consumption and putting the cuff opening in an odd position at the wrist (for a contemporary owner). the side panels and/or center back seam also help with the consumption - especially, for the big sizes. (it also allows for the side seam to be moved forward into the front making the worn garment look slimmer...).
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    Fullcount Leepro Lot. 1107. Got only for $20 a months ago. Doing the second wash yesterday. And here the picture.. Loving the texture and shades. And also its LHT jeans..
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    Here’s two quick phone photos of my 2002XX that I had for three years. Jacket weather is coming to an end soon, so I’m going to give this another wash and take some better photos with a real camera. My 2002XX is a side panel version from ‘13 or ‘14. Is the side panel similar to a T-back on a type I in that it’s included on larger sizes (I wear a 42)? Or is there a time when all type IIs had side panels?
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    firstly some more fleece love...
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    here they are after a couple more washes and one dryer. Im really happy with the fit right now as they are still roomy on me. I recommend go true to size or size down one if someone is interested
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    ^thanks so much Merzbot! That jacket is actually a Sleeper BR-1 jacket, in green broken twill- it's a favourite personally, but I'm afraid I don't have stock of this exact version any more. The chlorophyll jacket in the picture above is a 970 Driver's Jacket, with overlapping shoulders, also long gone I'm afraid. Here's something else from the same Always In Colour shoot, now in stock. These are a take on Breton pullovers, in stripes of indigo cotton denim weaving yarn and lambswool: As these are worn, they'll change differently- the indigo bleeds onto the ecru wool, which makes the edges fuzzy and tints the white to pale blue. The navy version, by contrast, starts off a very uniform colour but as the indigo fades will become more noticeably striped. To wear, though, the first thing you notice is the lovely bumpy texture between the stripe sections- the cotton shrinks more than the wool when the garments are rinsed after knitting, so it dips in, while the soft wool stands out in ridges. I have a prototype of the ecru striped version for myself and I've really been enjoying it over the last few weeks. Worn updates to follow, but in the meantime here are some closeups:
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    and on to brussels pierrot, waffles, and them sum tru eurostyle
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    I can completely understand the confusion at Conner's. My obsession with them is even weirder as I wasn't hardcore into vintage Levi's before discovering the brand. Even more strangely- I am absolutely obsessed with stitch count and finishing details on my leather jackets and boots. However, jeans are a completely different animal for me. While all of these items mentioned age, boots and leather jackets can and do last more than a single lifetime. That permanence makes the perfect construction something that can last longer and be appreciated for a longer time in my eyes. With jeans, they fall apart sooner rather than later. It doesn't matter how well they are made and how perfectly they are finished- they will become unwearable within your own lifetime unless you don't wear them enough. That is one reason that I can get into the imperfections of CSF. Another reason for me is that I have never seen a perfectly stitched pair of jeans. I have owned 4 Roy items, a pair of Ooes, several RJBs, etc, etc. Every single one of them had or has some sort of aesthetic construction flaw. On the other hand, I have handled and in fact own a perfectly made and finished pair of boots and a leather jacket that is about as close to perfection as possible. I am not trying to discount the incredible skill that people like Roy, Hiro Ooe, Ben Viapiana, etc have. This is just my personal view and what makes sense in my head. Most importantly, none of those other jeans appeal to me anymore. I felt a connection with Conner's Sewing Factory jeans that has actually caused me to get more into vintage than I was before, especially in terms of jeans. I also understand the niche within a niche within a niche within a niche that CSF is. I will stand from my soapbox and proclaim the objective quality of Freewheelers leather jackets and especially White Kloud boots, but I don't do that with Conner's because I understand that it doesn't compare in the same way.Honestly, I can't even express exactly why I adore the brand so much. Even after all this rambling, I could type thousands more words and still not fully explain it. I can if people wish, but I doubt it. What I can say is that I have never loved a pair of jeans half as much as I love my CSF jeans.
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    ^ Thanks b_F -- I may be too old for Instagram, but did message him there ;-) This discussion of Levi's jeans of the past (and their unique characteristics) is interesting to me since I used to buy them when I was a kid in the 60s -- or my mom used to buy them for me. They were thick, flat, and stiff, shrank a lot, and had a sort of odd, baggy, straight, non-contoured fit. They weren't necessarily cool at the time (or 'Boss'!) but they were interesting and different, since you had to soak them. I sometimes think of Roy Slaper's comment (or a messed up paraphrase of something he may have said) that jeans are an ill-fitting garment. That's pretty much how the 501 felt to me at the time. And now we're trying to build in these characteristics from decades ago. Reminds me of when I took my Dad (now long gone) to a nice B&B in northern California for his 80th birthday. After taking one look at the inside, he said, "Thanks very much for arranging this for my birthday. I'm sure we'll have a great time. But, just so you know, I grew up with bathtubs with legs and hardwood floors. Now I like wall-to-wall carpeting and air conditioning."
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    I think it’s reasonable to consider “community” in the selling price—I’m all for flaming when you go here and resell. It’s grailed default behavior but, here, more is expected.
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    Deluxware | Hinoya | TCB60 | Diemme
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    Hangover = lazy Sunday lounging in my 60s. Feet censored for decency.
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    Stormrider 101J MiJ repro
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    Not going to lie, I kind of like the crazy Hawaii/Okinawa jeans.
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    everyone here needs to buy their girls these PBE-019s
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    A better look at my 50's:
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    yeah I actually felt the same way you did - it's an old pic and I forgot about that strap. I've since thrown on an ostrich strap but hadn't taken a new pic but this gave me a good excuse to take one. @rodeo bill backside isn't engraved or anything so it's still plain.
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    So, I was able to head to Japan and thanks to the great people at Flat Head I was able to experience some really cool stuff. Also thanks to @dudewuttheheck for giving me the idea in the first place. First, I saw Kobayashi-san (again) in Tokyo. Then, I headed to Nagano for a couple days and did two things I really wanted to do at some point in my life: eat at Googie's Cafe and snap some of the pics I've seen millions of times at the classic Flat Head spots. The food, unsurprisingly, was amazing. I got a weird pizza with apples on it and it was really sweet and delicious. This pic is in the front of the diner in Nagano, with Horriuchi-San who was kind enough to show me around for a couple hours. Then, I saw where they make all their small leather goods. It's honestly insane when you realize that its just a room or two, I guess I always kind of knew that but its still pretty shocking when you're actually there and see how small of an operation it is. I think the women there got a kick that I wanted to take a picture with them! And, lastly, I saw some of Kobayashi's cars, which were super cool. Definitely had a great time and can't wait to come back again. Didn't buy anything from Flat Head, but I did make one big purchase on the trip... Buco engineer boots (in the right size!)
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    Blip/Blop/Deluxeware/Re Lookus/Bliiiip
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    @bartlebyyphonics, yep—by the time I left the house it had warmed up enough that a second jacket wasn't needed, but it was still in that not-quite-warm middle-zone…long store short, spent most of the day with the collar popped and loved it. I think you're right that that's a much more natural way of wearing this style of jacket.