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    J1A-GT 2.2 impressions: -mine is size XL - Own J28-GT FW17/18 as comparison(also XL) -Tried on several models over the past couple years, but I had been waiting 100% on a J1A to drop and wasn't going to settle for anything less Jacket is unique, and while wearing it, it feels somehow on another level above 28,47 and other maximal acr shells. I can't believe I'm saying it, but wearing it I feel like the jacket is worth about $2,000 and I'm not offended by the price tag(wish I didn't miss the import hack though......:/). That being said, if I owned a previous model at 50 or 60% of retail I'm sure I'd feel differently. The collar....is great and the styling is versatile. With/without the hood and collar up/down/zippered....it totally changes the look of the piece which I really appreciate. I'm not happy to own the first acr shell made in China. I do think that this - more than the price increase which is more a product of supply/demand, and market/brand positioning - is just overall not a good feeling for the consumer and I agree with many of the points made here. Fit/Build: -Body is longer than J28, J47TS(both in xl and gt pro) - Lower body is wider than 28/47, it actually has a ton of room compared to the upper shoulder/chest area....... -The shoulder/chest block of the body is a lot smaller than the j28gt, but still larger than j47TS. I can layer tons under my j28, while I literally can't bend my arm while wearing j47ts gt because the bicep/shoulder area is so tight(I flat out can't wear that jacket). 2.2 is probably too small in the shoulders for me, but I'll make it work. Sadly, I can't layer hoodies underneath this, and it's probably not going to be a go to on super cold days to wear over heavy/warm layers. - Jacket feels a lot heavier than other shells. I'm not sure why this is - more zippers?? - Even if I knew karate, there isn't a chance in hell I can do it while wearing 2.2, the mobility is really not good - at least for someone my size - but then again I'm actually pretty huge...ha Overall: Very happy, don't hesitate to pull the trigger if you get the opportunity.
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    So we've had a bit of spring here. Lots of beautiful walks in the park. And the final, misty photo, is of my new walk to work. This is an event of seismic important in my life - no denim 9-5, for the first time ever. I fancied a change, after a decade writing books I've signed up for a proper job and am retraining as a high school physics teacher. Which feels fantastic... apart from the denim aspect, although with advancing years wearing a suit ain't a bad thing. So this is my last summer of denim, and to celebrate the first sunny weather, I washed the '20s. They're not as blue as in the pics. I can see real leg twist coming in now.
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    most likely it's the 1997 release for the 10th (?) Anniversary of the Warehouse Store... it's probably pretty rare, too - but it didn't use the old Duck Digger Denim. same patch, though...
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    https://imgur.com/a/53RQ235 here's an album of my J1A-GT, it is size XS. For reference I am 5'7" 130 lbs. A few pics have it lined with a J72-AK in Small
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    Spamming this thread but have some better photos of the bomo12
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    So my pair started doing this...it looks like a tear above the knee is coming..
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    Free Night mechanics / Junk jacket / Uniqlo Fleece/ Bronson Double V / Bronson WWII chino / Flyers well, the cap is raw denim..
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    Speaking of 50's, this is what 2.5 years does.
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    WTS. Can combine and discount shipping for purchases of multiple items. Racer Pink Presto / US10 / BNIB. $225 shipped in US. Will discount $25 for local pick-up (SF) and trades. SOLD DS-KA3 / Medium / $300 $275 shipped in US. Outside US PM for quote. Good condition. Exterior has a small patch that is slightly lighter than the rest of the shirt, but I did not notice it until I took pictures and my camera overexposed it. Minimal signs of wear to the rest of the exterior. Interior has minor pilling in high wear areas. Comes with bag, spec sheet, tags, shirt sling, and spare button. I updated with better quality pictures (images 1-5 in link below), but left the original images for full transparency. As you can see, the slight discoloration is barely noticeable under normal lighting. Photos: https://imgur.com/a/Ku9GKMw SOLD DS-LA3 / Medium / $350 shipped in US. Outside of US PM for quote. Worn but good condition. Minor signs of wear on exterior, with most significant being some pilling on the rear bottom. Interior has some minor pilling as well. Comes with bag, spec sheet, tags, shirt sling, and spare button. Photos: https://imgur.com/a/KrTvsc3 SOLD 3A-MZ5 / Black XPAC - $300 shipped in US. Outside US PM for quote. Used a few times, but once I purchased an MZ4, I rarely use them anymore. Full kit. 3A-MTS6 / Olive - $110 shipped in US. Outside PM for quote. Used once. Full kit. WTT for/WTB: 3A-WB2 - anybody with one looking to trade for the above gets priority.
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    Yeah but it's more noticeable in photos, in real life they look pretty much the same to me
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    I can't quite reconcile the price increase + made in China. Here's a snippet of my J1A-GT invoice from July 2016, that's $1,200 USD. The 2.2 is at what, $1,900 and Chinese now? Along with Errolson being such an eco/SJW it rubs me the wrong way.
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    Not the same as the world tour pair. It has a pink selvedge-ID.
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    RealThing fleece Tcb 50s Taobao Yuks
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    I own both. I have a relaxed fit '66 pair, and a relaxed fit '55 pair and a tight fit '55 pair. If your body profile is straight/skinny (very little hourglass shape), then the '55's are a good match. If you have more of a figured/hourglass shape, the '66's are a good match to your form. The key feature of the '66's is the drawn in waistband. They are as if you took a pair of most other 501's, and then tailored the waistband in 1-2 inches. A slightly more pronounced taper than older styles is also a feature of the '66's. But they don't look like what most people would call "tapered jeans." The most prominent differentiating feature of the '55's is the wide leg opening, i.e. they're relatively straight from the knees down. The '55's also have a closer waistband-to-hip ratio. I.e. If you had a pair each of '55's and '66's with the same actual measurement on the waistband (not the same tag size), then the '66's would be looser in the hips. Or, as another way of looking at it, if you get hips that fit the same, then the '66's will have a tighter waistband. Either pair looks good regular size, upsized, or downsized IMO. If I had to choose one, it would be the '55's. They are more classic and distinctive looking, and a much harder silhouette to find made these days. The '66's just look like a really nice pair of 501's that are pretty much modern style.
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    https://holbensfinewatchbands.com/collections/leather/products/fluco-suede-leather-light-grey Nomos also makes a pretty nice suede strap in different lengths https://nomos-glashuette.com/en/straps/velour-leather
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    Double momotaro, I tried to wear battle stripes as a jacket and as jeans and j just feel odd (couldn't do it as a youngster with matching tracksuit). So this way I feel good lol especially as they are completely different denim
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    My s613 after a year with many wash.
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    Fitpic for my Type I Denim Jacket from Buzz Ricksons Lot. 720
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    Here are the items I purchased while visiting CSF in Japan. I finally purchased the 1946 first half jeans and on features alone, these are my favorite in my collection. My collection now includes 1922, 1937, WWII SF, 1946 first half, and 1947. I am pretty happy with my collection, but may add the 1946 second half eventually or one of the other WWII models. If anyone is interested in some sort of more in depth comparison between all models, please let me know. I also picked up a 1946 jacket in the limited edition black denim and had an embroidery of a P-40 Warhawk put on it by the in house embroiderer. I know many don't like the limited edition denim colors, but I don't mind them so long as he keeps making the excellent repros. I went with this because I already have a blue denim jacket from him and can wear the black easier with my blue jeans (I do not like to wear double blue denim normally) and I sort of treated this as a souvenir jacket- it's sort of weird and unique and I love it. The embroidery work also really impressed me. I can also add some more shots of the actual visit if anyone wants. It was an amazing time.
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    My only issue with the change in manufacturing is this: Espousing a political view of responsible capitalism via retweet AND employing a contract factory in a country with a bad record of regulating environmental impact and labor conditions while having clothing made of materials with high pollution risk in an industry notorious for labor exploitation. Some assurances would be good so I can retain rose-colored perceptions.
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    Hillside MF ELMC Tender MF indigo twill métis (maiden voyage) Viberg
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    generic beanie vintage coat runabout goods sweat mister freedom lot 44 role club underdogs
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    "My favorite color is blue, what size should I wear?" Bruh, l'm not one to snap on people on a forum but you're so low effort I hope someone negative reps you to prevent you from buying on these forums. Your laziness aside, which ACG bottoms? The wide legged ones or the skinny ones? The ones without stretch or with? The pants are gigantic and there is a small exchange, I don't know, ~4–5 pages back about this. Basically, you're sizing super/ultra wide Acronym pants on your height. Some people are 6'5"/196cm+ wearing small pants sizes for waist fit and they'll prolly need size L P23/P30 for height and normative fit. If you're intending to buy $1600+ pants and deprive more deserving community members of these pantaloons, at least go back a few pages. Finally, I'm going to assume you're a hypebeast manlet so you should go XS.
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    Jamie Vardy is having a party
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