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    1- veilance, acr, kiko 2- veilance, carhartt, acr
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    Had to bless these serious waywts. Look my cat is doing everyone’s nerd-neck techwear pose. DITA shades. Suicoke sandals. Acronym pants and jacket. Sisp shirt. Pelican box holding random wires. Please Venmo for item IDs.
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    R.I.P. Albert Finney.
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    not sure why resolution is dogging me but click on my big belly for a better look
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    Any advice on new goretex vs vintage? I have a mix of paclite, pro shell, new and older jackets and 1 pair of vintage goretex trousers, all seem to have different material qualities and variagated waterproof/breathability ratios, but I can't find a clear pattern - some vintage stuff seriously outperforms modern, and vice versa pics/details if interested
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    I got bloody soaked to the skin wearing my ACG pants when I nipped out with the dog for 5 minutes earlier today, I love the cut and fit of the trousers but as for All Conditions, means All Conditions, I'd take it all with a quarry of salt. We're all kidding ourselves over the practical weather proofness on these clothes.
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    Denime 10th anniversary 1937's. They're bloody gorgeous. So bummed they don't fit me anymore.
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    just wondering of logistics of how to co-ordinate user-community votes across two platforms (sufu and instagram) especially as the communities will be of different sizes and with varying degrees of awareness of each other... there are some beasts out there like this that aren't necessarily on the sufu radar...
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    Sugarcane LoneWolfBoots WIREMAN @5yrs of steady 2-3days per week of wear @work. Initially, I thought the aesthetics seemed a bit stiff ... as with most monkey boots construction, IMO. The starkness of the solid glossy black “glass” leather made [that] perception even more so. But, as the boots break in, the wear became so much comfortable. The leather gradually became more pliant ... draped like impregnable gloves ... & maintaining is almost nil. After some cleaning & brushing:
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    No, people are trying to offload them for silly money last I heard
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    the 50s are based upon a mid 50's pair of Levis 501, the cut is mid/high rise, slender on the hips and has little to no taper. When compared with other 50's repros by other brands the 50s have one of the widest leg opening. Denim is made from Zimbabwe cotton, looks great either worn in or new and becomes super soft with wear. It can fade with much contrast or with more texture/marbling depending on the washing habits. the 60s are based upon a mid 60s pair of Levis 501, the cut is mid/low rise (and low back rise), trim on the hips and legs and with a subtle taper. Here too, when compared to other 60's cut, Tcb 60s has one of the widest leg openings, especially in bigger sizes. Denim is made out of California cotton, it's less dark and textured compared to the 50s denim and fades to a beautiful ocean blue. Re sizing, for both cuts tcb suggests to buy your actual waist size, this will result in a slightly loose fit. I would suggest to size down one from your actual waist size (eg. I have a natural waist of 37 and wear 36). With the 60s is better to size the jeans according to the thigh rather than waist. The measurements can be misleading as the waist it bigger than the 50s, but the jeans are meant to sit on the hips. Many people wears a size up on the 60. The washing methods will affect the size yes, though the 50s and 60s don't shrink so much to suggest getting a different size.
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    Anyone rocking the 40th anniversary pieces? I picked up the type 1 jacket and it is serving me well. Worth a wash to shrink the sleeves (comes one wash but has some shrink left in it and I have short arms). Some of the nicest denim to the touch I have experienced.
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    Slow day at the office.... peanuts with over a year of steady wear. Roughly 4 wash & machine dry.
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    Label looks wrong (bold, spacing) Different types of zipper pulls Colouration on GoreTex, zipper pull tab, microgrid, seams Last but not least, a J1A-GT for $699...
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    Finally some decent light to photograph my Memorial Jeans. Maybe about 5 months of steady wear and two washes. Washing a little less frequently to see how the denim responds to longer periods of wear.
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    NikeLab ACG Pullover Enfin Levé Sestao Cargo Y3 Qasa Racer
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    You guys seem to wear very different sneakers to me. Mine are mostly Jordan or boosts
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    As a way to ween you off your addiction for listing in community sales threads, superfuture is offering free 1 year superseller subscriptions to anyone who POSREPS THIS POST has previously posted in the urban techwear community thread. PM us. classifieds listings are a much more efficient way to list and search the site for items and communicate offers. This latest classifieds update has added a lot more improvements to functionality. superseller status gives you added benefits. Alternatively, you can pay to list items with flat fee and no commissions. Community sales threads will soon be limited for posting. Offer expires February 20 2019 ----------------------------
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    Last photodump of the day! Recently found a pair of lot 1955 MiUSA from the pre-lawsuit days on Yahoo, new in box. Got them in around mid-December, but decided to wait until the holidays to open them, figured I might as well treat them as a gift from me to me. Took some photos while unboxing since I wasn't sure how long it'd been since anyone actually opened up a new pair of these… …and then took some regular photos of the pants yesterday afternoon for cut, details, *etc.*
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    Cut off my feet but didn't care enough to take another ^^ Scotch & Soda pea coat, TFH, LVC, RW
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    Post wash/stretch measurememts are waist88 fr30 br40 lovely texture and feel
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    Look what just arrived... First impressions: much heavier than I expected & super slubby.
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    Some nicely faded orSlow 105. Remind me a bit of Warehouse denim. Of course, NOT mine
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    Here's my dad and I, I'm wearing the periscope pocket shirt in rinsed sump cloth, size 3 (it's amazing) - my dad wearing the indigo cotton wool pattern pullover, size 4 (equally amazing!). There are some more pictures on Maritime Antiques instagram account HERE.
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    selling my Momotaro 8005SP size 27 on eBay with week with no minimum bid (auction ends Sunday September 9). They were purchased new from Denimio, worn a few times and not washed. https://m.ebay.com/itm/Momotaro-8005SP-sanforized-selvedge-jeans-size-27-raw-denim-for-women/253846925556?_mwBanner=1&_rdt=1 I loved these and wanted them to work ...very flattering back pocket placement, and the low rise is perfect for someone with wide hip bones like me. But they did not stretch anywhere near as much as my other raw denim during break-in, and I don't think my hips are going to get any smaller, so they must go.