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    J77-AM spotted;)
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    Finally some decent light to photograph my Memorial Jeans. Maybe about 5 months of steady wear and two washes. Washing a little less frequently to see how the denim responds to longer periods of wear.
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    If anyone is interested, this does indeed work. Was going to use acid dye, but had a rare period of calm so just went out and got some RIT synthetic dye (green, to counteract the red, and 2 graphite). Tried just keeping it 'warm' (around 120F) but the color wasn't taking. Upped the dye bath to 140-150 and the black came in, checked the seams throughout the process (as i was worried) and they didn't loosen under that heat. Stayed around that temp for 10 minutes, then turned the heat off and kept it in for roughly 30 minutes while the temp was between 120-130. Set the dye with vinegar and salt and they're now drying on the rack. Only thing that is still "duoro" are the stitches on the belt loops and the zipper runner, which are either poly (i didnt go high enough, 200F, to dye poly) or cotton. As far as how well these will hold up is anybody's guess...but it is possible if anyone is interested. Total cost was 86$.
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    This one is for you @JohnM , orSlow 105 in size 3
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    ^ Nice Broark. Am I right that the Memorial, (latest) Test Lot, and R01 jeans are all essentially the same, at least in terms of Cone denim and cut?
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    Those GL-001 Ivy Fit jeans remind me a bit of Resolute in terms of cut and styling. Although the denim seems to be a tad darker. Too bad the inseam is so short (but that was the plan it seems). http://www.dartisan-onlineshop.com/SHOP/GL-001.html
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    https://www.grailed.com/listings/8068618-Acronym-Acronym-L-J11--Size-M- not cheap but probably the best chance of ever finding it
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    ^ That's a great choice. Tough to find those first year editions with the sandwich dial. While I love the sandwich, the current painted dials are very nice too. Big, bold numerals with lots of lume. The current brown dialed 560 and 564 are great, as is the earlier 176 with a black dial.
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    NikeLab ACG Pullover Enfin Levé Sestao Cargo Y3 Qasa Racer
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    Got a pair of the 1976 for a good deal. They also have the 1954 501Z. https://www.bigtroublestore.com/collections/levis-vintage-clothing
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    SE05BSP, now retired.
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    WTS: J56-GT size Large $1200AUD + shipping and fees. No bag or spec sheet. Includes 1 blank tape, 1 force lock and 1 jacket sling, no logo tape included. Grailed link: https://www.grailed.com/listings/7763448-Acronym-J56-GT
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    Which ones are new on the block b_F? Here's an update on my denim wardrobe. Jeans: 90's Lee 101Z Levi's 501 STF Steel Feather SF0121 Samurai S710XX Samurai S0500XX Studio D'Artisan SD-101 Warehouse 1001 Warehouse 1001XX (in duck digger denim) Warehouse 15th anniversary 1105 Warehouse 800 cotton/linen Warehouse 1003SXX Deer Hunter 472XX (made by Warehouse) Denime 66 McCoys-era Denime 517 Orizzonti-era Denime 10th anniversary 1937 Fullcount 1101 Evisu 2001 No.1 Sugar Cane SC40400 TCB 50's TCB 60's TCB 20's contest jeans Resolute 710 Roy RS01 Denimbridge lot. 2 Flathead 3005 Eternal 888 Indigofera Buck in gunpowder denim Ooe Yofukuten OA02XX Ooe Yofukuten OA02XX (a second pair) Jackets: Denime 506 Orizzonti-era Sugar Cane 1953 TCB 30's jacket Warehouse 2001xx WW2 edition New stuff since last year: Denimbridge S Antique TCB Seamen trousers Ooe Yofukuten OA01XX Warehouse 1003XX (15th anniversary) Cushmans 22501 Evis 2504XX
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    If only you were around 200 years ago, you could have told Mr Mackintosh that all he needed to do was add a hood.
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    Here's my current collection. Retired: 3Sixteen ST-120x - 533 days of wear 3Sixteen RH15 - 366 Flat Head 1001 - about nine months; indefinite loan to Rivet & Hide display collection. Active: Samurai S710xx - 300 March 2019 onward: Flat Head 3005 - 80 Fullcount 1108 - 10 3Sixteen CH-55x olive chinos - 31 Someday: Flat Head 3009 RJB D105
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    A few more that wouldnt upload yesterday...
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    SISP have brought back the DPM jacquard (Chine pattern) in rip stop this time. From what i've seen so far, the DPM fabric will be used for bombers, fishtail parka (this one will have an interesting way to adjust the tension and drape of the gament in the form of curved zips) and popover anoraks. Honestly loving the way the bombers and the anoraks look and the parka is wicked as well. Firmament has a few pics up of the bomber and adjustable trousers (remix of last spring's zip detail trousers). These look way better imho. https://www.firmamentberlin.com/stone-island-shadow/30933/stone-island-shadow-single-layer-bomber-jacket.html https://www.firmamentberlin.com/stone-island-shadow/30932/stone-island-shadow-project-zip-trouser.html There's also a textured parka with motiffs of hyper magnified crystals or along those lines (organic looking) that i've yet to see pop up anywhere.
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    My White Kloud boots back in the shop they were made with Show Goto and one of his personal pairs of boots
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    Rising Sun Engineer jacket I’ve had for like 8 years.
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    • Boots conditioned + laces diy-waxed w/ otterwax ... ready for winter wear • Took delivery of 6pairs of DarnTough ... best socks ever, IMO Viberg 146 “Ironworker” Trickers Malton in C-Shade Goarse Viberg Nat. Bison on 1035 last X Stance socks
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    Cool setting, mikecch!