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    First post of the year for me Thomas Farthing Champion sweat TCB Labor Union Vintage
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    Champion - modded hoodie Uniqlo - down jacket ting Cav Empt - no vis ls Aoku - musette NikeLab ACG - pants Nike - shoes
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    and a yule-tide learning repetitious weaving and knots with anni albers for the fabrically and craftily oriented patterned posting rather than vague pretences to patinated prowess today
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    Happy new year to all denim fetishists out there!
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    http://www.citronjeans.com/j_1/order_buckle.html Here you would have a ton of options
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    Cut off my feet but didn't care enough to take another ^^ Scotch & Soda pea coat, TFH, LVC, RW
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    I finally added a pair of 800s to my collection. I’ve had the C/L 800s and a few banner denim pieces for a while, but this will be my first Warehouse piece in their 14.5 oz denim. I ordered these directly from Warehouse and had them hemmed to 79cm. I believe this year’s lot is one-wash, yellow/orange stichting, and has a red tab. I’m also wearing a Warehouse 2002, an LVC tee, and some Viberg X Nigel Carbourn Chukkas.
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    happy seasonals from london y'all [the town that never sees the stars]
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    Happy holidays yall! WTS: Acronym J47TS-GT Size S, 9.99/10 condition full pack. Looking to net $2000 shipped within US. SOLD!
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    Can't wait for the scenes where they sit at the computer all morning with multiple browsers open hitting refresh to cop their 3 pieces of gear.
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    mykita/lululemon lab/veilance/outlier/newformstudio/salomon
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    Just sharing the 2009 model before and after 1.5 year aged. This Sugarcane 12 oz denim brings a bit grey and brown tone, i never see any other has bright sharp blue anyway. Pretty cool one as the cutting is nice and fabric is easy carry in Asia humid weather. This an over sized 2009 on my body (just don't wanna confused about the cutting, normally it's cut is narrower than the photo shows)
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    Some bits and pieces from the last few days: I went to an exhibition that the Swedish musician Hurula had this weekend. Painted on top of pages from the bible. Anyone of you seen Ruben Östlunds film The Square? The museum scenes are shot in Gothenburg and funny enough we now have our own square at my local square (there's a pun waiting with your name on it Maynard!). Later that night I went over to my friend Olof of www.goteborgmanufaktur.se to celebrate his birthday and play a good game of Couronne. Also went to see Pale Honey, an up and coming trio from Gothenburg. It was real good but they were blown away by The Exorcist GBG, a kinda instrumental electronic punk band. Did not see the wicked punk-like tunes coming at all. Moshpits and everything. Possibly the best show I've seen all year except Daniel Norgren.
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    veilance monitor down veilance field overshirt veilance convex lt acronym x nike acronym 3a-1
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    My Studio D'Artisan... bought 6 years ago in TAKE5. I wore this jacket very rarely. was with me 4 years in south east asia and I used just only when temperature dropped under 25 degrees. No was, just only 3 times topical rain soak when riding motorbike .... now in europe use it more ....