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    "My favorite color is blue, what size should I wear?" Bruh, l'm not one to snap on people on a forum but you're so low effort I hope someone negative reps you to prevent you from buying on these forums. Your laziness aside, which ACG bottoms? The wide legged ones or the skinny ones? The ones without stretch or with? The pants are gigantic and there is a small exchange, I don't know, ~4–5 pages back about this. Basically, you're sizing super/ultra wide Acronym pants on your height. Some people are 6'5"/196cm+ wearing small pants sizes for waist fit and they'll prolly need size L P23/P30 for height and normative fit. If you're intending to buy $1600+ pants and deprive more deserving community members of these pantaloons, at least go back a few pages. Finally, I'm going to assume you're a hypebeast manlet so you should go XS.
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    Hey...cutting some gear loose to fund a project. Drop me a PM if you have any questions. 3A-1 Laminant Black with Green strap - Condition 9/10 - $850 SOLD J43A-GT - Size Large - condition is 10/10 - Barely worn !! $1375 SOLD 3A-MZ3 - Black Foil - condition is 10/10 - $400 $375 (This is a set of two) SOLD Still Looking to move the J57. J57TS-SS - condition is 10/10 - $975 $950 All have bags & spec sheets. Free shipping for US sales; PM me for working out International. Paypal +4% or F&F. I'm an honest seller with refs here on the thread...not out to burn anyone, that's just bad karma.
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    Been waiting a while and I was finally able to get some time to do this. It's cool seeing the differences between generations of these models and how they've improved (and sometimes even areas where they don't). But basically it's just plain fun to nerd out. Differences in the in the sleeve patterns. The e-J1a is a size L and the J1ts-s is an XL for reference. You'll notice how the e-j1a actually has a baggier sleeve despite being a smaller size. They have a really similar shape which is a nice carry over from one iteration to the next. Of course, the pocket addition is definitely one of the more noticeable changes. I really like seeing the differences between how the underarm was patterned. It's a little hard to see but the e-j1a was a lot simpler than the j1ts-s. This is one of my favorite parts of the jacket because it's so functional. It's a noticeable different when you're wearing the jacket and you can see how the jacket is pulling as you move your arms around. The short sleeve is also constructed differently - the e-j1a is literally a short sleeve wrapped around the longer sleeve while the j1ts-s is patterned and sewn into the longer sleeve. Here's a shot of the gravity pockets of the j1ts-s and the e-j1a. It's kind of hard to see but the e-j1a is completely hidden and you can only access it from the cuff. The j1ts-s' pocket placement is a little weird imo because when your arms are at your side they warp the fabric a little around the forearm (because of the stiffness of the zipper) and it ends up looking a little weird. I was waiting for the laundry machine to rinse out any leftover detergent and I realized that I could throw in the j47a-gt for a comparison as well. Sorry for the dark images! Here are some shots of the underarm and of the shoulder. The e-j1a and j1ts-s have really simple shoulder lines but the j47a does something it a little differently. I think of the zippered versions of the gravity pockets I prefer the placement of the j47a the most - it's closer to the back of the forearm so it doesn't mess with the shape of the sleeve too much. But sometimes when I'm walking the zipper tab flips up and down as it catches the side seam of the jacket. So functionally, I think I prefer the hidden gravity pockets of the e-j1a because it's the least obtrusive. These are just some shots of some fun details that I really like on the e-j1a. The flak pocket is so over the top and definitely makes it the most used pocket on the entire jacket. I think there are technically four pockets in that area - main flak pocket, phone pocket, open side entry pocket (don't know how else to describe this one), and another side entry pocket with a zipper. Also the webbing with slits cut into it for your headphones (which I never use because it's such a hassle to thread them through).
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    Been enjoying everyone's updates, sorry for not posting, not too many exciting shots to share. Been busy with various stuff, but also enjoying those crisp early mornings. THis photo is of the pooch in a particular point in Greenwich park, where there's a number of Anglo Saxon burial mounds. In cold weather they often look markedly different from the surrounding ground - the psychic energy of the ancient folk lurking below? It's a great location - from here you can see modern skyscrapers, and the 17th century Queens House, while just further down is the site of the main Roman temple in the area. we had a dry January - until last Friday, which is Burns night, when one reads the poetry of the Scottish poet, and eats haggis with tatties and neeps - mashed potato and swede. Always a glorious time. I paired mine with Laphroaig. The winter for me was a time for de-cluttering, so I've been selling stuff on eBay for the last three months at least. Including in what's gone so far is a 28mm VC Leica lens, Hofner Club 50 guitar, Couesnon alto sax, light fittings, vinyl 45s, my 555 '55, King Crimson and George Harrison CDs (nearly £200 for those alone) and other random items. The premise was to cut down on stuff and get what I have working; which meant , for instance, I got my Heuer Carrera fully serviced, and had my Jazzmaster restored. I think I mentioned earlier, it turned out it's quite a rare guitar, with an ash body, in a blonde finish, which is the earliest custom colour. I have it sitting in the living room now, and obviously i'm churning out some top riffs. It's great, all the pleasure of new stuff with none of the guilt. I also have a lovely reissue case, swapped with Erk for some Big E and LVC stuff. There's the usual TBC quick update. Pockets are going now. It's looking more and more likely that from this fall I'll be starting a new job where, for the first time in 30 years, I won't be wearing denim every day. This therefore means this is my last chance to win a denim contest, hence I shall be using sandpaper, power tools, blowtorches etc to make sure I beat Volvo to the prize.
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    A better look at my 50's:
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    For context, I've owned a J1A-S and J1TS-S but not a 2.0 J1A-GT. The GT shell I'm using currently is a J47-GT and I picked up a 2.2 J1A-GT as a possible replacement for it. Some initial thoughts on the 2.2: I love the collar. It looks and feels great up or down. I felt the previous iterations with the 3D collar ridge never sat right on my neck and felt awkward. I like the hood better than the previous generation's ones. Combined with the collars I thought they had too much going on visually. I appreciate this version's simplicity. Unfortunately I have a big head so the hood fits a bit smaller than I'd like so I've removed it and auxzipped my J63A in because I love its hood. The flak pocket is okay but I don't think I'll use it much personally. I feel like zipping the zipper from left to right should open the pocket instead of closing it. With how it is currently the zipper head blocks a bit of the opening on the left whereas if it was all the way on the right it'd be out of the way. I loved the centre pockets of the J1A-S and used them almost exclusively. You had the flak pocket quickly and easily accessible with the top flap, a sort of mezzanine pocket behind that accessed from the side and also another zipped security pocket behind that. I get that the security pocket probably had to go for the liner access to work nicely but can't help but wish there was still a mezzanine pocket behind the flak pocket. Edit: mezzanine pocket still present, thanks for pointing it out @RodG! I like the new gravity pockets. They feel easier to insert and remove items from. I don't use them as intended with the wrist flick so I can't speak on that aspect but just as extra pockets I feel like they've improved. They sit more towards the back of your arms now instead of the side. I still dislike the sleeve pocket. I get that it's a defining feature of the J1 but I've always found it cumbersome to use. I would've preferred the stacked detached sleeve pockets from the J16/J1TS on both sides but that's just me dreaming of my ideal ACR jacket. I'm glad to have the articulated speedlock hem back in my life. Been missing it since I sold my J27. I think it's the best looking integration of speedlock. I prefer jackets without interops because I don't often carry an additional bag, you lose the symmetry of having speedlock tabs on both sides and you sacrifice some backwards capacity if you have 2-directional waist pockets. This isn't so much of an issue for me with the J1A because I feel that asymmetry is intrinsic in its design and it's not lacking in the storage department. Some small tweaks I'd make have to do with fastening the jacket. The centre snap is positioned nicely but I wish it was on webbing like the top snap so it'd be easier to grab at both sides with my index finger and thumb instead of having to get at it through just the right side with my thumb. Also I wish the two main zippers were detached at the bottom on both sides instead of one each for less fiddling around. I like how they're done like that on my J62-PB. When it comes to Acronym jackets I prefer the simpler cuts with all the features I need/want. I go for my personal minimum maximum, if you will. I prefer my J47-GT over the J47A and J47TS I owned. I found their extra pockets surplus to my needs and unnatural to use. I value pocket capacity and accessibility over quantity. It's why the J28 isn't for me while most froth over it. It's why the J62 is fantastic to me despite only having 2 pockets. It's why the J16 is one of, if not my favourite jacket. Pretty much the entire front of it is storage space and all of it feels right to use. I feel like the 2.2 J1A-GT hits a sweet spot for me and overall I like the jacket a lot. It's not perfect but it's very good for me functionally and aesthetically. YMMV.
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    Even the 2018 high priced reissued mp2ts costs 115 euro. i don’t want recall those 3 items pack cost how much. Get fuck out of here, you’re not welcome.
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    Several months in the wool has slightly pilled, nothing unexpected with boiled wool and given the texture it feels natural—it’s not distracting like you might find on some sweaters when the process happens. It feels like it’s “breaking in” a bit and isn’t so rigid. But I am babying it, so take this with that in mind. Might be able to see the texture better in the back shot.
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    When your dad yells at you and calls you a bum before giving you your allowance for the week
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    That ‘unwelcoming’ community has helped multiple new members over the last couple weeks identify potential fake ACR pieces, not to mention field questions on gear use and fits. If your ego wasn’t shoved so far up your orifice of choice you’d realize that @TEKsevenZERO‘s comment wasn’t directed at you but at the flippers trying to cash in old gear at new prices.
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    Had to bless these serious waywts. Look my cat is doing everyone’s nerd-neck techwear pose. DITA shades. Suicoke sandals. Acronym pants and jacket. Sisp shirt. Pelican box holding random wires. Please Venmo for item IDs.
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    1st cpo shirt. 10 years old!
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    So- here’s a big photo dump. Everything from some recent denim photos to wine, camping, hiking, surfing, New York, Los Angeles and everything in between. Jeans are beginning to hold on for dear life. Threads are beginning to become bare but I’m loving their current color and patina.
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    bronson deck jacket deluxeware sweat tcb ranchman tcb 20s jeans red wing
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    Gave my saddle pants another wash, think this brings it up to 6 or 7 washes now. The denim is fading really beautifully and they’re definitely my most comfortable pair of jeans. Patch faded pretty quickly and now there’s only a faint trace of what was on there. Some really good vertical falling appearing on the thighs and some good puckering on the pocket. The pockets took a little bit of getting used to but I really like them now, also these pocket bags are deeeeeep.
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    How about we collectively agree not to post any more J1A-GT WTBs until after the next restock. Or ever.
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    molleton 129 since nov. 2016. striped hook buckle belt. the front pocket bag fabric is the same molleton denim used on the rest of the jeans, and has the selvedge as well, but i forgot to pull it out completely to show it. was quite surprised to see it has retained its indigo superwell, in my memory that's pretty much how inky purpley blue it was when new:
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    Here’s an update from me. Not sure how much more wear they’ll get as they’re starting to fall apart in some places. Also, a 29 is noticably harder to fit into- need to cut back on some beer. BEsides that, a couple photos of a sour beer symposium with the head brewer from fieldwork and a hike through some redwoods with half moon bay off in the distance.
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    So, I was able to head to Japan and thanks to the great people at Flat Head I was able to experience some really cool stuff. Also thanks to @dudewuttheheck for giving me the idea in the first place. First, I saw Kobayashi-san (again) in Tokyo. Then, I headed to Nagano for a couple days and did two things I really wanted to do at some point in my life: eat at Googie's Cafe and snap some of the pics I've seen millions of times at the classic Flat Head spots. The food, unsurprisingly, was amazing. I got a weird pizza with apples on it and it was really sweet and delicious. This pic is in the front of the diner in Nagano, with Horriuchi-San who was kind enough to show me around for a couple hours. Then, I saw where they make all their small leather goods. It's honestly insane when you realize that its just a room or two, I guess I always kind of knew that but its still pretty shocking when you're actually there and see how small of an operation it is. I think the women there got a kick that I wanted to take a picture with them! And, lastly, I saw some of Kobayashi's cars, which were super cool. Definitely had a great time and can't wait to come back again. Didn't buy anything from Flat Head, but I did make one big purchase on the trip... Buco engineer boots (in the right size!)
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    So, I’ve been wearing the latest drop of P10-DS hard. Like really hard. Almost daily since I bought them at the end of last summer. Looking at a close to six months of daily. I’ve worn them in a busy professional kitchen environment. I’ve worn them in the rain and snow and in-between. I’ve hiked in them, and drunkenly explored urban confines in them. I’ve crawled around in weird places in them. I’ve sat in my couch for hours in them playing the vid games. I’m pretty convinced that this iteration of DS is one of the best materials out there for a pair of pants. They are light and move with you/stretch, are ultra comfy and luxe feeling -but at the same time don’t feel flimsy, inconsequential or cheap/synthetic like some 4 way stretch material. I’ve been highly surprised by the durability- not found a single instance of fraying, abrasion or pilling. My S15-DS has minor pilling where my arms naturally brush against my trunk area. None of that on these. There’s been times when I’ve had an oh fuck moment where I thought they snagged in something or some shit but turned out to be nothing. Whereas it would’ve been an issue with other shit I’ve worn(presumably). The stain resistance, wind resistance and water beading is great. My only minor gripe is that they do tend to hold odors a bit more than the S or CH versions I own. I may notice that more so based on wearing them in a kitchen environment where some food smells are highly exaggerated both due to strength and frequency(I’ve worn the S and CH versions in the same environment without this issue or at least not to the same degree). If they ever release an iteration of the SS-J25 in this material I’ll happily wade through a sea of razor blade brimmed MAGA snap back wearing aerosolized Ebola spewing yeezy clad mumble rappers festooned in Siberian razor wire coated with Supreme replicating nanites just to get that shit. And I’m not just saying all of this because they costed many of the dollaroos. Shit is güd fam.
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    Slow day at the office.... peanuts with over a year of steady wear. Roughly 4 wash & machine dry.
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    Engineered Garments jacket Jelado after hood sweat Conners Sewing Factory s409xxx M-46 Converse jackstar
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    Bla-bla-bla, Subnet was closed due to success. It was not so difficult to drop a few words to E or M back in 2016 to clarify why it was happened. For sure, they could say you few common words about situation or didn't say true reason but I've got what I've got and it was enough for me and absolutely accessibly: Maybe I'm too old-school for using email. Michaela — one love!