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    I´m a big fan of heavyweight denim for winter season but this year I´m totally in love with my Tender 130 Ryeland wool jeans. The fabric is soft inside and rough outside due to they have been weaved as denim (cotton/wool twill). They are super warm!
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    many thanks, most gracious... looking pretty groovy yourself sirrah and now back into washed and dried competition 30s-20s uniform for me... lvc-tcb-cheaney
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    and so a wash for the new year... what can be seen on the right and left patches...
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    Happy new year to all denim fetishists out there!
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    SDA Suvin Gold workshirt, Equus belt, IH 634S-BLK.
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    And a fit update of my '47 pair in size 38 I got in Japan during my honeymoon. I might give them another hot wash to shtink them down a bit more, especially the inseam.
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    Some post wash/dry fit pics. Slimmed up just a tad, still fits nicely. Wish the sleeves were maybe half an inch longer.
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    Got their Cabana shirt from recent trip to hk. Pleasently surprise...Did not know it was done by Ascot Chang, very cool that the label is subtly hidden at the bottom. Impeccable stitch work, personally love the cuffs. Color of the fabric is much more accurate on the first picture.
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    My Wide Tapers fresh out of a wash. These will be coming up on a year soon (1 year of owning them, not nearly a year of actual wear). Proving to be incredibly slow faders but one of my favourite pairs ever regardless
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    SG6109 1 month of on and off wear No washes yet but soaked multiple times. When I say soaked I'm referring to getting drenched by the rain.
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    In osaka last october stretching my legs after a few kilometers walk thanks renzo for the photo joe McCoy coverall warehouse shirt cushman chino wesco boss
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    Check the guy in the middle, Mr suspender buttons, next to the guy to his right, Mr new jeans. Looks like one of the sailors is wearing Levi's??? perfect fit as well.
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    Managed to pick up a very lightly used CPO from the original run in the midnight denim. Really awesome shirt, but I’m still trying to figure out how to wear it, the length in the front and back throws me off a little bit
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    Catboy Jacket
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    Gbg Manufaktur Tcb Fullcount Red Wing
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    Right around a year of wear, and they keep lightening up more and more. The indigo seems to be falling off faster in the past couple weeks, so maybe they'll be up for semi-retirement before too long. The new RJB denim really is gorgeous, I especially love how the white-blue areas look on the extra worn sections at the knees and wallet.
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    In Virginia Buzz Pilgrim Surf JP cheap white tshirt Sugar Cane BH
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    Last night after dinner Knickerbocker Gladhand (t-shirt) Schott NYC Dawson Denim Vintage
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    I suggest you skip lofgren and go straight And order a wesco for half the price yeah?
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    Picked up one of the new indigo hoodies from Rivet & Hide Really pleased with it. This is a size large
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    last update for 2018. can't believe it's already been a year or so.. hope this holds up well till the end...
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    seems like a decent time to post this since everyone is talking. I also just recently cleaned all my GT with home gentle detergent and had zero issues...fyi.
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    Hello everybody, just a short introduction as it is my first post on the forum, though I've been lurking here for some years I am French, from paris, sewing and making jeans as a hobby since 2005. Keen on denim, fashion, and the industries behind. I followed this topic for years during my studies and loved it. Here is first contribution, last jeans I made, for me, in Kuroki organic denim. Machines I used : 35800 : lap seams Juki DDL-8700 : single needle lockstich Bernina 950D : polyvalent, mainly for bar-tacking and straight buttonhole Brother EF4 : for overlocking
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    Just finished world tour. What I miss & who 2diss?