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    Managed to pick up a very lightly used CPO from the original run in the midnight denim. Really awesome shirt, but I’m still trying to figure out how to wear it, the length in the front and back throws me off a little bit
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    Happy new year to all denim fetishists out there!
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    some recent purchases: Appaloosa Double Indigo Shirt and Lot 64 Organic Cotton jeans
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    o hai 20s tux in the wash, so a 50s one will have to do... or orslow-tcb-cheaney
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    Hayashi san is coming to manila feb 1 2019 pls do drop by if you can at the store in rockwell
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    Sparringly worn since 2016 i think
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    Merry christmas you lot! Here's a lil Volvo I found back home: Some TCB close-ups. And lastly a picture of the travelling troupe that I went to Tokyo with. Pic is taken right before we went to Kappabashi, the "kitchen town" in Tokyo. A very fun day packed with knives and coffee.
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    Hat:uniqlo cashmere Jacket: Nikko primaloft one pullover: uniqlo cashmere pants:YYPH shuz: Li-Ning Trainer digital camouflage backpack: outlier quadzip gloves: Web-Tex
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    Can't wait for the scenes where they sit at the computer all morning with multiple browsers open hitting refresh to cop their 3 pieces of gear.
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    mykita/lululemon lab/veilance/outlier/newformstudio/salomon
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    Errolson's really stepping up his product video reels. Next one is a full on movie. Statham in J73-WS + P10A and The Rock in P24A.
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    Three months have passed since I started wearing it at work. It has become a good feeling.
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    Pretty sure this is the same fake on this ebay listing, same creases and everything. Beware: https://www.grailed.com/listings/7460605-Acronym-J58-WS
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    Saw these 1966s on Heddels a little while ago. They're not mine, but I thought they were worth a share here!
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    Greetings to @Dani @dsxero @crkdsaint @blakebru97 @techwearintern and all other DIY'ers who have contributed to this community in some way. Just got started on a 30 day design challenge, will be posting some of the results. I'll be putting it up on Reddit (shoot me a message if you have any other recommendations).
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    returned a pair of VOLLEBAK 100YP so they will pop up soon if anyone interested! (graphite/L) the fabric has very nice feel, the leg adjustment is kinda awkward but I guess hey are made to cover huge snowboots and not really to create tappered look, but it's achievable and the pants look better worn then when unpacked (my girlfriend thought I bought workwear pants). I went oversized and unfortunatelly that resulted in the cargo pockets sitting right on my knees which made them unusable. Overall the pocket layout is a bit weird (shadow project weird). I do not find the zipper under flap necesarry at all and (without real life testing experience) the key pocket is very odd position for something that is hard and pointy (keys), it won't fit iphone. tldr; supercomfy/outdoor look/weird pocket layout/ ★★☆☆☆
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    We just booked the flight for our next US vacation so I was checking out parking at the MF store in LA, seems like Google caught the man himself
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    A Cold Wall | J47A-WS | J74-PX | OtherUK | P24-S | AH7832 001 *waits for ferry*
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    The new cowboy jacket (sans deco), still wet from its soak. I like it! Thanks to the enablers here... Completely saturated with indigo...