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    Gorgeous stuff Bartleby Today efforts featuring tcb 30s/60s
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    Happy new year to all denim fetishists out there!
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    o hai 20s tux in the wash, so a 50s one will have to do... or orslow-tcb-cheaney
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    and a yule-tide learning repetitious weaving and knots with anni albers for the fabrically and craftily oriented patterned posting rather than vague pretences to patinated prowess today
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    Right around a year of wear, and they keep lightening up more and more. The indigo seems to be falling off faster in the past couple weeks, so maybe they'll be up for semi-retirement before too long. The new RJB denim really is gorgeous, I especially love how the white-blue areas look on the extra worn sections at the knees and wallet.
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    Coming up on 9 months of owning my Wide Tapers. Unfortunately I did not count the actual days in these but I know for sure that I did not wear jeans as much this year as other years. I feel like I spent my whole year in my work clothes and work boots, or at home in sweatpants with the new baby. But that is besides the point, I love these jeans so much. Me and my girlfriend are planning a trip to England in April, and I am hoping to pick up another Dawson pair or jacket while Im over there
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    There's also the erlsn-approved Japanese brand Claustrum.
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    secrid, dango, ridge, trayvax are the main players in the edc space for that. none are inherently techwear though.
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    Studio D'Artisan Aged Loopwheeeled Sweaters, Sashiko Shirts, SD-108 jeans, & More This week we've got a great delivery of new sweaters, shirts, and jeans from Studio D'Artisan. They've done a small run of their popular loopwheeled sweaters in hard-washed versions. These look and feel super nice and come in either "aged" black or indigo. We also have a new indigo sashiko shirt which comes in a new fit they've been working on, great for those who found the older SDA shirts to be too small or slim. When we received the SD-108 jean model in the fall we didn't expect to sell out of them within a few weeks. Our clients loved this jean so much we've done another run just for our stores. Available again in their 15oz denim and straight tapered fit. We've also received a full restock of all Suvin Gold cotton loopwheeled sweaters in both heather black and gray. Shop Studio D'Artisan Online
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    Most brands won't be "techwear" exactly, but Mittan might have what you're after (though they're dealing more in longer jackets rather than shirts, generally). You can usually snag them at an okay price on fromjapan or some other Japanese proxy site. No supplier in NA that I know of. In general, you can usually find more affordable options by browsing a magazine like GO OUT—I might have a look through my issues later, since I've also been considering getting something similar.
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    and so a wash for the new year... what can be seen on the right and left patches...
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    Wesco > lofgren i swear on my wescos dude
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    In osaka last october stretching my legs after a few kilometers walk thanks renzo for the photo joe McCoy coverall warehouse shirt cushman chino wesco boss
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    Just catching up on so many pages of updates. Thank you all for your contributions. I'm going to get back on the thread with some pics asap My jeans are on their 5th wash rotation and are butter soft. Patch is still there but I can't make out any print. Little fading to speak of. ive had a shitty summer (bereavement, job loss, sight loss and then getting hammered by customs after buying a bumper package of TCB goodness!). nb - I bought two tcb shirts (insane shrinking on the triple stitched shoulder seams and the buttonholes are 'loose' so I often have a button undone when I look down...) the tcb60s I bought are wider legged than the 20s (which struck me as odd) - great jeans but I need to get used to the very low rise. I also bought a tshirt which doesn't fit (it's probably ideal for a 40 chest...). The bright light was the TCB boys jacket I bought for my son. It's a delight. Exceptional quality. here's to 2019.
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    happy seasonals from london y'all [the town that never sees the stars]
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    I saw a pair of these in the flesh today, adorning the lower half of a Sufu LEGEND! Edit: I’ve just realised that my use of capitalisation makes it look as though Donald Trump has hijacked my account but he hasn’t, HONEST.
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    Three months have passed since I started wearing it at work. It has become a good feeling.
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    How does Levi's decide what's the cut of the current 501's being sold in their retail stores today? I know it's not a LVC question but I struggle to understand what 501 means in a retail Levi's store,
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    Ended up buying a pair of SG6109 when visiting SENY recently as my pants that I wanted repaired were beyond repair. Honestly was stuck about what pair of jeans I wanted next to wear as I usually do research before heading to Self Edge but went in blind this time around. Forgot the guy that helped me but he recommended these first and I couldn't be happier. Nailed everything I was looking for without saying much to him. Major props to him. Taken after a soak and day of wear.
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    Bought these 1001's back in 2008 or so (actually bought these one size up but fortuitously the SuFu legend beatle was looking to trade her 31 for my 32). I've mostly been wearing more vintage fits and denim lately but since I'm not sure when I'll be slim enough to wear these again, I decided to bust them out. Pre-soak Post-soak I pretty much handwashed them in warm water without detergent, which helped to get most of the starch out. They are surprisingly pliable now compared to raw. I'm hoping that washing them like this will yield less contrast and subtler fades.The low rise will take some adjusting to but I'm pretty happy with how they fit, especially the final inseam length.
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    Hello, longtime lurker, first time poster. I've just received the black slim 50s in raw, and here are some initial impressions: --I sized down, sort of. Natural waist is 34 inches, but note that 32 in raw measures about that, so went with 32. Definitely was plenty big in the waist. --Did a hot soak to get most of the shrinkage dispensed with. Post-soak measurements were 33.5 waist, 33.5 length, 7.25 leg opening. The waist has basically stretched back to as-delivered after wearing for a day. I would say that if you want a tight fit you could even size down 2. I will probably do a machine wash at some point in the near future to get out any last shrinkage, as the length is a bit long and I'd rather not pay for hemming. Lots of dye loss during the soak, fwiw. And it's black...no transfer to the hands, however. --Fit: Kind of neither this nor that (not in a bad way). It's not a 501 anti-fit, but the top block is plenty roomy -- but note that the rise is on the low side of medium (fine with me, I prefer lowish rise). I'm a cyclist so the room around the haunches and thighs is definitely appreciated. The lower legs are definitely slim -- this is a modern fit rather than a repro. Overall, I think it would work for maybe 60 percent of body types, but depends how you want to style it. --denim: would say, slightly hairy but only just. The fabric is a bit lighter weight than I would expect for 13.8 oz. Feels more like 13 or maybe even less. But then I'm used to heavier denim. --details: black thread rather than orange should make for an interesting contrast once some fades appear. Interestingly a bit of surface corrosion appeared on the buttons after the hot soak. Overall, I'm pretty impressed. There aren't many white warp/black weft (or is it the other way round?) raw jeans out there, period. I'm hoping for some high contrast fades so will give these a good 2-3x week wearing this winter. If these develop the way I'd like I may try them in indigo as I'll be in the market soon.
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    Just Posted on What About Jean Jackets but here is my Type III, almost four years old now! Thanks for looking.
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    Hello all! Been very absent from the internet the last few weeks as its prime fishing season here in Nova Scotia, so the only clothes Ive had on were either work clothes or wet fishing clothes, but I did however get out with my girlfriend for lunch today and snapped a photo Thomas Farthing Knickerbocker Labor Union Vintage boot
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    Hat:uniqlo cashmere Jacket: Nikko primaloft one pullover: uniqlo cashmere pants:YYPH shuz: Li-Ning Trainer digital camouflage backpack: outlier quadzip gloves: Web-Tex