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    Picked up a cushman sweatshirt from Clutch Cafe in London when I passed through. Really great sweater, I’ll try and get some more pictures up later in the week.
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    Being held hostage over the holidays.
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    Real mccoys a3 cap olive hide motorcycle tee muller and bros ww2 jeans wesco boss resoled by brass
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    Yesterday's turkey dinner and laying on the couch outfit My lucky fishing hat Champion Knickerbocker Vans
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    Cheers for the shipment William! These are getting born on that Christian holiday while I do some mending on the 129's : )
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    chatter about the hawaii in the sugar cane thread inspired me to pull mine out for xmas. this is after 7 years: hair all shorn off from the patch this looks more faded irl could be my fave evo, the slowly thinning size label decided not to hem since the sc factory hem is so narrow, beautiful (can't be bothered unfolding cuff to take pics of said beautiful hemjob)
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    Best wishes to those having a break and to those who aren't... more of the same... Hillside Lee Well Dressed Head Tender (belt) MF RW
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    Is that the same natural indigo denim, LVC used for their 1880s model last year?
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    Accidentally found a nice link with a load of info on vintage Wrangler jackets like John Lennon's one. Vintage Wrangler jackets.
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    It's a Special Christmas John Lennon Double Denim Photo Bomb. #VeryBoredAtTheMoment
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    Pre-Christmas turkey... the type 2 probably won't button up later Hillside Muji Stetson (not seen) Samurai FHUTT TCB 20s Viberg
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    Merry christmas you lot! Here's a lil Volvo I found back home: Some TCB close-ups. And lastly a picture of the travelling troupe that I went to Tokyo with. Pic is taken right before we went to Kappabashi, the "kitchen town" in Tokyo. A very fun day packed with knives and coffee.
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    Christmas Eve dinner attire Freewheelers Merry Company shirt TCB TCB Vintage
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    FS: Holiday offer P10-S RAF size l, full pack with no spec. Obvious signs of wearing but no rips or tear, tons of life left. 650 usd net For pics you would check detailed here https://www.grailed.com/listings/7624865-Acronym-P10-S
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    2 different fits today. Overalls during the day and than a different one for a dinner theatre event tonight Photo 1: New York Hat Co Knickerbocker Knickerbocker Dawson Denim Vintage Photo 2: Knickerbocker Old sweater from a friend's motorcycle shop Labour Union Vintage
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    i recently picked up 8 IH shirts - really dig them...
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    Kit Carruthers says hello... There was a reason for the Double Denim in the movie, Charlie Starkweather was clearly a fan of the look too... He kinda went to far though as he actually went for Triple Denim, check the shirt...
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    Looks like we have a photo of the patch. My wallet is ready.
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    Anybody interested in their new Fox jeans? Also attended Inazuma Festival today --- picked up the "Jeans" (Jaws parody( graphic t I'd been longing for!
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    FS: MINT (comes w/ everything) RAF P23A-S sz S $1400 shipped and paypal'd within the USA (add $80 for ems worldwide)
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    Yarn Dyed Wefts: •Momo 202SP •Samurai 5000AI-10SP •r by 45rpm Fujimon •PBJ 007XX
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