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    Stevenson cap and thermal Tender jacket Ooe contest jeans
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    Hey guys, nah not coming back, I was just getting nostalgic for denim the other day so thought I would read some superdenim. The art world is a pretty tough old game as well, good fun though.
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    3A-5TS + 3A-MK2 + 3A-MZ2TS + 3A-MZ1 I chose to rig the 5TS with only X-PAC mods. The MK2 is spacious as to be expected, I chose the MZ2TS for the other side so that the bag does not become too long, it is much more compact and flat as compared to the MK2, limited in space in spite of it’s size. The MZ1 is like a long accessories holder, for cables, pens, etc.
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    probably due to end's dodgy acronym fits.
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    I have a one of his belts and love it. (While the bottom of the belt buckle does not poke you when you are sitting, one needs to be mindful when doffing your knits. ) https://www.pigeontreecrafting.com/collections/belts-1/products/1-5-black-leather-belt-brass-firefighters-quick-release-belt-english-bridle-full-grain-leather-teardrop-made-to-order-los-angeles-ca-usa
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    Ebbets field cap, The Hill-side scarf, vintage Stans stuff down vest, inverallan cotton knit, lvc66’s and Red wing 8131
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    2nd hand tcb 50s + me being a “cool dad” in my boba wrap. The 20s are cool but the 50s cut is still my favorite.
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    I'm probably one of the key people (or maybe just the oldest) who doesn't like the 47 denim as much as the 55. But it's only really a subtle difference and of course all the denims vary from year to year, due to variations in the cotton crop etc etc etc. On my pairs, the white of the 47 weft seems to peek through more than on, say, the 55. The warp yanrns on the 55 seem thicker. Those on the 47 are thinner, and have more slubbing. The fading on the 55 looks smoother, but has more mid-tones. It probably won't come across in pix, especially as my hands seem to have been shaking. (Maynard will hopefully be along with an appropriate, or even inappropriate, joke soon). Here's the pair together, 55 on the left, 47 on the right. Obvioulsy the 55 has been washed a few more times, but you can see it looks a little smoother. Now, this is the 55. See how it looks fairly smooth and even? In comparison, on the 47, you can see lots more white dots, with the weft showing through. Plus a few fine vertical slub lines. The diagonal twill line seems less prominent. In addition, when they're at the same kind of stage, the 55 seems to have more mid tones, it fades to a lighter blue, whereas the 47 seems to fade just to white. They look quite different a way away, as well as close up. I will try and find an older shot I took to compare the shape of each. But as you can see, the difference is pretty subtle, they have an overall similar look which is quite different to Japanese denim - apart from SDA, which to me has a very similar look indeed. Ah yes, here's the 47 vs the 55 shot. These are probably at a couple of washes each. Note how the faded bits of the 47 go white... those of the 55 go pale blue and white.
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    Both ends of the price spectrum Mister Freedom jacket and boots, Bob Dong shirt and pants.
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    WTS J47TS-GT (Worn twice) size M Black - BIN: 2500USD invoiced and shipped anywhere in North America
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    I noticed that little detail too. 13ts is the most boring 3A I'm hoping we'll ever see. This 3A release in general, not to tear it down again, was just lacking that aggressive ACR look I think we all hold so dearly to our hearts. Even the new 3a-1's i've encountered since spring release this year just look cookie-cutter AF in person, very pupiltravel-esq handfeel imo. Definitely not worth those new price points. And, if a 13ts-sized bag is what you're looking for, I would HIGHLY recommend Aoku 130402 when it restocks! (not to get off topic)
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    My wife got me a Gangsterville Glad Hand Shirt as a birthday present she thought was cute. The texture is neat. I know this might not be everyone's taste but it is from my wife. Expect this to show up in a WAYWT post.
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    Bought these 1001's back in 2008 or so (actually bought these one size up but fortuitously the SuFu legend beatle was looking to trade her 31 for my 32). I've mostly been wearing more vintage fits and denim lately but since I'm not sure when I'll be slim enough to wear these again, I decided to bust them out. Pre-soak Post-soak I pretty much handwashed them in warm water without detergent, which helped to get most of the starch out. They are surprisingly pliable now compared to raw. I'm hoping that washing them like this will yield less contrast and subtler fades.The low rise will take some adjusting to but I'm pretty happy with how they fit, especially the final inseam length.
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    It was shoe cleaning day so I figured I might as well take some pictures:
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    it's irrelevant to this post and it's not ruining whatever I do, trust me. If you have problems with AOKU stuff you are always free to contact me and I bet we will sort it out. Let's keep it on topic here.
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    I am so surprised the WB2 soldout. It's such a lame piece of hardware, even if you ordered belt from 1000deaths and end up scammed you were getting a better deal then the WB2. I am even more surprised by the reception of the belt by community in here. I always thought acronym buyers are kinda aware what is available where and can tell why their 1000EUR acronym jacket costs 1000EUR. Dude, you seriously waited for a webbing with two D-rings since the SET-3 release?
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    Did anyone cop the Vollebak 100 year pants today? Looks like they just sold out. No, they still have Khaki available. https://www.vollebak.com/product/100-year-pants-khaki/
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    Hi my name is Austin and I'm a raw denim addict.
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    Look what just arrived... First impressions: much heavier than I expected & super slubby.
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    I listen to gangster ass rap about killing people and selling drugs. I find it goes very well with my loopwheeled t shirts.
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    Hi mate, I'm Indonesian and I kinda agree with your opinion. I think a lot of people especially the ones that just newly introduced to raw denim is still holding on to the beliefs that washing your jeans often is bad and you have to wait until 6 months or longer and then you seawash the shit out of your jeans to get that sicc fadez. Some of the guys even believe that if you want to buy raw denim, you have to buy the stiffest and the heaviest jeans that can "self stand" ( and apparently one of the brand owners here thinks like that too). And I think with a lot of new Indonesian denim brand popping up every other week it became clear that the majority of the customers want their denim heavy, deep colored, stiff and fade really contrasty. But not all of Indonesian denim brands are like that, brands like old blue co and warpweft are keeping it real with great concepts, really high quality and distinct details, great looking denim that not necessarily heavy but have a great texture and hue, and the brand owners know their stuff really well. One of the reasons a lot of people still practicin the no wash and heavy contrast look is because they want something that distinguishable, something that can sets them apart from your generic Levi's. The other reason is the lack of education from the brands itself and with our beloved forum (darahkubiru) is in the state of limbo it became unclear for the newbies on how to choose and treat their raw denim. I don't have anything against heavy and contrast looking denim, but I also think it's really boring sometimes. But there's a new place that we can share our knowledge on raw denim and other related stuffs, a line square group called denim enthusiast that can be accessed with line messenger. It's really fun and we have a monthly gathering in Jakarta so that we can share and meet a lot of local brands owner. And with events such as wall of fades it's actually really easy to learn a thing or two from them. I think sufu used to be the go to forum for us beside darahkubiru but now not a lot of Indonesian regularly post here. The one that regularly post like @redragon , @oomslokop , and @jigsaw maybe can weigh in on this matter. And lastly this is all just my own opinion and you may agree or disagree with it and sorry for any grammatical error;)
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    Thanks Maynard! Yes, chainstitched the hem. I have a union special 43200g in the basement! Don't get much use for it these days as a few of the denim shops in London have them now, but back in the day I was I think the first to have one in the UK. Here's the jacket
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    funny coming from you since it's hurtin' yo biz. i've bought aoku stuff before and the quality is turd tbh.